Open Wall Between Kitchen And Living Room

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Open Wall Between Kitchen And Living Room – Of all the changes we made to our home, opening up the kitchen wall to the living room was the best decision for us. Now, it’s not our first choice (because of Hurricane Harvey), but it’s definitely.

Options!! We opened the kitchen wall to the dining room about five years ago, and soon after we finished the kitchen in white. Then we were flooded – oh!! So … ..needless to say, this is the best time to open the kitchen and living room walls.

Open Wall Between Kitchen And Living Room

Open Wall Between Kitchen And Living Room

So where does it start? From 2 dark corners to white cabinets to a flooded house, open living as designed. What a trip – right???

How To Cut A Hole In A Wall To Open Up Kitchen

But yes!! I know my lanterns and cushions should be in the dining room in the summer, but now we have our Easter table. So the green decor got a new home in a few months. What do you think – do you like it?

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So, like our kitchen wall next to the dining room, we have a similar problem with the kitchen wall next to the living room.

From the picture below, you can see that the two curved walls block the natural light from the kitchen. Since these two walls provide certain functions, we need to find out if we can live without something else.

Pass Through Doorway Between Kitchen And Dining Room

A raised bar top offers additional storage space, additional cabinetry and seating for guests. Book storage includes small “mud” storage for backpacks, shoes and dog supplies.

*** This is the last photo taken at our house before sunset. Don’t cut the stone into four feet if you’re wondering why it’s that way. ***

This question is related to question #1. The only way we can get into the kitchen (from the living room) is by opening a larger door.

Open Wall Between Kitchen And Living Room

In fact, we always push the furniture (parts) from the room into the corner so that it does not block the door. You can see that it still fits in the hole.

Removing A Kitchen Load Bearing Wall|four Generations One Roof

In a personal letter… I teared up when I saw our “former” house. Home is home – you know – no matter what.

Our original kitchen layout was great for entertaining, but limited the number of guests we could have in each area.

We can put the grill on the table and leave hamburgers or biscuits. Warm up and let our family and friends move.

But the corner cabinet / top table design made a traffic jam because you can serve in one corner and you will fall on the island.

Eichler Open Plan Kitchen Gets A Mid Century Modern Remodel

Now, I don’t understand, this kitchen design has done its job for years. But as open plan living began to gain popularity, we (well-me) began to dream about designing a new kitchen.

In the picture below, you can see that our kitchen / living room has an unusual corner arrangement. Builders must “disrupt” this section to expand the size of the kitchen and reduce the room.

This building / counter / ceiling provides a challenge for placing furniture in the room due to the placement of stools in the room.

Open Wall Between Kitchen And Living Room

We can’t put two club chairs next to the entrance to the hall (to the classroom) because we’ll leave the kitchen door open (Back to #2).

Creating An Open Concept Kitchen

Once the workers clear out all the underground buildings (due to flooding) we can start to see opportunities.

It’s amazing to see our kitchen like this because it looks like a big house outside – doesn’t it? In addition, you can clearly define where the base of the cabinet will help you with the necessary spaces.

We have no plans to change the plumbing or gas (to save money) and work around them when planning a new layout.

We decided to keep the column (one) and do the beam installation (two) because of the budget.

Please Stop With The Open Floor Plans

We were quoted ~$5,000 for this option, but with both beams and support columns removed (totally open concept) we were quoted ~$20,000 – $25,0000. And money!!

I also found that I can work around the posts and try to “get out” of them as much as I can. And I don’t regret leaving it once!!

Now that all the cabinets are out it’s time to install the beam. They used these boards to keep the second floor from collapsing – literally!! Wow!

Open Wall Between Kitchen And Living Room

In fact, the staff asked us not to stand under the center or close – in case something happened. Safety First!!

St. Louis Park Kitchen Transformation

A little information. The left side of the wall is weightless, but the right side does. So we chose to make the left arm the same as the right arm so they look the same.

Bottom right – The area on the left (half wall) will be the horse wall with a small school on it.

Since we had a small “mud” closet before, I felt we still needed something for backpacks, shoes, etc.

In addition, the posts on the horse wall were made incorrectly (and will be corrected)!! ARGHHH – The story of the artist is another level!! Trust me !!

Open Concept Kitchen

It never occurred to me that the beams and columns would be wrapped with wood.

The contractor wanted to cover the two support panels with plywood and paint it… and I knew it wouldn’t look good.

By removing two walls in the room, we now get a ton of light in the whole place. We get all the light from the breakfast area, the kitchen and around the kitchen.

Open Wall Between Kitchen And Living Room

Opening the two walls in the kitchen really helps in the movement of traffic from the first part of the kitchen. We love this entry!!

Open Concept Kitchen Remodel

It is easy to get food from the restaurant or take a drink from the fridge because of this space.

Also, we can now use four bar stools (instead of only two), as the TV can be watched from all sides. And if you have kids, you know it’s important!!

Guests can walk through the dining room to the kitchen, breakfast area, outdoor space and living room……while still feeling like they are together.

We can now serve from both sides of the L-shaped island and have guests sit on the island for another seat. Win – win!!

Design Element: Arched Cabinetry Wall

Now we don’t have to worry about the corner room, our furniture can be moved to that area.

We still have to open the door from the living room to the kitchen, but at least the seats in the middle are better.

If you want to know more about a nautical accent wall, white light spot, or the boat that comes with it, click Add a Nautical Accent Wall to the living room.

Open Wall Between Kitchen And Living Room

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I want to help what I can!

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I’m glad we decided to open up the living room to the kitchen…and dining room. Remodeling a kitchen with load-bearing walls is definitely not something you should do as a one-time job.

We employ experienced contractors to handle all aspects of our repairs.

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