Nissan Frontier Pro 4x Reviews

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Nissan Frontier Pro 4x Reviews – Nissan’s mid-size truck gets a new design for the first time in ages. It still looks old fashioned in all the right ways, with just enough modern polish.

The desert wind blowing through the truck windows, thick tires stirring up the sand and a satisfying four-wheel drive system are three sounds that set the tone for a great day. That, and the occasional howl of rain and the scraping of license plates, was the soundtrack to the 2023 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X Mojave Road. We first applauded Nissan’s challenge while driving the famous Southwest Overland Trail in an RV. 40 years and we got to know the off-road characteristics of the new Frontier.

Nissan Frontier Pro 4x Reviews

Nissan Frontier Pro 4x Reviews

We covered just over 300 miles in three days—more than 150 off-road, about 200 highway—and I won’t limit you to the most important: the Mohave is still amazing in 2023 and the Frontier is new. pretty decent truck. This mid-size pickup doesn’t offer any gimmicks or revolutionary technology, but the Pro-4X in particular is a great adventure companion that I’ll take advantage of to rack up more miles on a single trip.

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Analogue main gauges, a good spread of buttons with displays (not the other way around) and an easy-to-operate engine bay won’t spark a viral video. But as far as I’m concerned, these are compelling reasons to buy a Frontier, especially if you really want to use your truck to escape the harsh blue light of modern life, not drag it into the desert.

Nissan Frontier Pro 4x Reviews

The Pro-4X has a good range of options and versatility that makes it fun and relaxing to ride in rough weather and tough conditions. This story will go into more depth, and our test road, the famous Mojave Road.

The Mojave Road is a 4-wheel drive truck route near the California, Nevada, and Arizona state lines. It’s about 150 miles of slow but mostly safe terrain with some shallow sand patches, dirt road sections and a couple of twisty climbs. It’s much steeper than the Fire Road, and most of it is too remote for the faint-hearted, but the risk-reward ratio for the pristine desert landscape is excellent, and it’s very easy to get to the road from Los Angeles or Las Vegas.

Nissan Frontier Pro 4x Reviews

Nissan Frontier Pro 4x: Four Wheeler Pickup Truck Of The Year Contender

A Mojave route is technically a “road” as mapped by GPS, but I wouldn’t expect Google to send it to you that way.

This “road”, as we (roughly) know it, has been around since 1860 when it was America’s main mail route between SoCal and Arizona. And long before that, the Indians used this route and finally in the 19th century. The area also served as a training ground for the forces of General George S. Patton, who were preparing to fight the Germans in Africa during World War II. Today, it is quite a popular and popular destination for recreational tours.

Nissan Frontier Pro 4x Reviews

The National Park Service has a great summary of the area’s origins and significance if you’re looking for more context and ancient history. Lately, this route has been important to Japanese automaker Nissan, which is why we ended up driving a Frontiers on the Mojave wagon this year.

Nissan Frontier Pro 4x: Still A Great Package, But What’s Next?

In March 1983, Mojave road historian Dennis Caspier led a group of 12 Nissan pickups driven by company guys and reporters down the road for the same reason automakers hold similar events today: great product content moves the metal!

Nissan Frontier Pro 4x Reviews

Nissan printed a Mohave book in 1983. Surprisingly few copies were found and sent to us as test pilots. On the right, I have the book open to a page with a picture of journalists receiving a security briefing. Left, same thing, same car company, same place (almost), different crew… 40 years later.

After 40 years, Nissan has a new pickup on the market, with a great off-road version called the Pro-4X. Fortunately for all of us who love to live and read about motoring adventures, the folks selling the stuff were convinced that the 40th anniversary roadside entertainment was worth the money, so here it is.

Nissan Frontier Pro 4x Reviews

Nissan Frontier Pro 4x Crew Cab 4×4 Review

Car enthusiasts tend to be nostalgic, especially off-roaders. It’s not hard to see why – it’s about tackling the off-road adventure elements as our ancestors did, purely for the sake of exploration and challenge. After all, crossing the desert today is trivial thanks to the interstate system and commercial air travel. But where’s the fun in the easy ways?

