Pilot Vanishing Point Stub Nib

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Pilot Vanishing Point Stub Nib – The Pilot Vanishing Point pen is nothing new. This pen is all around and works well for its purpose. This pen is a great start to the gold price and a great value.

A fountain pen? what a Great design here. It works like a pen with a “click top” function to extend and retract the nib. There is a small door mechanism that closes when removed to prevent the rib from drying out. It bends so that when the nib is extended, the nib opens a gate to allow the nib to come out and write. This design makes this pen a wonderful choice for the user who needs a quick note.

Pilot Vanishing Point Stub Nib

Pilot Vanishing Point Stub Nib

When I first saw Vanishing Point, I was worried that the film design was a problem because it was part of the episode. I found it difficult depending on how I hold the pen. It’s not a distraction to me, I just don’t realize it’s there.

Pilot Vanishing Point 2023 Limited Edition Kanreki

The pen moves from the center, like the ball does, and the nib part looks like an extension. It includes a Pilot Con-50 converter, which is the only part I can see. The Con-50 holds less than 0.5ml of ink, which isn’t much. Too much ink is a problem here.

Pilot Vanishing Point Stub Nib

The nib is an 18k gold nib, which is amazing for the price of $148. Depending on the finish of the pen, the nib can come in a gold, rhodium or black finish. Additional nib pieces can be ordered separately, which I did to test the Pilot Stub nib. The Pilot 1.0mm heel line is not very visible in the setup, but it is visible from the center where I originally purchased the pen.

Overall, the pen is stylish, durable and functional as an everyday pen. Ink volume aside, this pen is a good buy and a great pen. Try it and you might like it as much as I do.

Pilot Vanishing Point Stub Nib

Guide To The Pilot Vanishing Point Capless Fountain Pen

This review is based on my personal experience and opinion. I do not represent the pilot in any way nor am I paid for it. If you are new to spring pens, especially if you bought your first “expensive” spring (at the same time), the idea of ​​sending a new one to “change” the pen may seem strange to someone else. Very clear and in many ways I am still with you.

The sad thing is that you can buy a good pen and find out in the end that it is not the right one. The face may be slightly scratched or appear uneven, or the ink flow may be very low. A great way to make new shopping a pain. Oh, into the world of writing we leap blindly…

Pilot Vanishing Point Stub Nib

Sometimes it’s not that the pen doesn’t write properly, but you want a different type of grind, like heel, cursive, or you want the pen to be shorter. This is a good time to “work” your pen with someone else.

Pilot Vp (m, $75) Vs. Moonman A2 (ef, $15)

This was the case with my Pilot Vanishing Point Medium nib. I love the font and the way it’s written, but when I saw the Architect design (also called in Hebrew or Arabic), I knew I needed it in my VP.

Pilot Vanishing Point Stub Nib

Why does an architect grind? Well, most of the time I capitalize on my print and people say I have a certain style (or art) and I know this kind of grind enhances it.

If you’re used to an imperfect or cursive nib, your lines will change with your stroke as you write. With vertical stripes your lines will be wider and with horizontal stripes your lines will be narrower. It’s a builder of grinding and different things that make an interesting difference to people.

Pilot Vanishing Point Stub Nib

Pilot Vanishing Point Stub

I sent my vanishing point to Dan Smith of The Nibsmith. This type of grind is usually more expensive at $55, but requires grinding a lot of corners to pull off.

I want to make it clear that I do not believe that every pen you buy should be specially made. The price rises quickly and is always variable. My first “real” pen a while back was a Lamy Vista for about $35, so it might be surprising to see the $55 mark on a nib job, but you have to think hard to make things happen. A note and price if available.

Pilot Vanishing Point Stub Nib

Dan did a great job on my build and it is now one of my favorite pens to write with. The tip still has feedback after grinding, but enough that you can enjoy it when the tip hits the blade. I realize that this pen is always with me.

Pilot Vanishing Point

I took some comparison photos of my VP Craftsman full of Diamine Oxblood Franklin Christoph Model 02 Edelstein Toppastin verses with Mike Masuyama medium rods.

Pilot Vanishing Point Stub Nib

As mentioned, this builder started out as a pilot, but still offers enough variety. If you start with a wider tip, there is a good chance that your variation will be more pronounced. I will For those of you who don’t know, the Italfine nib is a combination nib that offers a fine nib on one side and a fine nib on the other.

As you can see in the pictures, Mr. Binder started life as 18k gold that became Italfine.

Pilot Vanishing Point Stub Nib

Pilot Fountain Pens: A Comprehensive Guide

The nib writes with a dot in italics, with the nib facing up. This nib is a true 0.9mm cursive, so it’s very sharp and offers versatile lines.

It is an inverted tip that gives a finer point. I found the plus side more difficult than the cursive. The good part is not pressure sensitive and will pop with anything but slight pressure.

Pilot Vanishing Point Stub Nib

Also the positive side of this tip is sensitive as the opposite side is thick and straight cut. For me there was a bit of a learning curve with this nib, now that I’ve gotten over it, it’s a wonderful nib that has turned my Pilot Vanishing Point into a pen that is now a joy to use. This nib is still $125, which is expensive for a VP nib, but it works like a dual nib and you can use a pen on the go…well worth it.

Pilot Vanishing Point Gun Metal Grey

Side note: Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been gone for a while. I’m moving and I’m still working on refurbishing my office (Unroyal Warrant HQ) but as of today I’m working on a new computer and some new furniture, but I’ll be there. To provide regular content 1-3 times per week. Susan M. Pigott is a fountain pen collector, pen and paper enthusiast, photographer and teacher. More information can be found on Susan Scribalishess blog.

Pilot Vanishing Point Stub Nib

Every year a pilot comes out with a tiny vanishing point marker. I’ve never forgiven myself for missing out on a limited edition Twilight 2015 (hey, yeah, if anyone has one of those they want to sell, I’m your girl!). Although I wasn’t too impressed with the tropical turquoise, I liked it enough to buy it.

The images originally released showed tropical turquoise as generic: a turquoise color with dark circles. But the design is more interesting in person. The turquoise color glistens like water in the sun, and the black stripes add depth and interest to the color. The feather is very similar to the beautiful tropical water. It is complemented with rhodium ornaments.

Pilot Vanishing Point Stub Nib

Pilot Vanishing Point Review

Tropical Turquoise comes in a special box. It is white with turquoise markings. The sky lifts to reveal a feather. There is a built-in drawer that holds an ink cartridge and vanishing point paper.

The Vanishing Point is a medium length fountain pen with a clear 5.4 inch/138 mm nib. However, both weigh 32g and are 11.5mm wide (where your fingers grip the stylus).

Pilot Vanishing Point Stub Nib

Like all damage points, the clip is part of the pen. It forces you to keep your fingers in a certain position while typing. Some people can’t stand this design, while others think it’s fine

Introduction To Stub Nib Fountain Pens

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