Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail – Looking to make a bold statement in your space? You can’t go wrong with two tone walls. Instead of settling on one paint color, step out of your comfort zone and choose two colors to complement your home’s style factor. For inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite second-tone wall ideas below.

The walls in this large dining room are washed in a vibrant combination of mint green and white. Gold borders complete the look.

Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

Blue patterned tiles by Popham Design add interest to the white walls in this 1950s house in Morocco.

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In this traditional dining room, the walls are split between charcoal gray and white for a fresh and modern twist.

Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

In this London dining area, the arch – together with the walls and ceiling in the 18th century wallpaper – revive the historic charm of the design.

Dark gray—brought to the ceiling—and trim in Benjamin Moore’s White Dove add drama to the grandeur of this Oakland home.

Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

A New Room…

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Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

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Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

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‘I have a chair line, should the upper and lower walls be the same color or different colors?’

Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

Two Tone Walls Are The Latest Design Trend We’re Seeing Everywhere

This is a question I get A LOT, especially with 1990s houses and old gals (referring to houses, not women). The ONLY chair rail is a sign of a luxury home but nowadays you can only see the day in the home where the goal is

And you all know that I rely 100% on my electronic design client photos to use on my blog, so if I don’t have TONS of examples, I know you’ll see pictures and information that I’m

Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

What is the right way to fill a room with a chair rail? Of course, this can vary according to personal taste, but in general, the right way is the one that suits the style of the house. If it doesn’t fit the house, it won’t be good. It’s like trying to wear baggy pants. I think I’m at the height of fashion, but really, I’m like a tree trunk.

What Is Chair Rail Moulding?

Now, if you read my blog for charm and wit (I love it) then, like most of the things I post, you might be thinking to yourself,

Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

A chair rail, also known as a dado rail, is a piece of horizontal trim that usually runs the perimeter of a room about 36″ from the floor, but can also be conveniently placed on a wall (popular over the year 90).

If you have a chair rail, it can be difficult to figure out whether to use the same color on the top and bottom of the walls or do two different colors.

Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

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If you have an older house, you should be able to pull off a two-tone or two-tone palette, regardless of whether your wood is stained or painted. Now that doesn’t mean you HAVE to, but the age of your home gives you more flexibility. For what? Even older homes that have rooms with walk-in chairs often have beautiful designs and other decorations and a GREAT way to offset these designs is with paint. Older houses also suit a two-tone palette more than a more modern home, because that’s what was done when the house was first built (usually with wallpaper) – it’s authentic.

The more modern you want your home to look, the less you want a two-tone palette. Unless it’s a NEW home with targeted modern decor, it’s always best to keep things simple by using the same color above and below the chair rail.

Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

If you like a rustic vibe and don’t mind an updated, modern look (common in a mid-century, country, or farmhouse style home), here are some ideas…

Antique Painting Mural Wallpaper In The Dining Room!

Okay, so maybe the 1970s house isn’t that new, but it sure is the new kid on the block compared to some of the old men! In general, if you want your home to look more updated and modern, you want to use ONLY one color. Painting your wall with two colors or tones can add a more ‘Classic’ touch to your home, but classic is not always updated.

Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

However, there are some modified houses that draw a palette with two colors or two colors.

In the next room, notice the extra molding added to the lower walls, which helps it get that “wainscoting” look without the cost/work of doing a full kitchen. White lower walls look classic and impressive with gray-blue upper walls…

Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

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Adds a bit of a traditional vibe to the room, it also adds personality and visual interest with its crisp clean contrast.

If you have a new home but your personal style is more traditional, you might consider a two-tone or two-tone palette (OR just one color if you feel like it. Long story short, you can do whatever you want! Sound Two Songs or melodies will be a noble gift for the traditional end of things as shown in the following dining room…

Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

On the other hand, a color gives a slightly more updated look. If you are thinking about marketing and your target market is young and trendy, then a color is a safe bet with a new home.

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Are there exceptions? HELL yes. There are always exceptions, but for the sake of simplicity and sympathy for all the crazy people, I like to appeal to the majority.

Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

Sometimes the best thing to do is to remove it (the same thing my company told me), the best way to update the chair rail is to make it into a rail, beadboard or board and batten.

While the bathroom above shows a possible original installation, you can do the same by adding beadboard between your chair rail and baseboard. This usually works better than board and batten if the existing trim is not too thick (as long as the boards are usually thicker and stick out).

Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

Ceiling Moulding Color Choice

This next photo is a perfect example of a chair rail update, except this time it’s going up the stairs!

There is a very good chance that the top level is primarily a chair with a rail. By placing a simple shape underneath and filling it all with color trim, the rail chair goes from dated to DYNAMITE!

Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

In the next room, while all these designs are installed at the same time, the same method can be taken by adding vertical boards every 18 inches (above the studs) between your base plate and the track. ). Again, it is important that the vertical shapes do not come out too far from the original ones!

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No doubt you’ll be heading out to pick up color swatches in the near future – hang in there! I want you to review SAMPLIZE. Samplize offers peel and stick dye samples that are more affordable, simple and environmentally friendly than traditional dye pots. Here are some reasons I recommend Samplize to my clients…

Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

In the following bathroom, the upper horizontal board could easily be a simple chair in one place. By adding affordable beadboard underneath (very affordable at Home Depot), it makes an architectural statement…

Even if you don’t need THAT (below), adding decorative molding between your chair runners and baseboards is an awesome upgrade…

Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

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Painting Walls Two Colors With Chair Rail

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