The Pro-4X is for people who nod their heads at the last sentence. Just as the 1983 Nissan trucks appealed to people with an adventurous self-image, offering great graphics packages, roll bars and extra lights, the Pro-4X trucks are just a modern implementation of those classic ideas today.

Nissan Frontier Pro 4x Reviews

The trip in 1983 got off to a bad start with a lot of rain, but the trip continued well. But as it turns out, the unique smells and colors of the desert were exhilarating, so it was worth it to use the horribly cheap $5 raincoat that sat crumpled in the bottom of my bag for three years.

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The Pro-4X is what Nissan has called an “offroader” for many years. It basically includes all the basic equipment you want to build a proper off-road rig, and adds some nice touches to make it even more appealing.

Nissan Frontier Pro 4x Reviews

It might seem like a small detail, but I really like the rubber mat logos. The seamless plate that goes into the front bumper is also very nice. The parking cameras are quite low resolution and don’t give you much detail, but they do the job and I liked that there is a quick hard switch under the screen for sharp manoeuvres.

In particular, the 23 Frontier Pro-4X features a locking rear differential, off-road shocks (softer and more aggressive feel), skid plates to protect important areas of the undercarriage, cool wheels and off-road tires. In addition, there are red accents throughout and nice interior seat decoration.

Nissan Frontier Pro 4x Reviews

Nissan Frontier Review: Finally Keeping Up With The Joneses

Short answer: yes. In the context of competitive trucks and modern pricing, you get solid value with the suggested price list here.

Longer answer: You can find a used truck and outfit it with all the essentials from the Pro-4X for a lot less money. You can even get a base Frontier, put good off-road tires on it and get many of this truck’s capabilities for a lower monthly payment.

Nissan Frontier Pro 4x Reviews

But Nissan has done a very good job of packing in high-quality off-road parts, and most importantly, they have minimal penalties on comfort and fuel economy here. Also, the aesthetic changes to this model are too big to ignore. The design of the front seat is excellent and the way the slide plate engages so well with the front bumper is to be appreciated.

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It’s a shame this Pro-4X can’t be had with a six-foot bed or a manual transmission (Toyota has advantages there), but I think Nissan’s V6 is better than what you’ll find in its Japanese competitor and for the price. . He probably comes out of the door less often too.

Nissan Frontier Pro 4x Reviews

In an age where machines are beasts and every automaker tries to outdo the other with frantic SUV designs, the new 2022 Frontier looks refreshingly mature. It’s just enough without trying too hard, and the Pro-4X’s touches add to the fun factor.

If you head over to Frontier’s website for design and pricing after reading this story, you’ll notice that the Pro-4X also has some additional colors. Baja Storm Metallic and Tactical Green Metallic (the latter we got for this review) are the only ones, but you also get a nice blue and two different reds.

Nissan Frontier Pro 4x Reviews

Review: 2022 Nissan Frontier Pro 4x

The cabin design also has excellent lines and design. The storage is logical and the buttons are easy to find. I really liked the classic simplicity of the instrument cluster: two round three-dimensional dials, each with a particularly striking red frame, and between them a clear multifunction display.

In case you’re reading one of those car product maps, I’ll be completely honest: the gauges on this entry-level Nissan look better than most sets displayed on rectangular screens, even some luxury cars. But that could be another blog post.

Nissan Frontier Pro 4x Reviews

Back to the truck highlights, the bed load cleaning system looks very useful and powerful. However, the tailgate’s hidden damping trick was surprisingly subtle. The end looks rather old-fashioned, with only two steel cables holding it when open, and it opens and closes smoothly thanks to a damping system hidden in the fenders.

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The V6 also made me feel good. Nissan says the 3.8-liter non-turbo engine produces 310 horsepower and 281 pound-feet of torque. It was faster than any modern midsize pickup I’ve driven recently; Remarkable acceleration, which is not common in this class.

Nissan Frontier Pro 4x Reviews

Six-foot trucks of this size seem a little odd (the five-footer is pictured here), but I wish I could spec the Pro-4X with a longer cargo plane. Andrew B Collins

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Nissan Frontier Pro 4x Reviews

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