New Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

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Choosing the color of the kitchen furniture is quite difficult, but choosing two complementary colors requires additional thought. You can keep neutral, go bold or try a fashion choice. Or maybe a timeless color scheme is just right for you. The possibilities are seemingly endless. Luckily, we’ve gathered some designer-approved inspiration to help you narrow it down. So take a look at the kitchen cabinet color combinations that really deserve your attention.

New Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

New Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

Add a spa feel to your space with olive green and soft white cabinets. In the kitchen designed by designer Augusta Hoffmann, the kitchen hood has a patinated finish to resemble iron and add warmth to the space.

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Create an elevated yet playful atmosphere, as in this kitchen with sky blue and white cabinets by designer Philip Mitchell. The abundance of metal gives the room a luxurious look.

New Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

Opt for a cozy atmosphere with black and white cabinets. In this kitchen by Nicole Hollis Studio, the white backsplash pairs well with the black glass upper cabinets and crisp white cabinets with black hardware below.

In Georgia’s kitchen, designer Laura Jenkins covered custom cabinets in blue stone and Teresa green from Farrow & Ball. Peach-colored, fire-resistant tile backsplash completes the vibrant look.

New Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

Top Kitchen Cabinet Colors Trends For 2024

This color combination is for those who want a white kitchen with some depth. It still looks lighter and airier than white, but the dove gray color makes it more attractive.

If you’re going for a cottage aesthetic, consider mixing dark purple and shell cabinets. Here, designer Rita Koenig completes the look with purple marble and Jaipur wallpaper by Antoinette Poussin.

New Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

Do you want to use wood in your kitchen, but are worried that the wood looks too rustic? Coupled with elegant lines and cabinets with glass walls.

Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors In 2024

Earth tones dominate this Amsterdam kitchen designed by Nicole Dohmann of Atelier ND Interior. The cabinets are painted an invisible green by Little Greene, and the island features Farrow & Ball’s Mouse’s Back painting for a cozy look.

New Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

Take blue and white to the next level with vibrant splashes of cobalt, like in this kitchen designed by Mark de Sykes. It makes a bold statement but still looks classic.

If blue and white seems too beachy for you, choose dark blue. The rich tone is the earth. In addition, it goes well with marble and wood decorations, as in this kitchen designed by Pure Salt Interiors.

New Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

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Gray can drown out the black and white contrast. Take this from the kitchen designed by Jon de la Cruz, which features white cabinets, gray wood grain cabinets and a black hood. Even better, gray cabinets look great with stainless steel appliances.

Play with timeless neutrals like cream and gray cabinets in this kitchen by designer Toby Fairley. Silver pendants and hardware tie the look together, but you can pair it with gold accents to warm it up even more.

New Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

If the contrast between white and blue seems too strong, choose gray. Cool tones provide a subdued and relaxing place to start cooking.

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Emerald green cabinets can easily energize your kitchen. Because it steals the show, pair it with white cabinets

New Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

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The new exclusive collection of Martha Stewart, Carraway, has introduced a new collection of bread from the branch store Anthropologie, perfect to keep your kitchen cabinets on the radar.

New Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

Winning Kitchen Color Schemes For A Look You’ll Love Forever

13 cheap bar stools that will look chic in your home Cumin launches Tidy Tupperware Your favorite kitchenware brand finally has a kettle! Cutting Boards You Really Want To Show Off The start of a new year brings a desire to update and change, and that includes your home. If you’re looking at your kitchen and think you might want to freshen things up a bit, now is the perfect time! One of the fastest and easiest ways to update your kitchen look for 2021 is to explore new kitchen cabinet color trends. Whether you choose a new neutral color or go for bright colors, trying new kitchen cabinet paints is a great way to update the look of your kitchen for the new year.

If you are looking for a big change and want to brighten up your kitchen, bright paint is one of the kitchen cabinet color trends 2021. After a year like 2020, everyone could use a little cheer, and not it’s not hard to feel happy when bright colors greet you in the kitchen every morning. Whether it’s a bright lemon yellow, a rich red-orange, or a lush peacock blue, painting cabinets an unexpected color can add instant excitement to a room. And the best news about light kitchen cabinet color trends? If you don’t like it as much as you expected, just repaint! Make sure you have neutral appliances and countertops to balance the light, and add accessories like rugs or decor that complement the paint colors of the kitchen cabinets.

New Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

Another recent trend in kitchen cabinet colors is soft, muted colors that offer pops of white and pops of color. Light blue, pale mint green, or creamy buttery yellow add a lot of light color to a room, while maintaining the same lightness as white. If you want color, but are not sure if it will work in your kitchen, these muted colors are ideal. In addition, because these 2021 kitchen cabinet colors are so soft, they work as neutrals without feeling superfluous or boring. Choose your color by looking around your home to find the colors that inspire you the most. Even if they are brighter than you want, you can add white and mute. Try to look through the paint chips and feel how even bright colors can be muted to make them soft and neutral.

Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors Designers Love

If you’re going for a modern look, it’s almost impossible to go wrong with white or white – or a combination of the two! All black or all white cabinets have been a kitchen cabinet color trend for a while, and for good reason. These classic neutrals add a sophisticated touch to any room and offer a blank slate to add a pop of color to your room. White cabinets create a light and open feeling in a small room and brighten up a dark space that lacks natural sunlight. Black cabinets, on the other hand, will keep the room clean and can feel minimalistic and luxurious depending on the style of the cabinets. If you want to try a new kitchen cabinet color trend, but still want to stick to neutral colors, consider trying a white and black kitchen cabinet paint color combination. Whether you paint the upper cabinets white, the lower cabinets black, or prefer to paint them side by side, mixing black and white adds a touch of classic sophistication.

New Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

Like your favorite jeans, blue is one of those colors that works as a neutral, which is why the top list of trend colors year after year. Soft, barely visible blues are one of the most popular kitchen furniture color trends of 2021, covering kitchen cabinets with a light color scheme. Deeper and richer dark blues such as navy blue, peacock blue and steel blue offer a relaxing feel and calming colors without being overwhelming. If you feel adventurous, you can try to add a mixture of blue to the kitchen to give your living room more visual appeal and color. Lean blue toward gray for a sophisticated, elegant look, or lean toward green for a lush feel—either way, you’re on the right track when it comes to kitchen cabinet color trends for 2021.

Nothing says pale pink, and candy-colored cabinets are among the trendy kitchen cabinet colors for 2021. Whether you’re committed to painting all of your cabinets a pale pink, just hanging, or you want your kitchen island to pop. Along with bolder and brighter pinks, adding pink to your kitchen can brighten up the room and can be well combined with other style elements. Add a pale pink to an all-white kitchen for a clean and feminine touch, or leave a slightly bold and soft pink to contrast with dark floors and rustic cabinets. Light pinks always feel soft and are a great way to soften modern elements like stainless steel or minimal cabinets. Even the smallest shade of pink gives an elegant look to one of the latest trends in the colors of kitchen cabinets.

New Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

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