Painting An Accent Wall In Living Room

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Painting An Accent Wall In Living Room – Accent walls are a unique way to tie color schemes together in a home, add subtle depth to your walls, or create dramatic centerpieces that invite your guests inside. Despite their many uses, finding the right balance and placement of your accent wall can be difficult. We’re here to help you with 3 helpful tips for choosing the perfect accent wall.

Don’t: Although the color is subtle, accent walls are still visible. So avoid placing an accent wall in a small enclosed space. Additionally, avoid accent walls in rooms with little natural light. In these situations, an accent wall can break up the room and make it feel smaller.

Painting An Accent Wall In Living Room

Painting An Accent Wall In Living Room

Do: Accent walls are perfect for open, well-lit spaces where you want to feel connected and comfortable. Open floor plans, high ceilings and corner rooms (small streamlined spaces) are perfect canvases for your accent wall.

Things To Consider When Painting An Accent Wall

This photo from Homepolish is a great example. The open floor plan is divided to make the space more intimate with an accent wall separating the “living” and “dining” rooms while maintaining the flow of the interior. Note especially here that even the corners are painted; It connects the shelves to the entire interior space.

Painting An Accent Wall In Living Room

This living room loft by Anthony Michael Interior Design below is open, yet spacious thanks to a bold accent wall. This is a great example of using an accent wall to contrast with a different wall texture. Soft paint and rough brick add interest and depth.

Don’t: Don’t choose a dark color in a dark room; Even with just one accent wall, it can weigh down the room.

Painting An Accent Wall In Living Room

Living Room Accent Wall Painting With Less Mess In Kennett Square, Pa

Tip: Use an accent wall as a node to tie all the colored threads together. You can have different colors upstairs and downstairs, and room to room, but an accent wall has the incredible power to bring it all together. Consider using the color wheel to choose a coordinating color.

Of course, just because you want an accent wall to be your “node” doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Be brave! Use a color that is overwhelming throughout the space (but is still part of the color palette of your other paint colors).

Painting An Accent Wall In Living Room

Tip: An accent wall is a great place for wallpaper that looks great if you use it throughout the room. A detailed wallpaper like the night sky in this nursery is perfect for processing your home. Think of wallpaper accent walls as works of art that pop out of your color palette but don’t clash!

Interior Paint Plans To Spruce Up Any Indoor Space

Accent walls tie paint colors together and tie the fabric to the wall, giving the entire home a cohesive look. Choosing fabrics is easy after you’ve painted an accent wall, but for a small home improvement project, you can easily use accent wall colors to highlight the existing color in your fabric. Trusted paint company Sherwin-Williams has color matching technology to help you select the perfect color palette for your fabric. You can download the Sherwin-Williams Color Snap tool directly to your phone (here). To master the color selection process before you start painting, schedule a free color consultation with Painting 360°!

Painting An Accent Wall In Living Room

Notice how this space by Homepolish uses accent walls to pick up color in the open floor plan and weaves it from the wall to the throw pillows and rug details.

This perfect accent wall from designer and lifestyle blogger Kismet House follows all of our tips and uses existing colors in fabrics. Whether adding contrast to a basic room or creating an eye-catching focal point, accent walls are the perfect addition. Anywhere! Not only do they provide an opportunity to create a focal point, but they can also enhance your overall design scheme. So follow us as we take a closer look at different accent wall styles and create a conversation piece your guests won’t soon forget!

Painting An Accent Wall In Living Room

Budget Friendly Diy Accent Wall Ideas

You may be wondering if accent walls should be interior or exterior. But like the world of fashion…things never go out of style…in fact, they keep getting better! This trend has made a big comeback. Although the idea of ​​painting a wall still seems appropriate, your options are now endless! From shiplap to MDF, wallpaper to paint and beyond, there are no limits when it comes to space, colors, surfaces and materials.

A bit of white paint throughout your room can be a tone. The purpose of an accent wall, whether it involves color, texture or both, is to give your living space a unique elegant touch. Just like your home, your accent wall is completely personal. Don’t be afraid to be bold and make a statement, combine different colors or patterns to match your overall theme!

