Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib – Platinum 3776 and Pilot Custom Heritage 91. While I usually prefer to review one pen, I feel like these pens have led me to the same conclusion since I started learning from the former with the latter.

A few years ago I got Bay’s Platinum 3776 for a low price. It was my first attempt at finding a pen.

Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

Would match the micro tip gel pens I’ve used for so long. I had high hopes for the “Ultra Extra Fine” gold nib, so much so that I didn’t pay attention to the pen I bought.

The Anatomy Of A Fountain Pen
how To Choose The ‘right’ Nib

Through the website. I tried gently bending my teeth outwards against the paper, then more directly with my fingers. Finally it was enough to allow some chicken. I tried several different inks, then gave up in disgust.

Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

After several months I decided to try the Waterman Havana on Platinum as it has always been a free flowing ink for me. [Don’t ask why it wasn’t used out of the gate. Thematic subjects. Let’s not start that kind of OCT here, shall we?] Of course, the Havana/3776 combination is allowed.

Performance for a short time. At last the iron grip of the pen overcame Waterman’s filth and we returned to whispering ink.

Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

Pilot Penmanship Extra Fine Nib Fountain Pen

The Platinum 3776 was put back on the bench to not see the light of day for about a year. So I ended up getting some brass spacers and flossing. Those. Teeth! For such a cheap and easy remedy, it’s a shame I waited so long. Seriously.

Enter the second problem, the 3776 case. It is small and light. The Platinum 3776 is 7 mm shorter than the Pelikan 200 series; Pelikan 200 is already my lower limit for an unpublished pen. Only 11.8 cm open pen is not comfortable to hold. And my hands are just manly. A big combo would have to post (and I’m irrationally loathe to post).

Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

So I don’t have a kitchen/postal scale, but it feels light. Not only light, but also fragile. Cheap. Intelligent. Especially hollow. An internal filling system would definitely help with this problem. It would also justify the street price. But do you know what the Platinum 3776 doesn’t include? Jacuzzi. Another integrated filling system.

Pilot Fountain Pen 万年筆 Pilot Plumix Fountain Pen Extra Fine

Nibs.com says the 3776 weighs 18.3 grams closed, which means it weighs about 10-12 grams open and unposted. Clearly this is also below my limit.

Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

Now, to be honest, I should have done more research before picking up the 3776. The Century is an inch and a half longer and 6 grams heavier. What

So at this point I found myself paying for a nice nib that was out of tune and a pen barrel that couldn’t be held. This experience with the Platinum 3776 led me to believe that the pen

Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

Pilot Elite Black Body And Cap With Gold Trims Extra Fine Tipped Nib Fountain Pen Sku 21635

Pilot CH91 drew my attention to a less direct route. Although I was aware of the Pilot’s Custom Heritage offering, I had too many similar options to rationalize purchasing a specific model.

Go back to earlier this year when I was on a massive writing spree with my Pilot (Metal) Falcon. I really like this pen, but the softness of the extra fine nib is not always my thing. This got me thinking about getting another pilot with an EF tip instead of a retractable model. Specifically, I wanted a larger ink capacity (like a Con-70 capacity) and I was also expecting a regular pen style.

Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

I was playing around with the autofill CH92 until I realized the stock didn’t have the extra fine tip. I was going for CH912 until I happened to remember Karas Kustoms Ink. This pen, when it finally arrives on my doorstep, will be equipped with a German no. 5 (Schmidt) nozzle block. The 5-Pilot bit has roughly the same dimensions and can be changed with a little elbow grease (and sometimes precision). Thinking about it more, it really made sense to go with the 91, knowing that if I didn’t like the body, I could still use the finish.

Pilot Custom 74 Dark Green Fountain Pen, 14k Gold Extrafine Nib, Hobbies & Toys, Stationery & Craft, Other Stationery & Craft On Carousell

If that is true. I ended up buying the Pilot Custom Heritage 91 because I knew the nib would make it somehow (TWSBI 580 or KKINK) even assuming the rest of the pen failed.

Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

Of course, the Pilot Custom Heritage 91 let me down before I even put it on paper. It was the completely redone Platinum 3776 – too short, too thin, too light… What should I do?!

