Open Concept Kitchen Dining And Living Room Ideas

Open Concept Kitchen Dining And Living Room Ideas – How to create a single kitchen and living room without sacrificing space is a sad reality, but our homes are getting smaller. Over the past decade, urbanization and various economic factors have forced homeowners to downsize and consider more limited living spaces. It’s not that small homes and modesty are bad things, but they do require extra planning when designing a home. A popular problem solver of this new reality is the rise of the kitchen-living room. What defines this design trend is combining your kitchen and living room into one room, using clever layout tricks. An open space essentially allows you to have both rooms – the kitchen and the living room – at the same time. To learn more about your options when designing such a small area, we’ve highlighted some key tricks to make the most of your space:

Hang lights over the table. By doing this, you will help define the kitchen area without losing the open feel of the room. © Alvhem

Open Concept Kitchen Dining And Living Room Ideas

Open Concept Kitchen Dining And Living Room Ideas

By doing this, you will help define the kitchen area without losing the open feel of the room. You can choose several pendants or use one feature piece – either way, it’s a clutter-free way to create visual division of adjoining living rooms.

Open Concept Kitchen Renovation

In a small unified layout, designers always try to create separate zones in a large space. But in order for the final result to look integrated, you need to think about the choice of materials and furniture groups. Repeat the use of the same wood, for example, on your kitchen counter and living room table to unify the areas. Or choose similar flooring or hang complementary artwork in both areas. The possibilities are endless.

The kitchen and living areas merge into one open space that naturally lends itself to entertaining and family life. If you want your kitchen to blend seamlessly with the rest of your space, consider removing the upper kitchen cabinets. This movement creates visual consistency because it keeps the eye on the same level. To make up for the loss of storage, consider installing larger cabinets or using the storage space behind your kitchen island.

Creating separate zones in an open layout is relatively easy. But making them feel unique and yet connected is another challenge. One way to balance this challenge is to choose a dining room table that has the same color palette and texture as the floor. The result is an easy, unobstructed transition for the eye throughout the space, as the table blends with the floor.

It’s no secret that choosing a light color will help open up the space and make it larger. But you can go a step further and hide the elements that make the kitchen too cluttered. Upper kitchen cabinets can be “disappeared” with a coat of white paint, while shelves fade when painted the same light color as your walls. By hiding these elements, it allows your hero piece to shine and act as a focal point.

Open Plan Kitchen Ideas: 29 Ways To Create The Ideal Space

Top tips for getting the kitchen layout you need

Get the perfect sustainable kitchen design material We all want to live happier, healthier lives and using sustainable wood helps us…

Liquid Effect Takes the Kitchen by Storm In the last decade, the kitchen has become a visual wonder and the center of the home, which … Small House Open Kitchen Renovation. Make the kitchen, dining room and living room all in one space.

Open Concept Kitchen Dining And Living Room Ideas

The kitchen renovation was made possible in collaboration with GE Appliances, Raymore & Flanigan and Globe Electric. All opinions are 100% honest and entirely my own.

Small Open Concept Kitchen Ideas You’ll Love

I’m about to celebrate 5 years in my first home and I finally have the open kitchen of my dreams! I started my kitchen renovation the first year I lived here. I took a two-stage approach. The first step is figuring out how to make it work while still being on budget and happy with it. You can read about this DIY renovation here. It includes painted cabinets, butcher counter fittings, peel and stick glass tile and a farmhouse sink.

From the first step in this house, I envisioned knocking down the wall between the kitchen and the living room. I am making room for my dream kitchen. While the first phase of renovation made me happy for 4 years. Come last August I told myself

Well, I should have known I was opening Pandora’s Box. As soon as the wall came down I knew I had to clean the whole kitchen. It was now or never. I did not take this decision lightly. I spoke to my broker and made sure that the money I invest will get a good return. And thus began the open concept kitchen renovation.

The main goal of this renovation was to create an open space in the small house that would serve as a kitchen, dining room and living room. Create an environment for everyday life as well as enjoyment.

The Best Small Open Concept Kitchen Dining Living Room Ideas

About a year ago, I shared my kitchen renovation plans with you. Yes, kitchen renovations take time. Especially in the midst of a pandemic. Well, even those plans have changed a bit. I always knew I wanted an island or peninsula, but the footprint just didn’t work in the current space. After placing the kitchen in many cabinet galleries. I realized that if we removed one of the kitchen windows I would have room for a peninsula.

Before you even start knocking down the walls, I suggest going to a kitchen showroom (or several) with your measurements and working with a kitchen designer to shape your kitchen. You are under no obligation to buy anything which just gives you a starting point. I went to 4 different showrooms. It helped me see different designs and appreciate different clothes.

We were installing these cabinets ourselves. The prices we saw were for assembled cabinets only. I knew I wanted white with solid wood construction and a shaker style.

Open Concept Kitchen Dining And Living Room Ideas

Don’t always choose the cheapest option. Go with what will work best in your space. I ended up removing a step from the cheap cabinets. Why did I do that? Because I wanted a lazy susan where the doors inside the cabinet swing. The way my kitchen is set up, the doors would be inconvenient to fold. I ended up going with the Wolf Cabinet.

Open Floor Plan: History, Pros And Cons

The overall aesthetic design of the kitchen should be clean, bright and modern while remaining traditional. I wanted to add contrasting colors through fabric and lighting. The color came through the backyard and the way I accessorized the kitchen.

Knowing that I will eventually sell or rent this house in the coming years. I didn’t want to put too much of my personality into it, but I went bold with the back color.

When I imagined my dream kitchen, I always envisioned marble countertops. Although marble is a bit unattainable, you can get a similar look with quartz. In the end I chose a white cashmere Carrara quartz.

One of my favorite parts of my last kitchen was the Ikea farmhouse sink. Considering that I will probably rent this house one day, I chose not to make a porcelain stoneware sink. This is a composite granite sink also known as silgranite. Silgranite is heat, acid, stain, scratch, rust and impact resistant. It has a hygienic + surface formula and protects against bacteria and dirt.

A Rustic Modern Open Concept Living Room And Kitchen

Since this is a large, narrow space, I wanted the main light source to not feel visually overwhelming. I prefer the Smart Line recessed lighting. I like that you can install them without the box.

I get a lot of migraines so I was worried about how bright the lights would be. I did some research and found Vidyut World and their DuoBright technology. Instead of adjusting brightness, it adjusts color temperature from daylight (focus) to warm light (comfort) to sunset glow (comfort).

In this space I used a 12 DuoBrite recessed light from Globe Electric. I can probably get away with 10 of them. Full installation tutorial to follow.

Open Concept Kitchen Dining And Living Room Ideas

When it came time for the sink and peninsula, I knew I wanted to make more of a statement. Bring a contrasting metal and just a hint of gold. I fell in love with the actual pendant of the electric globe. It’s modern with a mid-century feel. I love that instead of placing them above the peninsula, I also paired them with the light above the sink.

Open Concept Of A Kitchen, Dining Wooden Table And Living Room With Balcony In A Very Small Apartments. Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 150139629

One of the design challenges in this kitchen is the door to my sunroom. Now the path to the door was always tight with my old fridge. I knew I needed a cold counter to create more flow. Now some don’t want to sacrifice fridge space to make this change. But with this house there are only two bedrooms and a counter

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