Painting An Accent Wall In Living Room

RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU LOVE SHIPPING AS MUCH AS I DO!! The term shiplap has become synonymous with shiplap queen Joanna Gaines. If you’re like me, shiplap immediately makes you think of dilapidated buildings turned rustic-chic farmhouses!

How To Style A Black Accent Wall In A Bedroom

Even if you don’t end up on an episode of “Fixer Upper,” the good news is that shiplap can be easily incorporated into your home. It adds a simple and classy focal point to any room without distracting too much from the rest of your space.

Painting An Accent Wall In Living Room

I chose to attach shiplap to various walls and ceilings throughout my home. Directional pattern blending made for perfect contrast texture! Whether used in a horizontal, vertical or herringbone design, it creates a seamless look with beautiful clean lines.

Rooms without an architectural feature can benefit from an accent wall, especially if it’s textured! So if shiplap isn’t your style…you’re in luck…because there are endless alternatives to choose from, from MDF, tile, plaster, rattan and living plant walls.

Painting An Accent Wall In Living Room

My (easy) Living Room Accent Wall

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is an engineered wood. It is made of wood fibers bonded with resin under heat and pressure. Using MDF is an economical option to consider when adding a modern wooden touch to your wall. Wood accents not only enhance your space but also add drama and dimension to a room. Beyond its affordability, it’s lightweight, easy to work with, and won’t warp like traditional wood, making it a great beginner DIY project that anyone can do!

Wallpaper is the perfect way to give your accent wall a classy and elegant touch! With endless designs available, you are sure to find one that suits your needs. Choose from traditional, unglued and temporary designs. Textured options are also available, giving the illusion of fabric for an extra designer look!

Painting An Accent Wall In Living Room

I have a love for wallpaper beyond words! This creates an opportunity to be bold with color and pattern design that makes an instant statement! I have incorporated many wallpaper designs in different rooms in my house.

How To Choose An Accent Wall: Essential Dos And Don’ts

I incorporated this beautiful earthy Chesapeake wallpaper into the master bathroom and I love the result! This toile wallpaper features beautiful gray trees on an eggshell background, and soft, distressed details give the wallpaper a fabric-like feel. This wallpaper is a thick glued and coated paper.

Painting An Accent Wall In Living Room

In Mud, I chose a bold wallpaper choice and chose a floral design from Newwall. I hung it on the top half of the wall, it creates the perfect contrast and adds a spectacular pop of color. It instantly transforms a room with its beautiful floral design and creamy color palette.

I wanted to have a little fun with my powder room, so I went for a textured design with this charcoal wallpaper pattern. The details highlight strokes and dots in a horizontal pattern, creating stunning visual appeal with added drama. Best of all, it’s a non-stick design, so all you have to do is stick some adhesive on your wall and press the paper onto it!

Painting An Accent Wall In Living Room

Stunning Accent Wall Ideas For A Dramatic Look (2023)

Painting an accent wall may seem like the simplest of styling options, but if not done right, it can unintentionally detract from enhancing the overall space.

Before heading to the nearest hardware store for paint samples, it’s important to consider both the room’s orientation and natural focal points. Surprisingly, the amount of direct sunlight in your room can affect the overall look and tone of your painting. However, choosing the wrong focal point can make the space feel small instead of open and airy.

Painting An Accent Wall In Living Room

Following a few simple tips will help you determine the best color choice and placement for your accent wall.

The Unexpected Benefits Of Adding An Accent Wall

When designing my office space, I wanted to create a quiet space where I could be productive. Three walls in my office are painted Benjamin Moore Simply White. The accent wall is Sherwin Williams Iron Ore. It’s a softer black than the tricorn black I have on my doors. The black wall really makes the TV and frame pop!

Painting An Accent Wall In Living Room

I built this frame around my Samsung QLED TV to give it a custom look. The whole process is saved on my Instagram highlights under “TV Frame DIY”. When the TV is off, I use TV Art Mode to access the decorative objects in the Metropolitan Museum. Check out my highlight on how to do this

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