The Pilot Custom Heritage 91 is slightly longer than the 3776 whether unfolded (12.3cm) or retracted (15.5cm). It has practically the same barrel diameter (10.5 mm). And it’s very, very light.

Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

Npd! Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo With An Extra Fine Nib. Hbd To Me.

Despite being virtually the same pen, there are some key differences that allow the Pilot to come out on top. The first thing to note is the aesthetic choice – silver finish and flat tips. These are my jams. Second, using Con-70 provides a higher ink capacity

A little extra weight helps reduce the gap between the C/C and the piston fillers. Third (chicken), an additional 5 mm

Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

Vs CH91 feeling “almost adequate”. While the Platinum has a significantly larger nib (#6), it’s not enough to make up for its shortcomings.

Buy Vintage Pilot Pen Pencil Set Of 3 With Fine Point Golden Nib

And it’s definitely worth mentioning that my Pilot arrived with a fine-tuned tip that thankfully wrote a super fine line. The ink flows!

Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

Great question! To be honest, I struggled to like these two pens. Faced with all my personal dislikes, I put each one on regular rotation for several months. Using the Platinum 3776 felt like work at best and punishment at worst. It’s just a small pen in my hand and it’s never felt comfortable. After tuning, this platinum tip was really impressive. YES – this Ultra Extra Thin is a very fine line! Hmmm! For fans of microscopic lines, I highly recommend the pen itself. But I’m leaving

In comparison, I’d go for the Custom Heritage 91 more often, but I could never stick with it. I would think to myself

Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

Pilot Metropolitan Review: The Perfect Fountain Pen For Beginners

Then the experience in my hand slowly ruined my pleasure and suddenly I found another pen in my gloves.

“Great. So you don’t use these pens anymore. Why did you write this and why am I reading this?”

Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

First, I wanted to tell a story about self-discovery with a pen. Everyone takes a different path to finding the perfect fit for them, and not every advertised pen is a guarantee for you. I realized that a great nib could beat most other pen stats. It turns out that Short and Light and Narrow are too hard for my hand to get over.

Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen, Clear Barrel, Extra Fine Nib (10816)

Second, while I don’t technically use either of these pens, I do use both ends on a regular basis. I took the Platinum 3776 tip and put it on my TWSBI Micarta. It was a relatively simple pull-and-switch mechanism, and the platinum tip lifted the Micarta up

Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

What about the Pilot #5 EF tip? Baby, it’s Kara’s Kustoms Ink…but that’s another story.

I find the unreleased 3776 feels pretty uncomfortable in my hand. Of course it’s inconvenient. If you want to place the pens, these two ways are easier to recommend. The ultra-fine soft tip in the all-new Pilot Falcon rhodium finish is identical to the Pilot Metal Falcon and feels amazing. It’s everything I hoped for. At this price, this pen is sure to be the new gold standard in flexible nibs for anyone who wants the widest range of lines without the need for a custom one. Check out my videos below.

Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib, Clear Body With 1 Black Ink Cartridge(new Model Number)

In the video above, I played the macro lens on my Canon 5DMk3 and was blown away. No music or fancy embellishments, this video is just to show what a hack like me can do with a completely unmodified super thin Pilot Falcon soft.

Since you can now buy the Pilot Falcon with a rhodium finish as well as a super fine soft nib, I wanted to show you how it writes and compare it to the fine and soft Namiki Falcon and the Pilot Metal soft and extra fine. Hawk. I painted them all with the delicious Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki paint and took them for a test drive on the Rhodia no. 16 dotpad 80g.

Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

I think almost every fountain pen fan has seen what the ultra-slim Namiki Falcon can do, and if you haven’t already, here it is. This video has millions of views; even people i know who aren’t pens ask me about it! So when I heard that Pilot was releasing a resin Falcon in an ultra-thin, soft tip, I was very, very excited to see how it stacks up.

Buy Vintage Pilot 57 Fountain Pen Wth Gold Plated Fine Nib Japan Online

Trivia: Pilot changes Namiki’s line to “Pilot Fine Writing”, so Falcons goes from Namiki’s name to Pilot’s name. All high-end Namiki pens will remain Namiki (as will the maki-e pens), but Falcons will eventually become the Pilot brand. I have been a fan of the medium since the introduction of Pilot Metropolitan

Pilot Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

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