Paint Ideas For Stairs And Hallway

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This is just a guess, but the first word that comes to mind when you think of a hallway is probably not one of the following:

Paint Ideas For Stairs And Hallway

Paint Ideas For Stairs And Hallway

. But it can happen! It’s important to know which hallway paint color to choose for your background. Transition spaces are still a part of your home’s decor and you spend an incredible amount of time moving between them, so shouldn’t they bring you as much joy as your bedroom? Okay, maybe this is a big question, but hallways shouldn’t be an afterthought.

How I Stripped The Paint From My Staircase And Landing

The best entryway colors blend in with the rest of your home and give it personality without distracting from other important design points. Like doorways, doorways, staircases, and other transition areas, doorway design often focuses more on functionality than fashion. However, the two need not be mutually exclusive. Just ask the designer. The best color to paint your hallway will depend on your goals. If you want a light and airy feel, choose a cool white or another light neutral (or baby blues) for a more open feel. If you want to create a cozy or cocoon-like feel, choose bold colors like chocolate brown, charcoal gray, and burgundy.

Keep reading to get inspired by 15 beautifully designed hallways, as well as design tips and paint color suggestions that will transform any transitional space.

Barbecue is a fashion and interior design craze that isn’t going away. There is a reason for this. If you want an intentionally bold finish, choose a solid color split for your hallway. Color certainly brings life to traditionally dark spaces.

With a chameleon-like ability to blend into both modern and traditional decor, gray walls look timeless and sophisticated. In this entryway to a Hamptons home, cool gray-blue paint reflects the ocean views outside.

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Cool sage green, muted and almost neutral, is the perfect paint color for a hallway. Not only does the shade not distract from other rooms, but it also adds character to the hallway. Combine it with bright white trim to avoid a dark or dirty effect, as interior designer Alicia Hassan of Brooklyn Interiors did.

Interior designer Corey Damon Jenkins chose a light gray-blue color scheme for this historic home, contrasting with rich stains and warm accents. When paired with fun wallpaper decorations, you can add visual interest to your floorboards.

Jade Green combines the best of blue and green. The energy of green adds vitality to the calm atmosphere of blue. Pair it with a variety of neutral colors, such as the dark, rich wood tones featured here, to create a timeless look.

Paint Ideas For Stairs And Hallway

“I always think it’s a mistake to try to brighten a room with white,” says interior designer Tom Stringer. “I want to make it dark and interesting.” A darker shade is Benjamin Moore Von Braun Brown HC-70, reminiscent of slightly sweet chocolate chips. “I don’t think it’s dark, it’s just intimate and enveloping,” he says.

Ways To Make Your Hallway And Staircase Appear Bigger Without Extending Your Property

Designer Darren Eno poses questions to the world. “Why do people think of hallways as lonely, miserable passages?” The cure is to increase seating capacity, “even if no one is actually sitting.” This is cozy and inviting. In this space designed by Arent & Pyke, a soft blue wall color softens everything, while striped barrel chairs add a modern feel.

“Hallways tend to get very little sunlight, so I love yellow, a color that evokes warmth and light,” says designer Marshall Watson. “You don’t get the grey-yellow color that white, beige and brown can get when there are no windows around.” Consider hanging a series of black and white photos. He suggests that repetition works well in hallways.

“I like the color black in small hallways. “Clients think you’re crazy at first, but it’s really romantic,” says designer Elisabeth Brouwer. “Put lights or chandeliers on dimmers because you don’t want bright light flooding the walls.” The deep navy blue color of this hallway designed by Arnt & Pike captures a vibrant soul.

Kim Aleksandruk’s motto is “Move for the punches.” She recommends using hallways as a playground for pops of color, such as funky seating and colorful artwork, that can be difficult to integrate with other rooms. Her favorite color is ‘gray with a hint of pink and lavender.’ It’s not too light so it’s not overwhelming,” says Allandrock. Use this hallway designed by Melly Skok as inspiration.

Monochrome Hallway Makeover Reveal

“To reduce the impact of this long tunnel, we need to dematerialize the walls,” says designer Maureen Footer. She recommends coatings to reflect light and add shine. This large, bright green wall makes an interesting surprise in a hallway designed by Christina Murphy.

“Hallways should reflect their surroundings,” says designer Birch Coffey. Designed by Arent & Pyke, the front door of this home is painted a vibrant orange-red, making the hallway feel quiet and calming. Coffey likes the Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172. “This seagull color may not command attention, but it still has a presence. It’s light but deep enough to look edgy with contrasting trim,” he says.

We love the neon pink walls of this Jonathan Berger-designed townhouse: bold, colorful, and adventurous. Use it as a warm, welcoming and memorable entrance, or take inspiration from a run-down hallway.

Paint Ideas For Stairs And Hallway

“Think of a boutique hotel where the hallways were so dark you felt like a mole,” says designer Betsy Brown. Arnett and Pike saw this scene from this hallway.

Hallway Paint Ideas For An Elegant Entryway

The light, subtle pink color adds cuteness and looks even better when combined with more modern geometric details. It goes well with unique spaces such as the bathroom designed by 2LG Studio. The pink color creates an open and bright feeling, while the rich blue color creates a base.

“A windowless hallway can and should be mysterious,” says designer Susan Zizis Green. She recommends deep blues with lots of dewy, dull greens, like the bright finishes in this transitional space designed by Studio DB. To make your hallway look like a cocoon, raise it to the ceiling.

Sometimes white is the best choice. “I like to use white in spaces without natural light,” says designer Lisa Jackson. Her favorite is her 2005 All White from Farrow & Ball. Because it’s “not too blue, not too pink, not too yellow.” She also says, “There should always be a focal point at the end of the hallway, whether it’s a console table or a large chair.” In this design by Jess Bunge of Emily Henderson Design, our attention is drawn to minimalist style. mirror.

People are often afraid of dark colors. But it’s just paint. The conclusion is: “Once you try it, you’ll love it,” says designer Sue Burgess. His favorite dark color is Benjamin Moore’s Rich Chocolate Taupe 2110-10. Moody shades of gray also work well, as seen in this space from Arent & Pyke. It’s sad and serious, but fresh, and goes well with other colors.

Ideas For Dark Painted Stairs

As you can see in this delightful little hallway designed by Elizabeth Architecture and Design, you can use color without going overboard. Bright mint green is a great option to add fresh energy to a narrow entryway.

“There’s a clean, fresh white that doesn’t clash with the rooms outside the hallway,” says designer Alex Papachristides. He typically chooses Benjamin Moore Cloud White 967, which creates subtle contrast with a variety of wall and trim options. The soft white of this hallway designed by Hacker Guthrie allows us to focus on the striking blue rug in the living room.

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Paint Ideas For Stairs And Hallway

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45 Best Bedroom Paint Colors 35 Perfect Color Ideas for Every Room 45 Blue Colors to Bring Comfort to Your Interiors 35 Unexpected Color Combinations for Your Inspo Palette The hallway is often the most neglected room in the home. It comes down to design and decoration. We prefer the numbers we use most often. But everything from the color of your walls to the materials under your feet can provide you and your guests with a warm welcome.

“The hallway is one of the most important transition spaces in our homes, so whatever you decide to do in terms of decoration, it needs to flow seamlessly with the other rooms,” says Marianne Shillingford, creative director at Dulux. “This is decoration.

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