Opi Pink Glitter Nail Polish

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Opi Pink Glitter Nail Polish – Hello everyone, Today I finally reviewed some of the new Spotlight shades from OPI’s new Glitter collection. I broke my nails a few weeks ago so I couldn’t do proper swatches, but now that the length is back I can do more nail art.

This collection features six shiny new embellishments that can be layered over your favorite nail colors to add a little extra pop.

Opi Pink Glitter Nail Polish

Opi Pink Glitter Nail Polish

This nail polish has a clear base with slightly shimmery pink hexagon glitter and micro holographic glitter. The glitter isn’t too thin, so I used one or two coats for each nail as the amount of glitter varied with each stroke. I did notice that the drying time was a bit slow, though. A sheer foundation is not the quick drying type that I like.

Opi Hello Kitty Glitter Nail Lacquer, Nail Polish .5 Fl Oz

These fun colored paper glitters are suspended on a clear colored base. Very similar to Deborah Lipman’s Happy Birthday. This polish has just the right amount of shine, so one coat will cover any base color. The formula is easy to work with and the drying time is average.

I got mine in gold with a clear base blocked by large shiny gold hexagons and small silver rectangles. He has a bit of a word problem. The polish is very thin and rare, so you need a shiny finish to get large pieces of gold. I used two coats (with fishnet) on my dress. You can spray this polish on for better results, but I find the sheen and effect too overwhelming to overcome the effort.

I love pink so much and I’m chasing rainbows, but I’ve finally settled on gold. It was not good. I think OPI is known for their liquid shimmers; So I was surprised at how well these shades turned out. There are three more colors in the collection; So check them out the next time you’re at the salon or drugstore.

Which of the three is your favorite? What is your all-time favorite glitter nail polish? Let me know in the comments below. We sifted through nearly 2,000 bottles of polish to find the best pinks and reds for this month’s CBB Valentine theme. And this made me realize that I needed to do some serious cleaning on my complexion. I have trouble separating collections because I like group cohesion. It’s like seeing only four out of five Spice Girls. Gerry: I will always miss you.

Darling Nails: Opi I Think In Pink And You Glitter Be Good To Me

Today’s manicure is short and sweet because I have another plan for Valentine’s Day. It’s so dry in Vancouver that my nails are cracking, so I have to keep the nail polish on. They are short (for me) because I like a large canvas/surface for nail art. They’ve been growing steadily over the past week and a half.

I’ve seen OPI in Pink and Needles* layered over white and navy nails, and I find that the black base is the only thing that really shows off the oversized neon pink sweater. I used Duri Cosmetics Black Caviar and sealed it with Duri – Miracote* which is almost blue in one coat. Two coats are needed for the density of glitter seen here and some shine here.

Overall, I think it’s fun to wear and a little indie. It wasn’t the easiest thing to pull off, but it was worth the effort and it turned out beautiful. Now, the weatherproof OPI Katy Perry collection (see must-have colors here); It’s time for a nail polish review! appropriate. In other words, OPI’s teenage dream.

Opi Pink Glitter Nail Polish

It’s not like the movies. Sparkling Silver Shamrock is the star of the collection (sadly, not the star of the album); But based on other bloggers’ photos, I thought Teenage Dream would do well with it. money. . Bright and dreamy pale pink; The song’s rosy romance captures itself with such beautiful effect.

Infashionlove.com: Opi Pink Yet Lavender + Russian Navy Combo!

Pretty is actually a peachy pink base with a pretty shimmery finish. So when I started putting on the shiny silver micro-glitters, It doesn’t matter how much brightness bounces off the big invisible circles. To block the children’s party area. Hello Kitty Imagine unicorns and you’ve reached the Mothercare girls clothing section.

I favor Teen Dream, but for many bright color lovers out there, This is one of the best formulas out there. In general, Bright colored bases are so advanced that when you layer them with a matte look, your nails look like the yellow pages. Not so in teenage dreams. I was surprised when the pink looked absolutely gorgeous with two coats. This is not enough to ensure that there are no visible nail lines (ie you can distinguish the white tips from your natural nails); But it’s so dull that it completely loses the delicate features of this unusual pale pink.

Second, Vibration rates are calculated with teacher-like levels of accuracy. It’s thinner than a wedding cake, so it’s easy to gloss over and your nails will look brighter than a J.Lo jewelry box, but mixed with Teen Dream’s smart peach lacquer. The micro-glitters, with the occasional large floating glitter, create a beautiful multi-faceted effect that is stunning but still reasonably subtle. It can be very subtle as a reflective color.

It’s a nightmare to avoid, but I hope you all know. And the formula of Teen’s Dream, While I really like the finish and staying power, it’s just not the color for me (I have very pale skin, which means these pale pinks blend into my fingertips). -old likes to make me the ultimate Barbie princess. So, do you have an eight-year-old who loves pink and is crying to go out? Or can’t get it shiny enough? Teen Dream can be your Valentine all year long.

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OPI Teen Dream Nail Polish, Katy Perry Spring 2011 Collection; $168 for a small four-pack; Select Manning

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Back to the police. It is creamy, Contains nine shimmer and shine finishes. According to the OP’s website, This is a unique brightness, The most beautiful collaboration inspired by the new film BARIE with glitter and cream nail colors. The film is set to hit theaters this month, so find your favorite nail polish that’s perfect in the movie.

Opi Pink Glitter Nail Polish

“Best Day Ever” is a pale “bright pink shimmer” in 2 coats. The first coat of this beauty is quite sheer, but I love how it builds up on the second coat. The big sparkles in this polish make it a little more fun than your usual gloss. Glitters are really hard to remove, so make sure to use a removable base coat.

Opi Opi Barbie Collection Opi Pink Glitter Nail Polish

“Hello Ken” is a beautiful yellow with hints of green. This beauty is easy for yellow nails. Complete transparency is achieved with three coats.

“Feel the Magic” is a greenish pink in 2 light coats. OP’s website describes it as a “dark pinky creme”. If you don’t have this shade of pink yet, it’s a great pink to add to your collection.

“Every Night’s Ladies’ Night” is very fun Polish. In 3 coats of this I got a totally inky color and I really like how it looks on my nails. The gloss applies very evenly and smoothly. I sure can’t wait to wear this on my nails for a girls night out!

I’m a little confused about the name of this color, but it’s still cute. “Yay Space” is a bright baby blue nail polish. Here I made three coats for the slav photo. Coats dry very quickly, so three light coats. This is interesting.

Opi I Pink Its Snowing

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