Olympic Semi Transparent Stain Colors

Olympic Semi Transparent Stain Colors – Stain has been a trusted name in staining since 1938. Since then, we have created, developed and perfected the art of wood staining. So whether you want a natural-looking seal to highlight your wood deck, or a solid one to add a dash of color to your exterior, be sure to find out.

Clear seals allow your wood to show its natural beauty, providing additional protection from weather and age.

Olympic Semi Transparent Stain Colors

Olympic Semi Transparent Stain Colors

Show off your natural beauty with penetrating oils that add depth to your wood, while toners give a hint of color.

Wood Stain Colors

The calm color of the partial stain is clear and the rich color of the semi-hard stain allows you to customize the color of your wood, giving you a choice in the amount of wood grain and the design that shows.

Solid colors allow the texture of the wood to show, while hiding the grain with a bold, protective color.

Rescue your old or decayed wood using our premium line of Olympic RESCUE IT!® MAX resurfacers, available in many colors.

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Differences in monitor calculations may affect our screen representation of actual color and color properties. Your local Olympic ® Stain dealer can match and/or order the exact color for you using the Olympic stain color name or number. and display the letters.

Use our stake calculator. The size of your project will determine how much wood waste is needed. Remember, solid wood colors require two coats.

Olympic Semi Transparent Stain Colors

Clean debris from your deck, and use a premium deck cleaner to wash stains and stains caused by mold. See how to stain wood for other staining projects.

Olympic Stain Launches Super Premium Olympic Elite With Its Richest Color And Strongest Protection

Tap the area of ​​your deck or stomach that you don’t want to get dirty. Avoid applying the stain in direct sunlight to prevent the wood stain from drying unevenly. Then get ready to apply wood stain!

For coverage, apply wood stain to one board at a time. For best results, use a wooden brush.

Refer to the product label, Technical Data Sheet (TDS) or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safety and detailed usage instructions.

Clear wood finishes and wood stains allow your wood to weather and gray naturally. A little preservation, a lot of wood.

Olympic Maximum Deck Stain Review

Light wood colors add a hint of color that highlights the grain of the wood. Less protection, more wood.

Semi-transparent wood stain provides a rich color that allows the grain and texture of the wood to show through. More protection, less wood grain.

Semi-hard stains provide the same rich color as semi-transparent, but hide much of the wood grain. More protection, less wood grain.

Olympic Semi Transparent Stain Colors

Beware! If you strip, sand, or remove old paint, you can leave behind dirt or grime. Lead is poisonous. Exposure to lead dust or powder can cause serious illnesses, such as personal injury, especially in children. Pregnant women should also reduce exposure. Use appropriate NIOSH-approved protection and skin contact protection to control lead exposure. Clean with a HEPA vacuum and wet mop. Before you start, find out how to protect yourself and your family by calling the USEPA National Lead Information Hotline at 1-800-424-LEAD or visit

The Best Exterior Wood Stain For Decks, Furniture, And More

One gallon covers about 250 to 350 square feet. ft. or 23.2 to 32.5 square feet. The meter depends on the structure and porosity of the wood.

Test a small area to determine proper visibility and penetration. Apply a thin coat with a quality brush, truck or paint brush or spray equipment. When spraying or rolling, always position the brush for best results. It can be set at 50°F for the 550 g/L VOC version and 35°F for the 100 g/L VOC version. For more information on how to stain wood check out this wood staining guide: How to Stain a Deck.

Brushes and tools with mineral spirits for the 550 g/l VOC version and soap and water for the 100 g/l VOC version.

Please refer to the product label, Technical Data Sheet (TDS) or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safety and usage instructions.

A: Choosing wood waste> It sounds confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Have you ever wondered the difference between semi-hard and semi-clear wood waste? Don’t worry, we all have. When choosing a wood stain, color and clarity are two important factors. You have almost unlimited options. Check out the tips below to help with your next wood stain project.

