Painting Cabinets Two Different Colors

Painting Cabinets Two Different Colors – Two-tone cabinets are a growing trend in kitchens from traditional to modern. See why this option is so popular and how you can use it to make it look twice as good.

A kitchen with two-tone cabinets is just that – a design with cabinets that are finished in two different ways. It is a combination of two different colors of paint, one paint and one varnish, or two different colors of varnish.

Painting Cabinets Two Different Colors

Painting Cabinets Two Different Colors

As with any design choice, there’s a lot of freedom when using two-tone cabinets in your kitchen. The most successful looks have a pleasing visual balance between the finishes displayed in the space. Here are some simple ways you can do this:

Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Perhaps the most popular two-tone design uses one finish on all perimeter cabinets and a separate finish on the island as a feature. In fact, a recent study by House Kitchen Trends found that 41% of homeowners have used or plan to use a contrasting color for their kitchen island.

Painting Cabinets Two Different Colors

Is there no island? Then consider a color block scheme for upper cabinets of one color and lower cabinets of a different color. A timeless tuxedo kitchen with all-black lower cabinets and all-white uppers is a perfect example of this two-tone approach.

Many designs use two-toned cabinets to establish a focal point in rooms without built-in architectural interest. Adding a second finish to a particular set of cabinets can draw attention to a specific area, such as a coffee station or a wall with your luxury range. It can also distinguish a unique design element, such as a free-standing hut.

Painting Cabinets Two Different Colors

Cabinet Color Change

Our Kitchen Visualizer tool lets you apply a variety of wall, base and island cabinet finishes to sample kitchen images. Or work with your local kitchen designer to create a 3D rendering of a custom floor plan that includes two-tone cabinets. Expert advice from Bob Villa, the most trusted name in home improvement, home improvement, home improvement and DIY. Tried, true, trusted home advice

20 reasons why two-tone kitchen cabinets are still in style.

Painting Cabinets Two Different Colors

Two-tone cabinets are more than just a fad. With the right colors, two-tone kitchen cabinets are timeless. This popular design choice brings depth and interest to the kitchen, creating some contrast between upper and lower cabinets or defining different sections of the room.

Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Cabinet color combinations can be subtle or bold, with neutrals or vibrant colors, as well as different materials and finishes to add dimension. Keep reading for 20 two-tone kitchen cabinet ideas to inspire your next kitchen design.

Painting Cabinets Two Different Colors

Two-tone kitchen cabinets are a great way to add a splash of color to your kitchen. Adding color to cabinets offers a different way to play with color blocking than an accent wall. Paint different sections of upper, lower or island cabinets to add dimension. Mixed materials can add more personality and visual interest.

The classic combination of natural wood tones and pure white is a popular choice for sophisticated two-tone kitchen cabinets. The two neutral colors blend well with most modern kitchens. Choose dark woods and bright whites for a sophisticated look, or combine light woods and warm whites to create a cozy and light feel.

Painting Cabinets Two Different Colors

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Inspire Your Next Redesign

Pastel cabinets have character and are a great choice for an attractive kitchen. Pairing a bright pastel with a neutral color will help balance the look for those looking for a more subdued color palette. The pastel blue and white color combination has a timeless appeal that is especially fun on sunny days.

If using two different colors seems too bold, another option that captures the spirit of the two-tone effect is to play with patterns. Perfect for a minimalist modern kitchen, these Ikea cabinets are a stylish and elegant choice. Plain lower cabinets and herringbone pattern upper cabinets can break up a dark kitchen design and brighten up a room without introducing new colors.

Painting Cabinets Two Different Colors

White upper cabinets and dark lower cabinets are a popular way to pair two-tone cabinets. It’s a good choice for a small kitchen with two-tone kitchen cabinets and a white ceiling, as the light countertops keep the kitchen open and spacious. This simple pair is sharp and sophisticated, offering high design with minimal effort.

