Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Floor Plan

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Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Floor Plan – How we used the floor plan to successfully design a large open plan kitchen/dining/living room to create a multi-purpose family room.

A few months ago we worked with a lovely family who were in the final stages of a major kitchen extension. Even though they’ve chosen the kitchen and the floor, they need help visualizing and planning the rest of the space. They had three small children and a dog, so the place had to be really family friendly – ​​durable, easy to clean, uncluttered but warm and welcoming. Beyond that, they wanted it to be a social, relaxing space with clean lines and earthy colors. The space was large and open with large glass doors on three walls. In seeking help, the catalyst is the difficulty of determining the best layout and zoning of the space. Although it was huge, it was also very difficult to create the desired flow.

Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Floor Plan

Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Floor Plan

Open multi-purpose spaces are more popular than ever, and many people want a social kitchen where they can cook dinner while hanging out with guests or with the kids in mind. These spaces are gorgeous, often with beautiful, large kitchen islands and gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows, but when all the construction is done, you’re left with a large space and don’t know how to make the most of it. Because you can easily end up with a series of rectangular shapes that don’t complement each other, you need to consider how those shapes fit together. Or maybe you have too many thick surfaces, which makes the room feel cold and uncomfortable.

Are We Done With Open Concept Layouts? Is Privacy Now The Top Priority??

At Living House, we always start with the floor plan because it’s key to the overall feel and function of the room. We spend a lot of time talking to our customers about how they want to use the room and who will be using it. Narrowing down the layout early on means narrowing down a wide range of furniture options. There are millions of different dining tables, but if you know the optimal size for your space is 200 cm x 90 cm, you can really focus your search.

For this client, our first task was to identify possible layout options for the room’s dining and living areas. We’ve got two ideas that offer something different. The main focus was the bifold doors. Wall-to-wall windows are great, they really bring the outside in and look great, but they also mean you lose a wall to put furniture in – in this case it was three walls of windows!

First, it is necessary to determine whether the space next to the garden is a dining room or a living room. And most importantly, with so many glass walls, where does the TV disappear?! The advantages of layout 1 are that the TV can be placed directly opposite the sofa and can be seen from the kitchen. This made room for armchairs, and the upholstery softened the look of this part of the room when you entered the kitchen – by the way, the kitchen bench, the large kitchen island, and then the large rectangular dining table in a row, which you see in layout 2, together with the tough similar shapes. In Layout 2, the TV was on the wall opposite the bed near the garden of the room. However, the position of the corner sofa was a bit awkward to allow walking around it, which meant you were looking more into the room than the garden.

What was great about this process was that we got feedback from our clients, so we showed them preliminary layouts and got their thoughts – after all, they are the ones living in the room! Our customers loved both sides, but said the most important thing to them was the place to sit, read and have a coffee near the doors and the garden on either side. By presenting a few options, it reveals something important that the customer might have missed if they had purchased the furniture without considering all the options.

The Beauty Of An Open Plan Design

So with this in mind we have to work on some other options. Customers decided to choose two sofas instead of a corner sofa. To allow flexibility in the future, they put in extra sockets and TV points for more changes.

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Once the general look is decided, it’s time to bring interest and style to the room. As we mentioned earlier, designing open spaces is very difficult because all the furniture has to work together, even if it is actually three different rooms. Choosing items like a rug can be difficult when there are two in the same area and must be evaluated very carefully.

Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Floor Plan

Tip: Get a rug like a Berber rug or a traditional pattern, and keep the other simple. Jute rugs work well with almost everything and open spaces.

How To Choose The Right Floor Plan For Your New Home

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A soft Berber-style carpet was installed in the living room of the room, because it was comfortable and this space was well zoned with light and bright colors. The area needed a focal point so we added a lovely modern TV unit with hidden storage to keep it tidy. Along with the sofas, we decided to mix the fabrics in the room to add interest. We kept the continuity by taking the same style on the sofa, but changed the size and fabric so it doesn’t look too fitted.

To balance the dining area, a sideboard was placed on the long wall opposite the kitchen. In the future, customers may want to add a mirror or artwork on top to add interest and color. Mirrors work well for reflecting light around the room, especially farther away from windows.

We chose a mix of dining chairs – 2 green leather and 4 white and oak chairs for the end table. This provided contrast and gave the area a unique look. We also added a small woven top bench behind the leather sofa as extra seating when extending the table. The bench behind the sofa also helped to zone the space.

The Advantages Of An Open Concept Floor Plan

We have created a classic and modern design for our customers. The color palette is restrained but kept warm, with materials finished in wood, leather, black metal and white. This neutral base allows the client to bring in color in accessories and artwork and can be changed over time.

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If you need help renovating your home and guidance on how to overcome room challenges, contact us. We’d love to hear from you and create a beautiful plan that fits your style and budget.

Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Floor Plan

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Tips For Planning An Open Kitchen Design

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