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A: Choosing a wood stain can seem confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Have you ever wondered the difference between semi-hard and semi-clear wood waste? Don’t worry, we all have. When choosing a wood stain, color and transparency are two important considerations. You have almost unlimited options. Check out the woodworking ideas below to help with your next woodworking project.

For new wood, go with clear, transparent or semi-transparent colors – so some of the grain is still showing.

Semi-hard stains are a better choice for dishes that have seen their share of cooking. You’ll see some grain, but you’ll hide the wear and tear of your durable deck.

Olympic Semi Transparent Stain Colors

Solid wood walls are for upscale spaces that have a lot of imperfections, or you just want to add a splash of color.

Olympic Maximum Semi Transparent Wood Stain Review

Also note that you’ll get more protection from stains on the semi-strong to strong side of the white spectrum – which is better for older, more sensitive wood.

And it gives us color. In terms of color, we have more than 50 shades of brown. But you don’t have to stop there. Solid colors are as versatile as paint, so you have many other colors to choose from. Translucent stains also offer more variety – including vibrant colors like grays and tans, as well as unexpected colors like blues and grays.

Consider contrasting dark colors with vibrant, green foliage or flower beds to add drama. Light colors can make a room feel larger, brighter and more open, especially in natural light. Finally, don’t be afraid to explore darker colors to add drama and beauty to even more neutral exteriors.

Find a wood dealer near you Find a wood dealer near you where you can buy your favorite wood colors at a location near you. Find a wood retailer near you Exterior Deck Finishes • SIKKENS • CETOL • CABOT • PENOFIN • OLYMPIC • TUP • STORM SHIELD • DEFI

Deck Stain Reviews On 27 Popular Brands

Your deck is exposed to a series of bad things. Ultraviolet rays, rain, snow and hail all damage these areas. With a high-quality wood finish, skins offer the perfect solution to protect and enhance the look of your deck. Deck options include translucent, semi-transparent and solid finishes. Our coin finish line consists of the following groups:

Sikkens Cetol: Outstanding aesthetics, exceptional transparency and durability are hallmarks of the Cetol range. Recognized as the world’s best in wood care technology, Cetol coatings provide maximum protection with a luxurious finish to enhance the natural look of exterior and interior wood.

Skin Robol: The Robol range combines high quality, colour, opacity and performance in opaque coatings. Rubble systems offer superior expansion, adhesion and color retention compared to traditional paint.

Olympic Semi Transparent Stain Colors

Sikkens Cetol SRD is a one coat gloss exterior wood finish designed for use on a variety of surfaces. The easy-to-use finish has excellent UV protection and allows the quality of the wood to shine through.

Olympic Deck, Fence & Siding Semi Transparent Stain, Cedar, 3.78l

Cetol DEK Finish is a high performance, glossy satin finish for outdoor decks. This alkyd high-solids formulation provides excellent protection, ultimate durability and an attractive furniture-like appearance with an easy, two-coat application of one product.

The alkyd high solids formulation provides excellent protection, ultimate durability and attractive furniture appearance with a simple, two-coat application of one product.

Cetol SRD Translucent Stain is a one coat, exterior wood stain for use on a variety of exterior wood surfaces. Three-way UV protection combined with a tough alkyd resin makes Cetol SRD semi-transparent stain another example of advancements in skins nest wave technology.

Rubball Solid Stain is a hybrid alkyd/acrylic that has the advantages of both techniques. This formula provides excellent penetration and adhesion on both bare and pre-sealed surfaces. This premium, solid color has a low shine that complements any design.

Olympic Oly712 05 Maximum 5 Gal. Black Oak Semi Transparent Exterior Stain And Sealant In One Low Voc

Rubbol Solid Stain’s light fast formula ensures the long-lasting beauty of wood, leaving the wood exterior bright and smooth with the simple use of soap and clean water.

Cabot® Solid Color Decking Stains are highly durable exterior stains for use on all decking, outdoor furniture and walls, as well as on cement patios and walkways. Hard colored stains offer the best