Popular Hair Colors For Summer

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The hazy, cheerful atmosphere of summer seeps into absolutely everything this time of year. Lunches are long and long, the costumes are getting brighter and edgier, and everyone seems to be in a good mood. Plus, the all-important vitamin D is suddenly everywhere. There is something about June, July and August that is ripe for reinvention. Maybe it’s a holdover from your school years, but at the start of summer, with the entire season stretching out before you, it’s impossible not to wonder who you’ll be (and what you’ll look like) come fall.

Popular Hair Colors For Summer

Popular Hair Colors For Summer

This summer has a particularly trendy hair color that suits every possible style and aesthetic. Far away from the one-size-fits-all blonde highlights and (

The Top Summer 2023 Hair Color Trends For Blondes And Brunettes

) The sun of last year, summer 2022, is as much about glorifying what you already have as it is about embracing incredible transformation.

Popular Hair Colors For Summer

The popularity of mixing colors like strawberry auburn and candy brown uses subtle adjustments to highlight your natural hair color. But if you’re looking for a big ‘new summer, new me’ makeover, there are plenty of gorgeous shades (think all over copper, light blonde and rainbow styles) that are sure to make a splash just outside the pool.

To find out what’s hottest in summer 2022 (beyond just temperatures), we turned to a range of celebrity hair pros to get the real inside scoop. Below is your complete guide to hair color trends for summer 2022.

Popular Hair Colors For Summer

The 12 Best Summer Hair Colors In 2023

Have you noticed that more and more blonde celebrities are going back to their roots lately? Chalk up the blonde hair color movement, often referred to interchangeably as cappuccino blonde. “It’s the perfect go-to between blonde or brunette, and it’s very versatile without the heavy maintenance for a completely blonde look,” explains Olivia Casanova, IGK Color Partner and IGK Soho Salon Colorist. Stars like Hailey Bieber and Jennifer Lopez have recently experimented with blonde hair that’s darker and more true to their roots, and the result is plenty of shine (and fewer hours in the salon chair).

“This look is dimensional with some balayage highlights,” explains Casanova. Although it requires more maintenance than other shades with greater color contrast, it does not have the same requirements as a light, true blonde. “As long as your stylist gives you the right shade and level of lightness, it can also suit all skin tones and hair textures. It’s the perfect way for brunettes to get into the idea of ​​going lighter without colouring,” says Casanova. Anything they can’t handle.”

Popular Hair Colors For Summer

That’s right: When most people think of “summer blonde,” those bright, sunny colors are what come to mind. For this reason, they will probably never go out of style. Celebrity colorist and founder of Rita Hazan says she sees a lot of requests for butter blonde shades, especially those that lean very warm rather than the more neutral cool or atones. “Summer beauty is effortless,” she says, pointing to the “bright yet buttery, sun-kissed yellow shades” as an easy and natural way to embrace the sun.

Summer Hair Colors For 2023

Because summer’s best shades are richer, shinier and more dimensional than ever. “We will see more luxurious, very rich and shiny browns with natural blonde highlights to add movement and the illusion of texture,” explains Richie Kandasamy, color expert and member of the R+Co Group. Overall, Kandasamy says, this makes it feel expensive. It has shades like Leather Brown (a warm, rusty brown), Mushroom Brown (a lighter, grayer shade) and Copper-toned Warm Chestnut, just a few of the trendy browns expected to rule summer 2022.

Popular Hair Colors For Summer

“The reason brunettes are so popular is because we’re in a season where people are looking for healthier, shinier, richer, low-maintenance hair,” says Kandasamy. “We’re seeing some carryover from previous seasons by working with richer, hotter brunettes.”

He’s right about that transfer—Casanova says mocha brown, one of winter’s biggest trends, is back and better than ever for summer. “I haven’t stopped receiving requests for this color, and I even order it myself,” she says. “I love it because it can be so versatile. It looks good on all skin tones and all hair textures and cuts. It’s usually a solid color, which also means it tends to be pretty low maintenance.”

Popular Hair Colors For Summer

Summer 2023 Hair Colors To Try This Season — Expert Trends And Tips

More than any accent color, summer is all about highlights and their bright, spotlight-like effect on every shade, length and texture. However, technique can make an even bigger difference than a clear color. According to Hazan, if you want a classic, non-extreme summer updo, even simple highlights will get the job done.

