Open Concept Kitchen With Living Room

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Open Concept Kitchen With Living Room – Open floor plans have been a popular trend in recent years — and we can understand why. An open floor plan combines the kitchen and living room, creating a great space for entertaining or family time. This type of open kitchen and large space gives a feeling of spaciousness and spaciousness even to smaller homes with fewer square meters. There are a variety of open kitchen and living room floor plans. Many ideas depend on the movable support structures of your home. For example, you might want to remove a wall between your kitchen and living room. Apparently these are load-bearing walls. So choose a half wall or a breakfast bar. This allows you to see into your living room without compromising the structural integrity of your home. Creating an open floor plan offers many creative opportunities and benefits, including entertainment, family time and more natural light.

One of the most obvious benefits of an open kitchen is the ability to entertain guests at any time. Instead of being stuck in the kitchen preparing food or cooking away from your guests, you can have conversations and cook at the same time. An open floor plan allows you to interact and entertain with guests in a relaxed manner, knowing everyone is having a good time. In one of our models, we were able to create a homeowner’s dream kitchen and connect it to their living and dining areas. Double French doors on either side of the room and the fireplace as a focal point across from the kitchen made this great room the perfect place for hosting and hosting parties. The warm gray and white tones provided an elegant touch and a sense of luxury.

Open Concept Kitchen With Living Room

Open Concept Kitchen With Living Room

Another good reason to combine kitchen and living space is to keep family in mind. It’s difficult to make sure everyone behaves when you have to cook in another room. Not to mention the missed family time! An open kitchen and living area layout helps solve this problem by creating a large space where everyone can feel comfortable. Parents can prepare a meal or snack while watching the kids. While children and pets can play in the large open area.

Open Kitchen Ideas

We were able to help one family create such a “great” space by removing the stone fireplace dividing the living room and replacing it with a gas fireplace on the outside wall. There was plenty of room for more storage and bookshelves, as well as larders with trays that were handy to display. The kitchen has been opened up and overlooks the living room with a breakfast nook to the side.

Open kitchen floor plans also offer a great way to let in more natural light. If the interior walls are removed or partially removed, the light from the windows can additionally illuminate the room. Nothing is as open and spacious as plenty of natural light. We created a natural light kitchen for the homeowner; by removing an awkwardly placed chimney and interior walls, allowing light from the skylights to reach the entire space. We’ve exposed five rustic beams that highlight the vaulted ceiling and complementary skylights. Most of the time, the room has a completely different feel. Now its design is open and brightly lit.

It seems that designing an open plan kitchen and living room can be a tall order; But our design team at CQC Home is here for you. Check out our gallery of kitchen projects to see our work and experience. We want to help you design your dream kitchen with functionality and style in mind, from the conceptual design to the worktops. We transform kitchens and dining areas in Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Cary. Contact us today and let’s start making your dream come true!

Let’s say you just moved to Durham or Chapel Hill or lived in your house there for a while. You don’t have to do anything special and you want to spend your time with your loved one. People come to you every once in a while, but rarely for long. Everything feels crowded… To be continued

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Recent surveys of homeowners show that kitchen remodeling projects have been popular for over 4 years now. According to Houzz, when preparing for a kitchen makeover in 2022, homeowners are among the top invest- ments in countertops, modern appliances, and kitchen islands. But let’s go a little deeper. Invest in countertops. Countertops are the… Next Simona is an interior design and decor writer at . Since 2011 she has been writing about interior design, DIY solutions and the latest trends in home architecture.

Imagine this: a small house, an open kitchen and living room with one or two cozy bedrooms and a nice bathroom. It’s all you need to be happy and there are lots of cool ideas to personalize and decorate it to suit your style. First, let’s talk about some of the more controversial features like the kitchen.

Open Concept Kitchen With Living Room

To determine if your kitchen is small or not, let’s talk a little about the average size of a standard kitchen. How small is a kitchen anyway? Well, usually these are the dimensions to keep an eye on:

Formal Dining Room Vs. Open Concept Living

Based on this average measurement, each of us can decide what kind of kitchen we want in our home. Of course, there are a few other questions to ask yourself first, such as: B. how many people will use the kitchen at the same time, how often you actually cook, how many appliances you really need and how you will use the kitchen. .

The whole open kitchen trend started in the 90s and it is still very popular, especially in modern and contemporary homes. An open kitchen can be described as a space that is integrated into the surrounding rooms, usually the living and dining area. More specifically, an open kitchen has no walls or partitions on the sides where it connects to another room.

As always, nothing but rainbows and unicorns. There are also some disadvantages to consider when considering an open plan kitchen:

A closed kitchen is more or less different from an open kitchen, meaning it is closed and isolated from the rest of the house. It doesn’t blend seamlessly with the surrounding spaces and is a space of its own in every way.

Small Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Ideas

Based on these elements, all the advantages of open kitchens become the disadvantages of closed kitchens.

You may be wondering if there is a way to enjoy the benefits of both open and closed kitchens without having to choose between the two. Well, there is. In fact, there are several design options that fall somewhere in the middle or offer a lot of flexibility. For example:

Here not only the kitchen is open plan, but the whole house. To be fair it is only a 27 square meter house so removing the walls to separate the main rooms was a good thing to have a little more space to use. The kitchen is in one of the corners and is L-shaped so it fits in here perfectly.

Open Concept Kitchen With Living Room

The white cabinets and their rather symmetrical arrangement give the room an airy and attractive look. The cupboards also offer plenty of storage space for all kitchen utensils. There are no overhead cabinets, instead the walls are left fairly clean and bare to give a sense of spaciousness and openness. It can be found on a fin.

Translating ‘open Concept’ To Create An Inspiring ‘open Floor Plan’

White is the usual color for small spaces, but that doesn’t mean something else is out of the question. In fact, these black kitchen cabinets are a wonderful addition to this 22 square meter apartment. They really help to anchor not only the kitchen but also the living room which is decorated with lighter shades of gray and small pops of color.

Although it is a small and open kitchen, you can see that the niche is framed by partial walls on each side. This gives it a sense of privacy without turning it into a separate space. It can be found on a fin.

A closed kitchen can be opened up if you remove one or more walls separating it from the rest of the house. You can also achieve a similar effect with large sliding doors. You can get an idea of ​​what that looks like in this 30 square meter apartment. The kitchen has its own space to the side of the living room, however there is no wall or solid surface between these spaces.

Concentrating all the furniture and accessories around the kitchen on one wall is convenient

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