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Pink Gel Coat Nail Polish – Today I’m talking about a fantastic nail hardener that for me is a serious competitor to OPI Nail Envy, Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat. The lovely Jo from sent me a bottle of pink gel and clear gel top to try a few weeks ago when I asked her how it compared to Nail Envy.

I was using CND Rescue Rxx which didn’t impress me and my nails were pretty weak so this came at the right time. My first thoughts were how clean and shiny my nails looked when I applied the product (below).

Pink Gel Coat Nail Polish

Pink Gel Coat Nail Polish

The pink ones were pink and the white ones looked whiter than my natural nails. Because I wear strong colors, my nails are stained and look ugly when I want a polish day. I immediately felt firm but flexible, the gel layer completely smoothed out the bumps, so you can’t see or feel them at all. Unfortunately it fell off within 3 days so I took it off again but that was ok as I noticed a serious difference within a few days. My nails were stronger but not brittle, the nail plate was smooth and not dry. I reapplied a thin layer of the gel and haven’t taken it off since.

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My nails grow fast but I have to take care of them, I use a lot of cuticle oil and hand cream every day. Now they are so long and I feel in such good condition that I would wholeheartedly recommend this product. I used this nail polish base and it’s a great nail polish base, my nails are so uneven and sometimes you can see them, the gel layer is even and the pits disappear.

The photo above was taken on 09/24/15, which is 3 weeks after I started using the pink gel polish, you can see how much my nails have grown! I should have taken a picture of it before I applied the polish but I forgot, but I hope you get the idea of ​​how it worked. My nail plates are nice and strong, flexible and hydrated, and I feel in the best condition I’ve had in a long time.

I am so grateful to Jo for sending me this as I am really impressed and will also be wanting to try out some of the perfect color gel coats. I still love Nail Envy, but I feel like the gel coat took it down the list, and now I want to keep it in my manicure basics to keep up with heavy work.

Have you tried the perfect pink gel formula? If so, what do you think? It is available from for £29.00 together.

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I am addicted to beauty and nail polish. Love Instagram and reading other beauty blogs. See more posts It seems like winter is finally leaving us, the days are getting a little warmer, which means it’s time to freshen up your nails! Cold winter days can wreak havoc on your nails, making them brittle, so sometimes they need a little help to revive them.

I was sent the perfect pink gel polish formula to review and was excited to try this base coat. I used the Hot Coral Gel Coat Color Polish before and was really impressed with how strong it made my nails! So when I had the chance to try this base coat, I couldn’t wait to see if it would breathe new life into my nails after a long winter!

The Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat is available at Sephora for $30. Can be worn alone or as a base layer under a manicure. The ingredients are designed to strengthen your nails while protecting them from breakage. The pink shade also brightens up the nail, which can cover any discoloration.

Pink Gel Coat Nail Polish

As you can see, my nails are a bit yellow due to my nail obsession, so I don’t often wear bare nails. However, applying a pink gel coat solves this problem, doesn’t polish the nail bed and hides some of this stain.

Pink Gel Coat By Perfect Formula

This is a great product when you need something on your nails but don’t have time to paint them. Pink Gel Coat not only dries quickly (within a minute), but also simply strengthens your nails. As for me, I kept one coat – it probably strengthened my nails, but it didn’t

A lot The first time I used it, I applied two coats under the polish and it really made my nails too strong (who knew that could be a problem?) One coat meant my nails were protected but still had enough creasing if I used it . . hit them so they didn’t break immediately.

I’ve been wearing the pink gel coat as a base coat for a while now and I’m very impressed. It has kept my nails strong and so far I haven’t experienced any breakage which helps my nails grow more easily. Not only that, but when I take off my nail polish at the end of the night, my nails look a little less patchy and definitely not as dry as they usually are.

I couldn’t properly review this product without showing you how it works in negative space nail art. I love negative space nails, but I really understand my yellow color. But with the pink gel coat, it gives my nails a healthy glow with its pink color and I can wear negative space nails with confidence.

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To show what I mean, I chose a fresh spring-inspired negative space called Spring floral.

Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat is a great product that I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a base coat to strengthen and protect their nails. While the price tag ($30) might be a bit intimidating, I think it’s definitely worth it for anyone looking for a quality product that provides the protection they need for strong nails. I would also recommend it to all of my nail polish addict friends who want something to help hide yellow spots if it’s negative space nails or on days when a full manicure isn’t an option.

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Pink Gel Coat Nail Polish

Marshmallow is a pink nail polish corrector for those who want a natural look and a healthy shine to their nails. Marshmallow gives a healthy rosy glow in one coat and two coats for a gorgeous pink color. A kind of “better nail your hand”! Perfect for a traditional French manicure, a negative space manicure, or just for an occasion when nail polish might not work. Try our matte polish for incognito nails!

Artistic Rubber Base

Please note that this is NOT a primer and does not contain the same ingredients as our base primer. It’s designed as a stand-alone polish, although of course it can also be used under more clear nail polishes to make your nails look brighter.

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Swirl or shake the bottle before use as it may settle during transport or over time. For best results, use Prism’s Baseline followed by 2-3 coats of your chosen polish and finish with a top coat of Prism’s Glaze. Nail polish can thicken over time – if this happens, use a small amount of nail polish thinner to revive it. All polishes are handmade and poured in small batches, so there may be slight variations in color, but I try to keep them as identical as possible. Please note that screens and devices used to view photos vary, so the color seen on your screen may vary slightly from the actual nail. Please keep this in mind when placing your order.

Perfect Formula Mani Pedi Kit 4 Gel Coats/colors Travel Case Nail Polish Clipper

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I love how it looks on my nails – great product and color (subtle color!). Arrived quickly. Thank you

High-quality nail polish that does not peel. The nail polish gives the nails a very healthy look. I would definitely buy again.

Pink Gel Coat Nail Polish

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