“The easiest thing is to add highlights to your facial hairline and crown—it makes a big difference without doing too much,” she explains. It’s similar to the “highlight shade” she gave her client Beyoncé at this year’s Oscars. By following the natural contours of the face (and hairstyle) with highlights, it not only acts as a halo, but also gives the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

Popular Hair Colors For Summer

Hazan also points out that bold, contrasting highlights, chosen to compliment the base hair color, are also big right now. She points to “bright, light, multidimensional shades with contrast – light brown tones, honey tones, red copper tones and golden shades” as key elements of the season.

Fun Summer Hair Colors You Need To Try

What a surprise! If you still can’t get into red hair, you still have the whole summer ahead of you. All our experts agree that fiery redheads, hot coppers and sweet blondes and brunettes are here to stay. The favorite color of celebrities like Kendall Jenner, SZA, Cardi B, and

Popular Hair Colors For Summer

Girls, red is shockingly versatile, the difference between a sun-dappled copper and a bold fire engine red is technically negligible, but aesthetically huge. “I think the copper and strawberry blonde trend is here to stay,” says Justin McKay, color partner and color stylist at IGK.

“Recent color trends have focused on very light, icy blondes. It makes sense to see trends move in the opposite direction, with copper, red and strawberry blonde shades embracing warmth.” Red hair is the most vulnerable to fading, so it’s important to protect it with color-safe products (see approved recommendations below), warns McKay.

Popular Hair Colors For Summer

Summer Hair Colors You’re Going To Want To Copy

These days you don’t necessarily need a full foiling session at the salon to add some interesting new colors and dimensions to your hair. Color deposit polish can keep paid-for color looking fresh between appointments, but it’s also an easy at-home way to enhance your natural hair color – think a hypnotic blue-black effect on black hair or an infusion of reddish warmth in mousy brown .

“IGK’s brand new Color Deposit Masks ($29) are perfect for anyone looking to touch up their hair or add a temporary pop of color,” says Chase Kusiero, co-founder of IGK Hair Care. The 18 semi-permanent shades range from natural shades like honey, chocolate brown and silver to fun, irreverent shades like hot pink, amethyst purple and peach. In addition, the mask acts as a nourishing deep conditioner for extra hydration and shine.

Popular Hair Colors For Summer

Once you’ve achieved your perfect summer hair color—whether it’s a big or small departure from your spring look—all you need to do is protect it from the sun, chlorine, salt water, and enriching products. The first place to start is your shower. Color safe shampoos, masks and conditioners are essential to prolong the life of your new shade.

Summer Hair Colors 2023: The 10 Most In Demand Shades, According To The Pros

“To maintain and highlight hair color, I recommend using R+Co GEMSTONE Color Shampoo and Conditioner ($66) or R+Co BLEU Primary Color Shampoo and Conditioner ($118),” says Kandasamy. It includes colour, hydration and shine, and helps hair stay looking fresh until it’s time to refresh. “If your hair is in good condition, I suggest touching up every six months or every two months if your hair is porous,” he says.

Popular Hair Colors For Summer

There are also threats to the vibrancy of your hair color outside. “The sun can damage and dry out your hair,” warns Aaron Grenia, co-founder of the hair care company IGK. He recommends making sure your styling products are loaded with UV protection, the same way you use sunscreen on your face daily, adding that all IGK products are pre-loaded with UV-blocking ingredients. “Then make sure you rehydrate your hair. Coconut oil is great for this. It’s a lightweight formula that hydrates, nourishes and strengthens the hair.” Grenia adds that coconut oil is a perfect choice because of how well it air dries the hair to create a sexy, unusual texture with lots of shine. “Rich Kid Coconut Oil Dry Hair Conditioner ($29) and Mistress Hydrating Conditioner ($29) contain UV protectors and coconut oil and can be used on hot or air-dried hair,” he says.

Hazan agrees that protecting the environment, even against favorite summer activities, is key. “My best tip is gloss,” she says, recommending Rita Hazan’s cult favorite True Color Gloss ($13). If in doubt, “use good products for colored hair. Before going to the pool, wet your hair

Popular Hair Colors For Summer

Stunning Examples Of Summer Hair Highlights To Swoon Over

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