Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr – Today we are going to focus our attention on Behr blue gray paint colors. These blue tones are calm and beautiful and work great indoors and outdoors. Below are Behr blue paint colors with gray tones or gray paint colors with blue tones.

This month we’ve been talking about Behr paint colors for your interior and exterior, but mostly neutral colors, so I thought it was time to turn to real colors. Behr’s blue-gray colors are perfect for our next list of the best colors to paint your home.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

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The 13 Best Behr Gray Paint Colors

Blue is one of my favorite colors, so you can imagine that I have painted furniture, walls, etc. of blue throughout my life.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

Our house has a nice blue gray chest under our TV. Something about this color just screams at me every time I see it. It’s a very quiet and French country, if you know what I mean.

I wish I could say what color the chest was, but it came from Kirkland. Scroll down and if it’s the right color for your DIY project, I’ll match it.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

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Ok, enough about me and how much I love gray colors with blue undertones, let’s start with the list and get to the top of Behr Paint blue gray paint colors.

After researching to determine the best colors, I found that some colors are gray with a blue undertone and others are blue with a gray undertone. So I arranged the colors from light to dark, with gray as the main color in the first set and blue as the main color in the second set. Here are the first blue gray colors.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

Since we are talking about gray colors with blue tones for the first time, I want to draw your attention. If you want gray, check out this first set of colors, but be aware that they have blue undertones.

Behr Marquee 1 Gal. #n520 3 Flannel Gray One Coat Hide Semi Gloss Enamel Interior Paint & Primer 345401

Depending on the time of day and where the sun is coming into the room, you may see a blue tint to your paint.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

Well, we can’t do that now, let’s look at this light gray first. This beautiful color is found in my friend Linsey’s old Victorian house. She says it’s a nice cool gray color.

All the main rooms of his house are quietly painted in a pure white decor, which from his perspective looks like a cold gray. With a light reflectance value, or LRV, of 54, this light gray is on the darker side, providing a nice contrast to the pure white hole.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

Top 10 Gray Paint Colors

Any room would look great with Hush, but I think a living room, master bedroom, family room, entryway, or hallway would look great with this color. This color works well even in a small space.

Other places to use this color are exterior and interior walls, furniture, accessories and kitchen cabinets. If you like bright and fresh colors, you will love this color.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

Here is another light gray blue color called Classic Silver. With a light reflectance value of 48, it is a deeper color than off and less blue with a color number of R185G185B180. It looks less blue in this color combination with a strong gray background.

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You’ve seen how muted contrasts with pure white, and you can imagine the beautiful contrast of classic silver on white-white.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

Anything with the word French in it will probably show a little or a lot of blues. The mid-tone gray color family shows hints of blue. With LRV50 and R184G188B188, this gray-blue midtone looks deep and fresh.

The color is almost identical to Sherwin William’s Silver Monorail, which is currently on my front door. The silver monorail is LRV 50R184G188B187. You can see that it is almost the same as classic silver.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

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This color is more gray at certain times of the day and blue at others. My door faces southwest, so it gets a lot of afternoon sun, which affects its color. The best places to use this color are interior walls, doors and furniture.

I feel like we’re getting closer to the blues. Creating this color chart helped you see more blues, but according to Behr, gray is another familiar color. With LRV47 and R177G184B184, it is dark gray with a bluer tint.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

Now I think we’ve entered the darker color range. Dark pewter is still considered part of the gray color family with LRV29 coming in deep shades – those dark gray tones. it turns blue in color number R141G147B150.

Our Favorite Paint Colors

The best places to use this color are interior walls, but remember it can be a dark room, exteriors, cabinets, trim, accent walls, furniture, and floors.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

When I started designing all the blue-gray colors, I realized that they were more blue-gray at this point, so I decided to split the colors into two sets.

Behr has all of these colors in the gray family, but I feel like when you put them on walls, cabinets, etc., they bring out more of a blue tone. So if you’re looking for a beautiful blue color that won’t take over your room, you’ve come to the right place.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

Best Greige Paint Colors

Starting with the light gray, consider a light drip. This is a lovely color if you want a subtle blue room. With an LRV of 64, you can see it’s light, but has good depth and white-to-white contrast. The color numbers are R201G211B215. See how it leans more blue?

It would be a nice blue-gray interior color. Other great places to use this color are exteriors, cabinets, furniture and the balcony ceiling, sometimes called a blue ceiling.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

At this point in my research, I’ve seen this color come up time and time again. Although it is a blue-gray shade, it will make a color for a toddler’s room, a baby blue room or a bedroom.

Entryway Before And After (beige To Greige With Behr Paint!)

With LRV68, it’s a great neutral color that contrasts nicely with white. The color numbers are R206G216B220 so as you can see it looks blue.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

This color is similar to Cumberland Fog with LRV64R203G211B213. It looks a little deeper in the light reflectance value, but a little more on the gray side. So, if you like Cumberland Mist but want some gray, Absolute Zero might be your color.

The color was blue, green and gray. I thought it was such a beautiful color that I decided to include it. This would be a great color for a beach house or laundry room.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

Gray Green Paint Colors To Try

With LRV49, it’s a deep color and won’t reflect much light, but if your house is on the beach or gets a lot of sun, this color will be nice in the room. Their color numbers are R174G189B187, so you can see that the gray has a blue tint to it, although it’s a little heavy on the green side.

When working with this color, if you keep your room more neutral with the decor, it will be a nice blue-green gray, but if you include more blues, it can read more blue and vice versa.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

According to Behr, this color also belongs to the gray color family, but is similar to water, except it reads more blue. It’s LRV45, which makes it darker, and the color numbers are R168G181B188. Look for that high blue number, which will make it more blue.

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Now we have moved on to medium dark colors and darker shades. Here is another gray family with the word French.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

Remember when we were talking about French money, when I said something with the word French in it, I usually meant there was some blue in it? Well here it is again, this might be my favorite blue gray color.

This beautiful color has LRV34, which makes it dark, and its color numbers are R144G161B170, which makes it heavy on the blue side.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

Best Taupe Paint Colors

Isn’t this a beautiful color for an accent wall? I think this is the perfect blue gray paint color. If you like blue-grey in cabinets and furniture, other great places to use this color are front doors, shutters, exteriors, and cabinets.

I fell in love with this color while researching previous Behr blue-gray paint colors. I love it so much I painted the front door with it.

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

This painting project took me 30 minutes. I only painted one side of the door and used an angled stiff bristle brush. This makes it easier to paint all the edges against the glass.

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Now for the darkest blue gray color, let’s look at charcoal blue. With LRV19, it’s a deep color. Your color numbers

Popular Gray Paint Colors Behr

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