Paint Colors For Red Brick House

Paint Colors For Red Brick House – We’re big fans of brick, and we’re here to help you find the perfect palette for when your brick needs a refresh. BUT we also understand that customers want natural brick! A red brick house can be beautiful. However, it is a complex face and can be one of the most difficult to work with, especially with palettes. We’ve had clients write in all the time asking us what trim colors we recommend to go with their red brick home, which trim colors work best to complement their brick, and more. We thought this summary might help some of you make decisions about how to renovate your red brick home.

Having trouble finding a new red brick home? That’s why we created our design services. We help you see what the exterior design will look like before you commit, and we even give you a new look.

Paint Colors For Red Brick House

Paint Colors For Red Brick House

This traditional red brick second home has beautiful architectural lines – it just needed some updating to make it modern and stylish. Benjamin Moore Colors offered a new color palette: Extreme Pewter for the trim, Dragon Spirit for the trim and black for the windows. The dark brown color, the new wooden garage door and the copper frame are a stylish finish.

How To Choose Roof Color For A Red Brick House

This red brick house is a classic style found in American neighborhoods built after World War II. Renovating the porch with new furniture played a big part in bringing it into the 21st century. The designers also suggested removing the shutters (because they weren’t the right size) and renovating the windows and front door. Wood and copper trim with Sherwin Williams’ Urbane Bronze on the trim tones provide contrast, making the street look uncluttered.

Paint Colors For Red Brick House

This traditional two-story house had a window from the second floor with a Tudor look that felt a little boring and unfinished. We recommend the new Hardie® vertical board in Benjamin Moore’s Graphite to look at the paint. The pewter detailing in the trim highlights the ceiling. A new patio over the front door and a raised walkway lead the eye to the front door.

A few simple updates have brought new life to this classic story. Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal paint and trim and windows, siding, a new front door and Onyx hardware provide a contrast to the traditional red brick. The ceiling has a slightly darker shade than the original combination.

Paint Colors For Red Brick House

Paint Color Ideas For Brick Exterior

Another beautiful traditional home updated with modern updates. New black mesh windows and some awnings add a modern touch. Finally, gable beams and beautiful double entry doors with copper joinery to highlight the home’s level. Finally, the blue path and the new steps make things stand out.

This modern house had dark red brick that went well with the wood. We recommend using wood paneling from Woodtone under the front gable. Black and charcoal paint complements the new roof, modern garage door, exterior lighting and trim, done in Onyx by Benjamin Moore. Finally, we applied a new layer of James Hardie vertical trim to the upper level, painted in Benjamin Moore’s Grayport.

Paint Colors For Red Brick House

This beautiful red brick house has been given a new look with modern features. First we ordered new Marvin windows and new double doors. Other black features include an X-shaped porch between natural brick columns and Bahama-shingles over the window to the left of the entry. Bevolo’s antique brass lamp pays homage to the past. Finally, Tivertino panels renew the front door to the top of the house.

Brilliant Paint Colors For A Red Brick House

The red brick of a traditional mid-century light felt like a stark contrast to the clean white fabric. Additionally, a lot has happened to the dark gray border, the blue front door and the black shingle roof. We suggested letting the bricks open up the color palette. The new metal roof is in a soft warm blue that brings in the brass and exterior lighting as well as the beautiful wooden doors. We added a mesh roof over the garage for storage. The sides, walls, floor and new garage door are Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak. And Hardie® Shingle Siding painted in Rockport Gray brightens the porch.

Paint Colors For Red Brick House

We always recommend trying and testing different colors before making a commitment. Factors such as the natural light, the resolution and the static elements of your property will have a big impact on how the color will appear outside. Our friends at Samplize offer an extra large 9 x 14.75 inch painting of our favorite outdoor colors. Order the ‘Real Paint, No Mess’ sample here.

Moving into the modern landscape is the interior design of this semi-detached house. Red bricks are the main focus of this phase as they are used to cover the upper level. We proposed replacing the old siding with vertical Hardie® Panels on the siding and painting – and chimney – Graphite by Benjamin Moore. Trim and trim are done in Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams, which plays well with the black light door, garage doors, windows and new chimney cap. Wood and copper bring natural warmth to brick.

Paint Colors For Red Brick House

What Color Deck Goes With A Red Brick House?

As you can see, many red brick homes were originally paired with white trim and the color palette we love to choose from. In this home, we requested Benjamin Moore’s Kendall charcoal siding and white wood for the trim. The entryway has received a grand welcome with new double wooden doors, beautiful carpet and flooring, sconces and a new stone walkway to the top.

We built this large traditional red brick home with a design that includes modern touches: new garage doors, modern lighting and a front porch. We commissioned a new James Hardie wraparound two-story window for the show, repainting it in Benjamin Moore’s Winterwood. Onyx in the trim provides contrast. Hot stones are close to the house and we also used them to surround the chimney to increase the efficiency.

Paint Colors For Red Brick House

We love limewash. It’s a great compromise between painting the brick and leaving it natural. The red brick in the lower part of this house has been replaced with Romabio lime, painted with Benjamin Moore’s Seapearl. Limewash gives you the flexibility to allow some of your natural brick color to come through, as mentioned above. And it works great on brick roads! Here we’ve combined limewash with Benjamin Moore’s full palette: Seapearl on the trim, Light White on the trim, Sea Haze on the shutters and Black on the new front door.

Top Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick

As you can see from these examples, red brick homes don’t have to feel old. You also don’t have to leave your red brick if you love it but want a modern appeal. Basically, you can have your cake and eat it too. It’s our job to show you how.

Paint Colors For Red Brick House

Red brick can be beautiful. It can also be difficult. That’s why it makes sense to work with a professional when planning to renovate the exterior of your red brick home. We would love to work with you to make your racing dreams come true! Get started today.

Designers only use and recommend products that we know, love or want to use in our own properties. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission at no cost to you. Look at the exterior colors that complement the red brick. These colors would be great in any home.

Paint Colors For Red Brick House

The Best Exterior Paint Colors For Brick Houses

Red brick can be difficult to work with – especially if you’re not a fan of red 🙋🏼‍♀️.

But if you’re like me and you’ve been painting and leaving your white brick wasn’t in the cards, it’s time to learn how to work with red brick.

Paint Colors For Red Brick House

In today’s post, I’m going to share with you the process we went through to finally choose exterior paint colors that not only complimented the red brick, but also made me happy and excited every time I hit the road.

The Magnificent Front Doors Of Beacon Hill

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Paint Colors For Red Brick House

Here is a before photo of the side of our house before we got new windows and painted the outside.

But the key to choosing a backsplash color that complements red brick is to choose a warm green or gray.

Paint Colors For Red Brick House

Paint Colors That Go With Red Brick The Morris Mansion

Of course, we all have different tastes when it comes to coloring, but these four options are a good place to start.

You will notice that this picture is unique and not as professional as my usual pictures,

Paint Colors For Red Brick House

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