Painted Brick House Color Schemes

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Painted Brick House Color Schemes – Repainting the exterior of your home can make it look new and increase its value. This applies to both brick houses and other types of exteriors. That’s why we created this list of brick paint color ideas for your home. From white to blue, beige, black or red, there are many great colors used for outdoor bricks. Exterior paint is often seen as an improvement and does wonders for the look of your home. Below are some exterior brick paint color ideas.

Everyone knows that painting the exterior of your home can make it look brand new. It’s not a secret. If you want ideas for paint colors for brick, white is a good choice. White brick offers an incredibly elegant and fresh look. You can’t go wrong with white. In addition to the beautiful and elegant appearance, white has similar shades that you can choose from. For example, red-gray gives your home the look of a cottage.

Painted Brick House Color Schemes

Painted Brick House Color Schemes

We recommend using a neutral white shade for the exterior brick color and then accenting it with another color, such as beige or khaki. You can also paint your home a true, bright, pure white and add black or gray accent lighting.

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Another benefit of white bricks is that they make your home look larger. This is especially true with lighter colors. In addition, white and white do not fade after years of exposure to the sun, like dark colors.

Painted Brick House Color Schemes

Light gray is a good choice when it comes to painting brick exteriors. This color can give a classic look, but it can also give off a contemporary vibe depending on how you wear it. With more depth and personality than plain white, gray doesn’t feel too boring or overwhelming. The natural and earth tones also create a nice contrast with the green accents.

With gray exterior brick you can also have fun with moldings and accents. Black details for the tail, bumpers and railings make you cool. You also can’t go wrong by combining bright white with gray. This duo is very popular right now and for good reason.

Painted Brick House Color Schemes

Painted Brick Houses To Inspire You In 2020

There is no doubt that you should dare and choose black for the exterior color of the brick. But courage is true anger. If you really want your brick home to stand out, paint it black. Because black goes well with any color, the possibilities for finishes and accents are endless. From bright yellow to powder blue to classic white, you can express your personality in a big way.

A soft green, such as sage, is becoming popular as an exterior brick color. Sage has a strong connection to the greenery and nature around your home. The color radiates a refined atmosphere in combination with a bright white or even golden color. Sage is the perfect color for those who love color and for those who are attracted to neutral tones.

Painted Brick House Color Schemes

Since sage tends to be on the cooler side of the color spectrum, warm accents are a perfect complement. If you want to stick with mostly neutral colors, choose white or rose gold as accents. The brick exterior immediately gives the home a homely and comfortable feel. After all, the brick house isn’t that special after all! So if you’re bored outside the house, you’re not alone! Our customers have often asked us if it is possible to paint brick houses. The short answer is: absolutely! More and more people in the Boston, Massachusetts area are choosing to paint their brick exteriors, giving them new life and style. But before painting the brick house, it is important to consider a few things.

Exterior Brick Paint Color Ideas For Your Home

You can change the look of a brick home in no time, making it look like a new home! You can paint the exterior white for a fresh, elegant look, or if you’re looking for something more dramatic and elegant, try a nice gray color. Many people choose beige and this look can be classic and sophisticated.

Painted Brick House Color Schemes

If you’re looking for inspiration, you can check out social media sites like Houzz or Pinterest or contact our painting specialists, Lighthouse Painting. One of our favorite parts of our job is helping our customers choose the perfect color for the exterior of their home! If you decide to look for inspiration, remember that if your home has a different style than the photo, this will greatly influence the final result.

Another important thing to consider is the inevitability of exterior brick painting. Once your house is painted, there is no going back. It will be difficult (if not impossible) to go back if you miss your usual brick and mortar home. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s something to think about.

Painted Brick House Color Schemes

Because You Know We Love A Painted Brick House…

Additionally, painted bricks tend to get dirty faster than unpainted ones, so you may need to clean and wash the floor more often. In general, you should paint your brick every five to seven years to prevent the paint from cracking, peeling or leaking. It also keeps moisture out of your home.

What a great question! While experienced DIY painters are certainly a pain in the ass in their own homes, we still recommend hiring a professional painting contractor for such a project. In fact, it is the entire exterior of your home, and as mentioned above, it cannot be changed.

Painted Brick House Color Schemes

If you are looking to paint the exterior of your home, contact Lighthouse Painting today! Our friendly and professional staff is knowledgeable and experienced in renovating the exterior of your home. We also offer interior painting and exterior window repairs! You deserve the nicest house on the street!

Painted Brick House Ideas

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Painted Brick House Color Schemes

You probably have a list of home improvement projects you’ve promised to accomplish. Maybe you started from the inside, painting the living room an evocative shade or furnishing the bedroom with comfortable furniture. When you walk around the neighborhood, you love the other houses, there’s inspiration. How can you renovate your brick house so that it becomes the coolest on the street?

The color can instantly refresh your home’s exterior without a major renovation. Anyone who lives in a brick home is probably well aware of the great color debate. One side has painted brick facade, while the other side strongly opposes covering the red brick exterior. Ultimately it’s your personal choice. But once the stone is painted, there is usually no return (no pressure!).

Painted Brick House Color Schemes

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For homeowners who are ready to paint their exterior brick walls, we’ve rounded up eight different shades that are sure to add to their curb appeal.

Stick to fairly neutral tones for the exterior and choose complementary colors for smaller details (like khaki furniture against a warm white facade or forest green doors against a muted gray exterior). Whether you dream of a red and white cottage or a modern nautical craftsman, find inspiration for painting your brick home with the color palette below.

Painted Brick House Color Schemes

If you need reassurance, see how designer Cheryl Luckett of Dwell by Cheryl Interiors transformed this stately colonial style with Sherwin-Williams’ Pure White coat, SW 7005. The classic combination is a warmer white. It’s not too bright and works well in the sun outside.

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From classic white to green to the most modern black, these colors transform your home’s exterior into the best home on the block.

Painted Brick House Color Schemes

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Painted Brick House Color Schemes

Brick Exterior Paint Color Palettes Exterior Paint Colors

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