Popular Interior Paint Colors 2017

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Popular Interior Paint Colors 2017 – The new year is upon us, so telling yourself “maybe I’ll do it next week” is no longer an option! Yes, it’s true. It’s time to redecorate your room. You’re dying to make changes, but can’t settle on colors. With so many interesting colors, we can’t blame you. Choosing paint can be an integral part of any home design. To make it easier for you, we reached out to some of our favorite design experts to get their take on the hottest bedroom colors of 2017. Read on if you need some serious inspiration and note: if you like white walls. One is definitely for you!

Sherwin-Williams’ Anonymous Greige Design is an easy choice for next year’s newest bedroom colors. This option, with its brown tone and warm feel, is very popular for clothing because “it can be paired with almost any color [plus], it tends to keep its color in a different light.”

Popular Interior Paint Colors 2017

Popular Interior Paint Colors 2017

Also, Coco from COCOCOZY likes nothing more than a clean drying room for 2017. “My favorite part of an all white room is the flexibility. I can experiment with any color accent and texture which makes the decor options endless.” Colorful carpets and cute dogs are also included!

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Looking for a happier bedroom in 2017? Look no further than Benjamin Moore Blanched Coral, a favorite of Lisa from Lisa Mende Design. He appreciates that this shade not only calms, but also “makes everyone’s skin soft”. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Popular Interior Paint Colors 2017

Without a doubt, white may be the best color for the new year, as Marian from Miss Mustard Seed is also interested in this beautiful finish. “White is very popular for walls right now, but the trick is to choose a white with a lot of depth. The text underneath is very important to protect the skin from softness and tightness,” says Benjamin Moore’s Mascarpone. That It is very good. that option to be sharp enough tone and elegant in itself. Also, “it’s pretty classic and far from wet!”

Kristy from My Design Chic is following Greenery, Pantone’s Color of the Year and especially loving Benjamin Moore’s Soothing Green for bedrooms. He explained that green not only improves productivity, but also creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere. In addition, “As the new year is full of promise and opportunity, it is a good time to choose all the colors that will help us keep our goals and achieve our dreams. They will enhance the powerful color. The ability to relax.

Popular Interior Paint Colors 2017

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Do you think white was trendy last year? Think again! Oh, Jessica from I Design assures us that this popular option will not go unnoticed in 2017 and she loves the calm for the bedrooms. “As my favorite room, keeping it simple and neutral, the warm white makes the perfect fabric. Since we’re still ‘shaking’ at work, we need a quiet place to wind down after the day,” suggests Benjamin Moore. for a perfect dry finish. When it comes to painting color ideas, you really have to think about the whole house. This morning we met with some clients to come up with a paint color idea. Their – They have hired an artist to start later. week and during paint consultations, we discussed paint color ideas for the whole house, even if we didn’t consider the whole house.

It’s basically a blueprint and color scheme for the whole house. All colors work together, however different they may be; there’s a softness to the whole look, so when you walk around a room, the colors work together.

Popular Interior Paint Colors 2017

You may not be ready (for whatever reason) to paint the whole house right now, but if you are planning to, you can focus on the room to paint now and still know how the overall look and feel of the space will look. . . Be sure to record and fill in all of the paint information, including the brand name and code, so you can refer to it when you’re ready to paint the next room.

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You really need to understand the lighting in your home. Which room has more light (natural or otherwise) and at what time. Paintings look different in different lights – natural versus artificial, it also looks different depending on the amount of light and the time of day. Therefore, we always advise customers to draw a test pattern on the wall and check it at different points of the day. Make sure you like the color at all times of the day before making a full commitment.

Popular Interior Paint Colors 2017

Our clients want a light and airy look with a “beach” inspiration, not too literal; the furniture is more neutral (think light gray sofas and brown wood floors). The house is an old house with original interior doors and they complain that they want to keep that character, but give the house a new, more modern feel.

Benjamin Moore ‘Balboa Mist’ OC-27 is perfect for halls and living rooms; It’s a soft, warm gray shade and it’s our favorite thing to work with.

Popular Interior Paint Colors 2017

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Benjamin Moore ‘Stonington Gray’ HC-170 is another favorite of ours – it’s a true gray color that adds some real pigment to the walls without being too deep and too cool. This is for the dining room (and will match the farmhouse inspired table)

Benjamin Moore’s ‘Silver Half Dollar’ 2121-40 is a beach-inspired color (not just in name). We chose it for the living room: it was one of the lightest rooms in the house and they wanted more color in the room where they spend most of their time.

Popular Interior Paint Colors 2017

The master bedroom is upstairs in the attic – so the sloping ceiling adds architectural detail to the master, but the ceiling is also a little lower – so we chose a lighter, airier white. It’s a beautiful, calming shade for the bedroom and provides a great contrast to the dark brown floor, as well as many more options for accent colors in the bed – we’ve chosen Benjamin Moore’s ‘White Heron’ OC-57.

The 2017 Colors Of The Year, According To Paint Companies

Homeowners are happy with the colors in the house, such as kitchens and bathrooms (so previous owners should be careful where they spend their money when preparing a house for the resale market, while the room Water and kitchen are all cold. Paint ). So we worked with these colors to their taste to create a whole house paint color concept.

Popular Interior Paint Colors 2017

Paint color design is a great way to keep your style focused and give your home a designer look.

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Popular Interior Paint Colors 2017

Best Dark Brown Paint Colors

Sherwin-Williams predicts that in 2018, the spirit of contemporary living will be embodied in three color palettes: intimacy, connectivity and honesty. Each person is inspired by the current collective culture – from fashion to technology – and captures the atmosphere of the year that is connected to the whole growth.

Read on for the inspiration behind the brand’s 36 color predictions for next year and maybe a head start!

Popular Interior Paint Colors 2017

The color scheme of attractive, bright blue and brown that stabilizes the Affinity palette is set to celebrate the connection of people and places.

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“We are redefining our sense of community, turning landlocked cities into global craft and food hubs,” said Wadden, Chief Marketing Officer, Sherwin-Williams. “E-learning has created a culture of daily discrimination and delusion.”

Popular Interior Paint Colors 2017

Intimacy is like any good place to relax: relaxing but full of unexpected fun. decorate

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