Plush Carpet For Living Room

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A living room rug may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s not an automatic design either. Instead of giving it up completely, sometimes you have to accept it.

Plush Carpet For Living Room

Plush Carpet For Living Room

In addition to being a soft place to stand, a living room rug can add comfort and color to a room. Do you have carpet in your living room? Here are 50 ways to make it work.

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We all know that one rug can look great on top of one rug, but two doesn’t. Layering different fabrics on top of a rug creates a unique, textured look that takes your living room to the next level.

To get the perfect rug for the living room, get a rug full of vibrant colors and tones and repeat those colors elsewhere in your space, like accessories, pillows or furniture.

Faced with a small space? For a brighter and more open living room, pair carpets with the same color and walls with glass accents.

Need more seats? Place pillows on the rug in your living room. These not only provide a comfortable place to sit and talk, but also act as an addition to your rug.

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Just as you can create a cohesive look with similar colors of rugs and surrounding furniture and accessories, you can also create a cohesive look by mimicking the look of rugs in other areas, such as kitchen cabinets. This works well with open-minded locations.

Plum accents are the perfect companion to dark gray rugs in your living room. Consider adding a few touches of plum through pillows, throws or vases.

A living room rug is an easy way to tie in interesting patterns and designs. Repeat the same patterns and designs (or similar ones) elsewhere in your space, such as wall art or throws.

Plush Carpet For Living Room

A soft cream rug is the perfect base layer for boho rugs and cool couches. Complete the look with an attractive, stationary houseplant and other wall art.

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Not sure about adding a rug and what type it should be? If the walls are white or white, try placing a rug in that shade. It can give your living room a wonderful minimalist feel.

Adding color to your living room doesn’t mean covering it in rattan or velvet, it means embracing it in small ways, like choosing popular fabrics or tufts in your rugs.

No matter how you design your living room and its carpets, even if you have a monochromatic look, don’t forget some kind of color contrast. A pop of color in something small, like a picture frame or decorative vase, can help break up the space and keep it from feeling overwhelming.

Think of your living room rug as a blank canvas and your furniture as the painting on it. Don’t cover your canvas with material before adding paint, and a little pattern never hurt anyone. Try a small patterned rug and see for yourself.

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Another decoration for your living room is to tie in furniture that is darker than your rug and matches the color of the rug. The room feels organized, but not too unique.

Sometimes a neutral rug is best in your living room, especially if your decorating style is maximalist. Keeping things simple helps keep things from getting messy.

For a living room with a timeless feel, pair your neutral-colored rug with white walls and a black rug. The eye-catching black is further brightened by the cream tones of the space, showing why contrast can be your best friend when it comes to home decor.

Plush Carpet For Living Room

For a stellar color combination, go for gold and grey. Gray carpets have a reputation for being boring, but it’s the perfect blank slate when it comes to bold and elegant touches of gold.

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Break up the monotony of the sea of ​​rugs by placing soft objects like baskets and vases on top. Not only will they provide some useful storage, but they will also provide visual interest.

For a room that feels airy, light and everything in between, use cream or white rugs paired with white furniture and walls. A small, bright pop of color or two keeps things from feeling clinical.

For a living room you’ll want to be in 24/7, pull up the premium rug. Extra long tufts create a soft and cozy feel and your floor can be as comfortable as your sofa.

Who said clothes have to have interesting patterns? Take a page out of the rug book and use a rug full of texture and color, like these Persian-style rugs.

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Create a unique space that sets your living room apart with a geometric textured rug. Structured triangles, circles and squares can give your floor a whole lot of personality.

As you can see, painting your carpet is a big leap from painting the rest of your living room. Another way to incorporate the color of your rug is to use it in wallpaper or wall art as a background or background shade.

A living room rug in earthy and wood tones can give your space an antique feel and pairs well with wooden details like cabinets or ceiling beams.

Plush Carpet For Living Room

For a fun and realistic pattern, use dots on your rug. They add personality to something that many people overlook.

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Add a little style to your living room (and a little more) by placing a rug over your rug.

For best results when layering a rug over a rug, use a different color tone than your rug.

A soft, loose rug means there’s room for a stylish ottoman or chair. Instead of lamenting the feeling of your boring carpet, embrace what it allows you to do.

A low-piled carpet in a neutral color with a subtle pattern paired with beautiful furniture and beautiful details creates a regal look that stands out.

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A carpet covered in long lines is the perfect complement to a beautifully linear space. When paired with tall windows, a long sofa and a geometric coffee table, the striped carpet pulls the whole look together.

You don’t want to cover furniture or rugs as well as your carpets. A simple look can look just as good as a more maximalist look. To get the most out of it, make sure all your furniture and decor match the rug, because there isn’t much left.

Another winning color combination is beige and navy. Beige rugs are easy to find (and affordable!)

Plush Carpet For Living Room

Another way to add a touch of unique style is to place animal fur on the rug. This looks best when there is a coffee table or other piece of furniture.

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Don’t have the time (or free space) to choose colors to match your rugs and living room furniture? There is an easy way: make them all the same color. Using a different shade of the same color gives a more organized look with less effort.

You can bring more than one color to your rug without having a bold pattern or color blocking. Instead, look for a rug with multi-colored tufts that add subtle color.

For an elegant look, pair a soft rug with velvet touches like a throw or ottoman. The richness of the rug will easily complement the darkness of the velvet accents.

Hardwood floors aren’t the only way to make your living room look older. For an equally vintage feel, use a rug with a washed pattern for a century-old look.

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Who said a living room rug has to be neutral? It can be rich and bold like this beautiful shade of blue. For a cohesive look, repeat the color elsewhere, such as the couch or wall.

An easy way to tie a beige rug into your living room (without turning the entire space beige) is to have matching furniture. Doing this keeps the area feeling cohesive, but not overly carpeted.

For a rich, rich look, pair light-colored rugs or carpets with deep-colored walls. These two contrast each other and will create a large space that will not go out of style.

Plush Carpet For Living Room

For a light living room that doesn’t feel crowded, get a coffee table the same color as your rug. This works well with light colored rugs and can open up a room.

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Just like you might have a rug for your living room, you can place a rug over it. This is a great option if you want to get a colorful look without any sacrifices.

If you want to add a rug to your living room

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