Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors – If first impressions matter, consider your home’s exterior as the first impression you make on any guest or stranger you want to make.

That’s why you need colors that are welcoming and elegant, and blue will do the trick. Not to mention that different brands have different shades of blue to choose from meaning your options are almost non-existent.

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

In this article, I have compiled a list of the 15 best blue colors for exteriors with reviews and inspiration to help you make the right choice.

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As the name suggests, Sherwin Williams Needlepoint Navy is a dark blue-brown. This color is bold and feels outside the box of blue, but not too bright or saturated.

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Its navy blue color is dull enough that it doesn’t interfere with anything else in your home, but it doesn’t look like black.

Sherwin Williams’ Needlepoint Navy is also described as a historic color, meaning it will look good alongside other designs like wood or stone if you want to give your home a vintage feel. That

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

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It is cool in color and has a light gray shade. If you don’t want to use this color at all, it’s not a bad idea to just make it the color of your door.

Sherwin Williams Indigo Batik is a cheerful and attractive blue color offered by Sherwin Williams.

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Indigo Batik is a dark blue jeans and like jeans is a permanent color, so you don’t have to worry about your house looking old or outdated regardless of the beauty. With its vivid sea blue.

Best Sherwin Williams Blue Paint Colors

Like the bright colors, it looks almost waterless, but I won’t go so far as to say it smells like the beach, even if you think you’re an ocean cloud with the pleasures of luxury. A dynasty. That comes with it. With its good saturation effect, it is certainly an excellent choice for exterior colors.

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

It is used as an exterior color and in combination with limestone and white, it makes the house very beautiful.

Sherwin Williams Inky Blue is one of those books. It is cold blue in color with a slight gray in the lower part.

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

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SW Inky Blue has always been a crowd favorite for its cool undertones and gray tones, making it easy to create a color palette around it, and when creating it as your home’s exterior color. You are definitely the most stylish house. Block.

Best of all, it even works as an interior paint. Its coolness means it works well with other matte colors, but it works better with some colors like orange and some bright whites for today’s appeal.

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Prepare to sweat in the depths of the cool and mysterious blue. You can have it as an interior and exterior color, but if you decide to use it as an exterior color, your home will instantly attract friends and strangers, and compared to some of the colors on this list, it’s lighter. .

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Benjamin Moore gives us a wonderful and timeless color called Hale Navy. Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore is a deep blue with gray accents, although it is known to have some green in it. Gray is the perfect combination to bring out the blue in you with this beautiful blue-brown shade.

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Hale Navy is the color to use where there is enough light and where better than your home surface? That doesn’t mean it won’t look like an interior color, but you can get a deep look with this color for the exterior of your home.

In addition to some of the challenges you’ll face on this list, Hale Navy also has a number of naval associations, meaning it’s a nice blue exterior if you’re going to different parts of the beach. It goes well with taupe, you can’t go wrong with white, and wood tones like mahogany and light brown will enhance this color.

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

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If you think this color looks too dark, you can find other ways to put it on the exterior, such as using it for doors.

If you like something a little more modern and comfortable, then Sherwin Williams Naval is a great choice. SW Naval is a dark and deep blue that is seen more in neutrals than other blues, despite its cool and soft tone.

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

It can add a sense of story and depth to any room it is used in and when used outdoors. It can create great color choices in your home.

Stratton Blue Victorian Exterior By The Phinery

Don’t be afraid of its dark appearance, as it is described as a true blue, meaning no green or purple due to its cool tone. However, depending on the light, you can see the gray in the cold rays of the rising sun.

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

However, don’t let them distract you because they aren’t simple and don’t make them change color nicely. And if you’re worried about the color looking too black, well, that only happens when there’s not that kind of light. That is, if you use it as an exterior color, you can be sure that it is rare. How did that happen?

Pair it with a vein color or a wintery earthy color like walnut and see how this color shines.

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Exterior Paint Colors

It looks simple but very bold when used as an exterior color. Notice how the extra white is applied strictly to the decor to allow the evening blue to be front and center.

James Hardie Evening Blue is a medium deep blue. You may find that it is widely used in colonial homes paired with white, but it is versatile enough to be used anywhere and in any home, including the exterior of your home.

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Evening blue works best with neutral colors like khaki, brown, granite, white, but if you want something more vibrant, you can opt for colors like red.

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The company’s website describes this color scheme as a midnight blue evening gown. Modern, bold and elegant and we couldn’t agree more.

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

You can play with the colors and like I said, it works well with any design color. It is durable and reliable, while saving time and energy.

Give this house now. With a brick foundation, this house almost looks like it’s floating.

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

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Sherwin Williams Bravo Blue is a beautiful pastel blue. It has a soft yet bold color that gives this color a beach vibe.

Just because it’s more beachy doesn’t mean it’s limited to skin, beach or beauty. Try to combine this beautiful color with a white face and see how the whole architecture will look.

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Bravo Blue may be lighter than the other blues, but we think it fits the house blue.

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Many homeowners like to match their blue with white and limestone. Only in the case of this beauty.

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Tempe Star is a deep blue color that will make your home look beautiful and elegant. It gives a touch of modernity and has a soft mid-tone that can be attributed to its pale gray tone.

SW Tempe Star has a slight green tint and cannot be classified as a dark blue. Instead, it’s a bold and dangerous shade of blue that will make you think of the depths of the ocean.

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

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Sherwin Williams Tempe Star has 11 LRVs. And despite its low LRV, it performs well in well-lit rooms. Now imagine what it will do when applied to the exterior of your home.

Okay, hear me out, this might not be as blue as the other colors on this list, but go for it for the more conservative homeowner.

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Grays Harbor has a medium gray composition. And while it’s still blue, it’s not as bold or intimidating as the other colors we’ve covered so far. So even though it looks light, it’s colorless and we’re going to color the vessel more against the blue.

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It will make a beautiful color if you don’t want your house to be “too blue”.

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Rainstorm is another navy that doesn’t match the navy type.

SW Rainstorm Deep Blue

Popular Blue Exterior Paint Colors

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