Natural Rugs For Living Room

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Natural Rugs For Living Room – I’ve been thinking about changing the rug in my living room to a natural woven rug for fall for a while now. We’ve had our current rug for a few years and love it, but it was time to expand the space, so when eBay wanted to partner with me on a listing, I decided to pick out the perfect rug for me. I can’t wait to take it. Location from their website! In doing so, I did a lot of searching on eBay to see what I could find for the ultimate end-of-season gear, and I’m sharing it all with you and two rugs. I am happy to share my story with you. today!

This post was sponsored by eBay, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own. Read my full disclosure policy here.

Natural Rugs For Living Room

Natural Rugs For Living Room

When I say a tale of two rugs, I really mean it, guys! I couldn’t decide between these two rugs ( here and here ) so I ordered both…who else does this? The worst part is that now that they are here I want to keep them but I ended up picking one for my room and I will tell you soon which one and why?

Safavieh Natural Fiber Bellport 9 X 9 Jute Natural Square Indoor Solid Coastal Area Rug In The Rugs Department At

Can you see the difference in the image below? Which do you prefer? Which one do you think you chose? Stay tuned!

First, can I just say how shocked I am to find new products on eBay!! I don’t know if I’m the last person on the planet to realize this, but it was a huge revelation to me… and I hope it’s not to you?! The selection of new products was also amazing. When I was looking for a new rug for my living room I couldn’t believe how many amazing rugs there were to choose from, but of course that made it really hard to narrow things down (but then who’s complaining that online shopping is fun?!)? not me :)!

Both rugs arrived at the same time, very quickly after ordering. I think within 2-3 days of placing the order. This beautiful, modern, bohemian chic rug came first and I couldn’t take my eyes off it when I placed it…

It brought so much life to the space and the texture is incredible, especially with the fall season just around the corner. I love the details of the rug and love this trend. In general, I like to keep things classic in my spaces and then add some modern, affordable pieces to keep my room feeling fresh and new.

Natural Fiber Collection Handmade Farmhouse Jute Area Rug

This rug is an 8″ x 10″ rug and I really liked it, but I still wanted to see the other rug I ordered to make sure I made the right decision. One last look… Isn’t she beautiful?!? And it’s soft too!

The next carpet was amazingly soft and very noticeable! My husband and I loved it right out of the bag. What I really like about it (besides the great texture) is that it’s soft and squishy. Also, I couldn’t believe I only paid $241 for this amazing 8″ x 10″ rug!! This size rug retails for around $960, which is 74% off what I paid…can you believe it?! As I said, they are soft, which is rare even for naturally woven rugs!

I wanted to show you some close up shots so you can see the color, texture and pattern (I’m 100% sold!)…

Natural Rugs For Living Room

I think this rug fits the space perfectly and is the most practical choice for our family! Oh how I loved the first rug but in the end it was so pretty and practical it was a winner and plus I think we will be able to use it in our playroom in the new house. However, I think we will keep the first piece and find a place for it in the new home as well, and it worked in the end! Yes!! That’s what I call #WinWin!

Cotton Border Jute Rugs Large Natural Herringbone Sisal

Also, I love this natural woven and rattan trend so much that I thought I’d share a few of my other favorites from eBay in this category. I found some interesting mirrors similar to my dining room that are no longer there. I can’t believe what a wonderful choice for this particular item.

Another thing I saw on eBay were some rattan trays I already owned that you can still find in stores. eBay also has a lot of items you can no longer find online, such as home accessories, bedding, mirrors and furniture, which is great when you’re missing something you should buy. . I love these two trays ( here and here ) and got them for a much better price than I originally paid…

I was also able to find some of my favorite beds (and ones I already own) on eBay. I wish I could get those prices, but I found my Pottery Barn Pick Stitch Quilt on eBay for an incredible price and it’s brand new!

I’d love to hear your feedback and experiences with finding great deals and finds on eBay, so leave them in the comments below! You can also get all your end-of-season favorites on eBay here while the huge end-of-season sale continues. It runs until August 27th! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and don’t forget to check out all of my current eBay favorites in one place below! Natural fiber rugs are a beautiful, timeless and inexpensive way to update a room. I love the look of jute and sisal rugs, and when it comes to natural fiber rugs, there are many styles to choose from. It looks nice and in my experience it fits…

Best Sisal, Jute, And Abaca Rugs 2023

Natural fiber rugs are a beautiful, timeless and affordable way to update a room. I love the look of jute and sisal rugs, and when it comes to natural fiber rugs, there are many styles to choose from. They look nice and hold up well in my experience. Of course, you’ll see wear and tear in high-traffic areas over time. But I like the casual look. No wonder interior designers use them so often. But when it comes to jute and kids rugs, it can be difficult to find rugs that are soft enough for kids to play on. Jute rugs heat up (this is just the basics), but so do wool rugs. So look for soft jute that looks nice, adds warmth and texture, and costs less than most wool rugs. Here are my favorite rugs I’ve owned over the years and my search for a soft jute rug. You can shop my website here. Bonus, they look great with an antique Turkish rug.

There’s a reason why so many home decor accounts feature jute rugs. They add texture to small spaces, add naturalness to the home, and are more affordable than other rugs. I love that you can move these mats and they usually move smoothly. The same rug that looks great with your living room furniture is also great in your dining room. Jute rugs are generally less expensive than wool rugs, come in neutral colors that work with many decor styles, and are a good choice for most homes. Its natural fibers look beautiful and feel great. Just look at our Cecil Runner.

Finding soft, natural jute rugs proved to be a challenge. It’s been a journey, but over the years I’ve worked hard to try different rugs in our home. Because sticking with something is the best way to find out what works. I really wanted a softer texture that would work for my kids when they were little. I usually don’t use a damaged rug, because the jute under the rug is very dusty, I like to fold it up and vacuum it sometimes. Just be sure to lower the beater bar or leave it out of the way to avoid damaging the carpet. Natural fiber rugs can be rough, but after trying a few over the years, I’ve found them to be a great option for high-traffic areas.

Natural Rugs For Living Room

This rug is one of West Elm’s best-selling rugs for a reason. This carpet is very affordable and holds up well – perfect for high traffic areas and was the first jute carpet. I had these in my apartment.

Anya Anya01 Natural Modern Rugs

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