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Color can be used to draw attention to the focal point of a two-tone kitchen, so make the kitchen island the visual center of the room with a new color. Choosing a different color for the island can focus on a spacious kitchen, and kitchen cabinet doors are a simple and elegant choice.

Painting Cabinets Two Different Colors

When it comes to simple kitchens, brown two-tone kitchen cabinets are a great choice that uses natural wood tones to bring visual interest to the room. Different colors of wood stain (or different types of wood altogether) can add dimension to a home’s kitchen—no staining necessary—and all without overshadowing the beauty of natural wood.

The kitchen can be a lively gathering place for guests or a quiet place to enjoy the daily routine alone. Cold gray colors make the kitchen clean and calm. Gray and white cabinets can create a neutral background for strong decor elements. Pair white and gray kitchen cabinets with two-tone patterned tiles to add a touch of design.

Painting Cabinets Two Different Colors

Two Toned Kitchen Design Tips

While white upper cabinets and dark lower cabinets are a common two-tone palette, there are benefits to changing colors. White lower cabinets and bright upper cabinets draw the eye to the colorful cabinets above. This look is more modern and looks very elegant with glossy cabinet doors.

Whether you choose bright or neutral colors, a soft color palette can make a kitchen feel classic and comfortable. To create this effect, finish the two-tone gray and white kitchen cabinets with warm colors. This warm two-tone color palette can take a modern kitchen from cold to welcoming by choosing the right tones.

Painting Cabinets Two Different Colors

Retro kitchens are all about playing with colors, and two-tone kitchen cabinets provide a great opportunity for this. While bright colors are common, muted pinks, blues and greens can also give an old-school effect, and pairing these colors with cream cabinets will accentuate the room’s colors and tone down the look. For more impact, incorporate a colorful or patterned backsplash into the design.

Two Toned Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For Your Next Remodel

To add more depth to the kitchen, use two-tone cabinets that contrast in color and texture. This kitchen has glossy white upper cabinets and wooden lower cabinets to combine sleek modernity with rustic warmth. The pairing creates an inviting and modern space—the kind of kitchen that’s fun for cooking and entertaining.

Painting Cabinets Two Different Colors

Jewel tone colors have a luxurious air. With deep green lower cabinets, this kitchen has a luxurious feel. Light upper cabinets make the room more open. Although there is nothing wrong with mixing two dark colors, it makes the cabinets more impressive. These light cabinets have the opposite effect and combined with the white tile background, they open up the space and brighten up this kitchen.

Want to add a bold color to your kitchen but don’t know where to start? A set of stunning accent cabinets may be the answer. Bold, color-blocked cabinets can be used in upper or lower cabinets to contrast the kitchen. Use a striking color like deep red for a strong impact.

Painting Cabinets Two Different Colors

The 5 Best White Paint Colors For Cabinets

While many modern two-tone kitchens choose at least one neutral tone, these rules can easily be thrown out the window for color lovers. Two-tone kitchen cabinets put a unique spin on the two-tone trend. Is quirky cuisine more your style? Choose two different pastel colors like mint and pink to create character in the kitchen.

Two-tone blue and white kitchen cabinets are a popular and beautiful choice for creating a calm feel. The combination of rich blue color and bright white will give your kitchen a fresh and clean look. This kitchen features two-tone cabinets with modern subway tile and gold accents.

Painting Cabinets Two Different Colors

Two-tone cabinets look just as good in a traditional kitchen as they do in a modern one. These gray and beige farmhouse, two-tone kitchen cabinets enhance the look of a classic kitchen. Red accents add color to a plain gray and white background.

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Mixing materials, textures or patterns can create more dimension, while sticking to one material and style can create harmony. The matching style and hardware of these cabinets ties the room together. Instead of sticking to dark wood, lighting the upper cabinets will make the room feel larger and less crowded. All the colors of the wood blend beautifully to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the room.

Painting Cabinets Two Different Colors

Sleek and glossy white cabinets offer an ultra-modern look, but they may seem a little plain to some. If you prefer a modern theme, consider adding a futuristic touch with deep purple cabinets. This is a fun color

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