Paint Colors For Small Spaces

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Paint Colors For Small Spaces

Paint Colors For Small Spaces

Which renovations are best for a small space? As it turns out, the easiest thing to do is to change the main effect: the color of the paint. If there’s a room in your home that feels cramped and needs a makeover, Nicole Gibbons, founder and CEO of Clare Paint, offers advice. “Bad colors and light colors draw less attention to each other and help make the space feel more spacious—because it’s wasted,” he says. “On the other hand, dark colors disappear from view, as more color on the walls helps the walls stand out, giving the impression of a larger space.”

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Atlanta interior designer Alice Cramersay recommends thinking about lighting before making a decision. “If the natural light is beautiful, the dark color of the paint is very beautiful,” he said.

Whether you’re confident or stuck in the dark, read on for small room color tips and advice from Southern designers.

Houston designer Katie Davis of Katie Davis Design added depth to a client’s powder room using Benjamin Moore’s Lead Gray. “Color and other decorative elements that attract shade, such as floor tiles and sinks, are key here.” He also says that paint colors work well when there is an architectural theme such as a poster or ship’s boot.

Houston designer Jennifer Barron of Jennifer Barron Interiors recommends Down Pipeby Farrow & Ball, which she says is a gray, dark gray. “It’s the perfect color to make a small or cozy space look bigger,” she says. “The depth and darkness of the color is beautiful, but the space looks larger than if it were painted a lighter color.” Barron recommends the Down Pipe for a small space “because you feel like you’re in the room,” he says.

Best Paint Colors For Small Bedrooms

New Orleans designer, Hattie Sparkstur, Benjamin Moore, White Doveto illuminates every space. “This white is my favorite because it’s not yellow or blue like the other whites,” she said. “A clean, fresh, light color that helps the space feel clean and airy, not sterile. It looks good in all shades of light and in almost any type of room. I think it’s very clean in the world.”

Philip Thomas Vanderford of Dallas studio Thomas James chose Benjamin Moore’s Onyx for the client’s new office. “By painting the walls and ceiling a matte black, we were able to create a home office design that draws you in and allows you to focus on your day-to-day work,” they said. “We used emerald green for the window treatments and decor to bring a sense of nature to the space and add the perfect pop of color.”

Vanderford encourages readers to have fun with pattern and color, such as Benjamin Moore’s Coral Dustby, even in tight spaces. “Although this space may be small, it’s full of excitement. By choosing a simple yet stunning pink color for this home office space, we were able to create a vibrant and bright interior that will encourage you to get to work,” they said. “We always recommend our clients to choose a light color for small spaces; this is the perfect place to be confident and show your personality.”

Paint Colors For Small Spaces

According to Charleston interior designer Megan Moltens, her favorite color to spruce up a room is Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace. “I’ve used it a lot and it’s become my favorite shade. It’s a really bright white – it creates the perfect backdrop for that clean, airy feel that my clients are looking for in their homes.”

Best Paint Colors For Small Rooms To Feel Bigger

According to Morgan Farrow, principal designer of Morgan Farrow Interiors in Dallas, Sherwin-Williams’ Meander Blueby works wonders for a child’s room. “This aqua tone is the perfect color choice for this girl’s room and adds a layer of vibrancy and character,” she says. “When designing a small space, I think a color choice can change the whole look. This bedroom is now bigger and a happy place to grow.”

Senior designers Anne Scott Gates and Allison Smith of Maison Studios recommend Spare Whiteby Sherwin-Williams. “The blue-grey tones are enough to show a little contrast when used next to true white, allowing the tiles and details to stand out without overwhelming the space,” says Gates.

Interior designer Julie Dodson of Houston-based Dodson Interiors transformed a client’s office using Benjamin Moore’s Pashminaat 50 Percent Strength. His best advice for readers? “No matter what paint color you choose, in a small space, it’s best to give it a sense of room. “Keep trim, walls and countertops the same color,” he says. “When the room gets bigger.”

When designing a small space, interior designer Jean Liu encourages clients to use a dark color like Sherwin-Williams’ Tricorn Blackby in a very bright way. “Contrary to conventional wisdom, painting a dark room and reducing the space between walls, ceilings and floors can make a room appear larger and taller than it might be,” he says. “We like the benefit of this little library.

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Designer Katie Davis of Katie Davis Design in Houston updated this space with a pop of color. Magnetic Grayby Sherwin-Williams is great for its practicality. “When in doubt, go for color,” she says. “Adding color to any space, especially the bedroom, always adds ‘joy’ to the room.”

Charleston-based interior designer Megan Molten painted the shelves and walls a single color in this small room, choosing Benjamin Moore’s blue-gray Normandy Blueby. “Of course you don’t want to bring a dark color into a small space,” he said. “Because it made it deeper, it made the room bigger when talking.”

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Paint Colors For Small Spaces

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The Best Paint Colors For Your Small Rooms

And this post doesn’t just give you ideas for a small bedroom. But we also share colors from leading paint companies to help you create a colorful bedroom look.

Let’s take a look at the beautiful little rooms full of color. Whether you want a classic blue bedroom or choose a bright color like yellow or pink. You can choose any color for your small bedroom.

Blue is a classic color for the bedroom. Not surprisingly, when you choose a dark shade, you get a nice cocktail. And a blue bedroom is the best if you are thinking of buying a house. Because a blue bedroom can increase the value of a home.

Light blue is a popular color. The Dulux color Bright Skies is one of the colors of 2022.

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There are many shades of pink and colors. And it’s a beautiful color for your bedroom. These rooms show you that pink isn’t just for a girl’s bedroom.

We’re seeing more earth tones in home decor these days. It’s also great for bringing warmth and color to your bedroom. These downstairs cabins prove to be the perfect retreat for your small bedroom.

Atelier Ellis “warm mud brown” earthy color (see above) is part of the Papier Peint palette. This palette contains 7 beautiful shades that allow you to create a relaxed, natural look.

Paint Colors For Small Spaces

Green (and blue) is a very popular color right now. And it’s not surprising because green is a beautiful natural color that you can use as a base color for your bedroom. But you can go wild with green tones, even in the bedroom.

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Purple is warm