Opi Gel Nail Polish Summer Colors

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Opi Gel Nail Polish Summer Colors – Reviews of the OPI collection are always the most popular posts on this blog. They are always at the top of the stats and everyone is as excited about the new OPI release as I am. After all, it was two bottles of OPI that happened to be hidden in the corner of a drawer that started my nail polish collection, so I will always feel an emotional connection to my “roots.”

Sorry, I’m exaggerating here. We start by introducing this new collection. Yes, it’s summer in the nail world. (Maybe where you live is constantly hot in a windy city.) I’m always watching new seasons of OPI releases. For summer 2023, OPI is launching the “Summer Make The Rules” collection. As always, there are 12 shades that, as OPI says, “will make your nails look as bright, bold and carefree as you think this summer.” We’ve got names themed around the beach, sunbathing and the perfect summer life.

Opi Gel Nail Polish Summer Colors

Opi Gel Nail Polish Summer Colors

These shades range from pale rainbow tones to more vibrant hues, bright pinks, corals, greens and pinks. We have 8 cream shades and 4 shades with a frosted finish and pearlescent shimmer. They were a little different from regular glitter and I always love something new in a collection.

Opi Gelcolor 15ml Gel Nail Polish Gel Color Coat Led Uv 0.5fl.oz

As always, these are available on my favorite site Polishpick.com or beyondpolish.com (affiliate link). Well, as I mentioned above, the colors are very pretty, while the formulas for most…

. I struggled with some streaky creams here, which is very unusual for OPI. Things picked up again in the back half of the set, but it was quite a journey to get there. I’ll let the individual photos and videos do the talking for now, but I want to make sure you start this post with the right expectations. Let’s go inside

There are two shades of pink in this collection and yes, they are different – one a cool shade and one another peach shade, but they are definitely similar so I have a question.

They are in the same post. Unless you’re a collector like me, you don’t need any of this. I’m generally very critical of these formulas because I’ve spent a lot of time on them.

Opi Summer Make The Rules Summer 2023

Anyway. The first pink “makeup page” is, as mentioned, really cool. It’s a medium pink with maybe a tiny hint of lavender, and I love pinks like that with my cooler undertones.

Unfortunately, our formula problems start with the first shade. The beginning of our emotional rollercoaster ride. Well, not a rollercoaster, still down, down,

, small hills to metal hills and finally a boom in the last quarter. Well, that formula was tough. I applied 3 thin coats – 3 is almost always the maximum amount I use for each swatch –

Opi Gel Nail Polish Summer Colors

I have very rough nails, which often requires me to apply an extra coat. But I still expect any cream eyeshadow to be opaque and apply three coats. I’m particularly looking forward to the IPO. I’ve been reaching for OPI collections regularly since 2017 and these formulas seemed much thinner and boring than they actually were. These don’t look the same, so I’m going to be very harsh and biased. Because I know they can do better, it’s not the best, it’s not their good. I’m sure it’s just a strange coincidence, but if this continues with the fall collections, which are always my favorite, we need to talk.

Gelcolor: Gel Nail Polish

Next we have “I Quit My Day Job” (I wish it was a statement, I enjoy spending my days playing with nail polish and blogging, but needing money to pay my rent isn’t enough. ) This second pink is a very warm, with peach tones.

If you couldn’t tell from the above, we’re going negative on many of these shades and you can see the issues in the sample photos. Again, three coats, it was still streaky and showing through my ridges. It felt so thin and I was so amazed. There are better pink creams from OPI, so skip this one.

We move through the rainbow and reach our orange stop. It’s called “Flex on the Beach” and it’s a light, almost pale peach-coral cream. I usually prefer shades like this in sunny weather (but the sun just highlights the problems with this one, oops).

My disappointment again. You can still see these lines through three layers of it. The formula is very thin and doesn’t provide normal coverage, which I’m sad about.

Opi Gel Colour

Now we come to our first metal! Our first almost brilliant point! All the metallics have this super cool, almost frosty, pearlescent finish and I loved it. They’re not for everyone, but I always like something different. They somehow feel more summery than a regular glitter finish.

It’s the first “sanding in stilettos” (walking on the beach in high heels, really hard exercise) and it’s a creamy peach-orange with a soft silver shimmer that gives it the icy finish.

The formula is still a bit thinner, albeit with a different finish, so I applied it in three thin coats. You can still see some of my wrinkles after these three coats, but I feel like this shimmery, luminous formula is a little better. Since it’s a shimmery shade, you’ll need a bit of a brush, but most of it holds up well once it dries. And listen, I’m here to make more exceptions for such a unique shade. It’s definitely portable and practical (and maybe I was surprised by the first three creams).

Opi Gel Nail Polish Summer Colors

“Stay Out All Bright” is a bright lemon yellow cream shade. It leans more towards cooler yellows and away from oranges.

Opi ‘summer Makes The Rules’ Summer 2023 Collection

I know turmeric is very subtle and of the creams I’ve tried so far, I was nervous about this cream. And look

. It’s heavy. It’s 3 coats and there are so many streaks, especially on the tips of my nails, that the polish can chip. Hear,

When painting thin nails in thick coats, barely touching the nails and buffing with as few strokes as possible, you shouldn’t overdo it.

Every time the creams fail, there’s a metal waiting to take me in its arms and say, “Okay, let’s do this.”

Summer Make The Rules Nail Lacquer Collection

It’s called “Sunscreening My Callus” (like a redhead in the sun, somehow I feel like that’s me) and it’s a pale yellow, pearly shimmer shade. The color almost reminds me of lemon drops, which are my favorite candies.

Yes, I had good luck with the metallic colors and with 3 coats I was able to get it completely opaque. If you have soft nails, 2-3 are definitely enough. They painted evenly and the brush strokes evened out nicely once they dried.

‘Summer Monday-Fridays’ is a lime green cream with bright yellow undertones. I swear it’ll be better after this, just settle for this latest bad formula and then we’ll be on our way to brighter climes (though not brighter colors).

Opi Gel Nail Polish Summer Colors

As you can see in the photo, this is another 3-layer stretch mark cream. My ridges stand out and that’s more. It’s a shame, I always love lemons like this, but unfortunately there are better ones.

Opi Gel Colour Soak Off Uv/led Full Size 15ml Nail Polish

It’s called “I’m Leaving Yat” and is a light, rich teal cream tone. My camera was completely broken with this shade, as with any other shade of teal or turquoise. They want to get the green out of everything and get more out of the blue; This is what happens in the example video. If the swatch photo itself looked strange, I was able to color correct it as best I could. I wanted to get as close to the actual color as possible, but I still couldn’t capture how rich and saturated it was. !

And thank goodness the formula here is great. It’s a small step more than the descent we’ve taken so far and I can only breathe a sigh of relief. If you have sensitive nails, 2 coats will completely set you, which is unique to these creams. I added a third piece to see through my grooves, but by then it was completely covered and I sang happily.

Name it there. It has a shimmery aqua blue shimmer and feels very summery

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