Open Floor Plan Living Room Kitchen Dining

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Open floor plans are easy to incorporate into any home. In a traditional closed plan, rooms are separated by walls and doors. Each room has its own pocket, making it easy to separate different parts of the house. But in an open plan, walls and doors sag and rooms can be confusing. Your kitchen can double as a dining room and double as a living room. This flexibility makes it easy to do many things at once.

Open Floor Plan Living Room Kitchen Dining

Open Floor Plan Living Room Kitchen Dining

“Living with an open mind allows for easy entertainment – ​​pour a glass of wine, watch the sauce simmer on the stove, prepare desserts, all the while… talking to family members and guests” – Deborah Costa, interior designer and founding co-founder of Design. Alchemy, he says. “Open concept floor plans highlight the heart of the home by combining cooking and relaxation areas into one.”

Are Open Floor Plans Overrated?

By inviting you to multitask, open floor plans make life easier. But decorating them is difficult. If you don’t have walls to guide you, how do you arrange furniture? And how the hell do you decide which rooms to connect?

“When decorating an open space, planning is the first and most important step,” says Jenna Schumacher, principal designer at Insert Design. “If ‘rooms’ are not defined in a way that specifies how they will be used, a coordinated layout must be created that maximizes functionality, balances the scale of components, and maximizes connectivity.”

This may seem like a long-term prospect. But direct encouragement is easier said than done. To help you create an open floor plan carefully and easily, we asked six interior designers to share their best open floor design ideas.

When designing an open floor plan, it can be difficult to decide which rooms to connect. A popular choice? Connect your kitchen and living room. “Bathrooms are the fountain of the home,” says Costa. “People don’t have difficulty cooking. They want to stay up to date with what’s going on in this part of life.”

Open Concept Kitchen Ideas: How To Get The Right Design

Moreover, the reception area is larger than the kitchen. “A family room or living space open to the kitchen provides a place to relax,” says Emily Davis, principal designer of Emily Davis Interiors.

Set the stage in your open concept home by opening up the hall. “The open access to the dining room and living room makes things happen quickly in the house,” Davis says.

Without walls, how can you mark where one area ends and another begins? Easy. “Use rugs to create different spaces within a space,” says Catherine Staples, designer of Aspen & Ivy.

Open Floor Plan Living Room Kitchen Dining

Kristine Renee, interior designer and founder of Design Alchemy, agrees: “Carpet under the coffee table in the common room or under the dining room table is inappropriate. It highlights details well.”

Design Tips For An Open Floor Plan Home Design

The great thing about open floor plans is that they can be customized to suit your needs. So if you work in the kitchen or dining room, you need to be in a responsible place to work.

“We are increasingly placing computers in open spaces right in the kitchen,” says Renee. “These spaces are great places where adults can access computers and kids can do chores without destroying kitchen counters and dining room tables.”

A dangerous way to separate two areas in an open plan? Take the room divider. Choose something that works well as decoration, and if you want spaces to connect, you can choose a divider that’s short enough to look forward to – or that’s visible enough to ​you can see it.

Statement borders not only decorate your space nicely – they are also great for dividing areas in an open plan. “A box ceiling can separate and define spaces without separating rooms,” Staples says.

Open Floor Plan: History, Pros And Cons

By lining the ceiling in the dining room with wooden beams and leaving the ceiling bare in the kitchen, you can separate spaces even if they are connected to each other.

Refresh your living room by allowing it to transform into a playroom, games room or other entertaining space. “We like to combine a family room with comfort and space to store toys and games,” says Erin Coren, principal designer of Curated Nest.

If you want the room to be separate and not too closed off, use storage furniture to accomplish this task. “Closed storage solutions, such as additional shelves and etagers, can break up open-plan spaces,” says Coren.

Open Floor Plan Living Room Kitchen Dining

Why limit yourself to one address? With an open floor plan, you can create multiple rooms – your home guests have plenty of space to mingle and mingle.

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“Away from formal seating, the room is alive with conversation,” Costa says. “Think of this space like an apartment or hotel and create different meeting times and places.”

Think of this space like a hotel or resort and create a different meeting time and place.

Matching the kitchen to the living room is a popular choice, but matching the dining room to the living room is another great option.

“We like the flow of the living room and dining room,” says Coren. “We opened up the living room walls to the dining room because it allows for better traffic flow that brings drinks to food.”

Open Plan Kitchens: 32 Design Lessons From Stylish Spaces

In an open floor plan, the stairs are your friend. Why? Different levels make it easier to divide the space into small corners and allow you to enjoy the simplicity of an interior without walls.

Want to capture some of the early stages of the lockdown plan – without building walls? Use openings in boxes such as open doors and columns.

“A drawer opener can work wonders to create visual separation in a space,” says Davis. “With wider holes and a box that can be connected to neutral

Open Floor Plan Living Room Kitchen Dining

When designing an open floor plan, remember that you have control over the rooms in your home. So if you need a kitchen and a first floor in your home, make sure you have room for both. “Our clients love incorporating a private refreshment area into their open concept floor plan,” says Costa.

Best Ways To Create An Open Floor Plan

If you are not the home page, explain why. Add a wine room for wine lovers or a library nook in the family room for book lovers, Staples says.

Light can be a great way to create flow and separation in an open floor plan. The key is to move the light from corner to corner, keeping the overall mix in place.

“Make sure the brand you choose is functional but also has its own identity,” says Coren. “This allows for a beautiful flow while still allowing each element to have its place.”

The old-fashioned way to design an open floor plan? Combine three rooms into one. “Our clients like to combine the living room, dining room and kitchen to make everyday work run smoothly,” says Renee.

Small Open Layout Decor Tips And 23 Ideas

By placing the kitchen, dining room and living room in one place, you can organize parties more efficiently and not lose them.

If the stairs aren’t tucked away in a corner, it might be a good idea to place them as a border in the room. Use your stairs as a partition. Use it to separate different areas in your floor plan without being completely separate.

Is there a way the designer allowed for a partition to be created in the combined kitchen and living room? Slide into the sidebar. “To break up the long line of the sofa back, we placed a side panel on the back of the sofa,” says Coren. “It breaks up the sight line, adds interest and texture, and adds storage space.”

Open Floor Plan Living Room Kitchen Dining

No home is complete without a dining room, and if you don’t want to dedicate an entire room to a dining table, you can make room for one in the kitchen. “Entering is no longer a formal event, which is why some people are foregoing the formal dining room in their home,” Staples says. “This allows for better communication when receiving and preparing meals for the company.”

Problems Of Open Floor Plans

A little way to separate different areas in an open floor plan? Their walls are decorated differently. “Visual separation can be achieved by using a different paint color or wall finish,” says Staples.

Paint different areas with different colors, line them with different materials, or cover one area with wallpaper and leave the other one bare.

Not every home makes sense to place sofas back to back. However, this is a great way to encourage sleeping in an open space. By standing opposite the sofa in the kitchen and the sofa in the living room, you can create space for conversations before and after dinner – an easy way for guests to have a good night’s sleep.

If your kitchen is connected to another space – such as a dining room or living room – use an island to separate the two spaces.

How Do You Guys Feel About An Open Kitchen/living Room Floor Plan?

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