Por 15 Clear Top Coat

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Por 15 Clear Top Coat – Covers 96 square meters per liter. Close the jar immediately after use. It is recommended that plastic wrap be placed between the can or jar and the lid to prevent paint residue from permanently covering the lid. Store in a cool, dark place.

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Por 15 Clear Top Coat

Por 15 Clear Top Coat

Restore frames, chassis components, and under-hood parts. Need help? Summon rust destroyers on POR-15. Their engineers are rust-proof with proven technology. POR-15 Top Coat Paint is one of many specialty top coats that can be used over POR-15 Rust Inhibitor Paint for the strongest and most permanent rust and corrosion protection. These top layers are highly flexible, extremely scratch and chip resistant, and non-porous to keep moisture out. Without moisture there is no rust. Recovery takes a lot of time and money. Why does your dream car have to become a pile of rust? POR-15 Top Coat is the protection for your restoration project. Choose your desired gloss or semi-gloss product in pints, quarts, gallons, or 14 oz. aerosol can.

Por 15 Gloss, 946 Ml

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Por 15 Clear Top Coat

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Por 15 Clear Top Coat

Por 15 Glisten Pc Clear Coat *no Hardener*

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Por 15 Clear Top Coat

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Amazon.com: Por 15 Top Coat Spray Paint, Direct To Metal Paint, Long Term Sheen And Color Retention, 15 Fluid Ounces, Gloss Clear

Excellent seller. Very honest and reliable. Even when the package disappeared, they tried to find out where it was. Eventually they had to file a lawsuit. It actually arrived on the 17th of May, it was expected to arrive on the 20th of April…a month late!!. POR-15 2K Urethane Industrial Abrasion Resistant Finish Paints are durable, high gloss two-component coatings for use over POR-15 Stop Rust Primer System, primed or painted surfaces.

Por 15 Clear Top Coat

Once fully cured, POR-15 2K urethane paints are a rock-hard, chemically resistant, non-porous and incredibly durable coating. They are durable, easy to clean, and won’t crack, chip, chip, or tarnish over time. POR-15 2K urethane paints withstand even the most intense UV environment.

POR-15 2K urethane paints are also great for industrial applications. Use our protective colors on machine casings or heavy equipment. Use POR-15 2K Urethane Top Paint on trailers, chassis, skid plates and other chassis parts of your car, truck or motorcycle and you won’t have to worry about gravel or dirt roads anymore. You’ll be surprised how durable this clear urethane paint is!

Por 15 Clear Top Coat

Por 15 Matte Clear Coat Gallon 44901

When using POR-15 2K Clear Urethane, POR-15 Alloy Prep (formerly AP-120 Metal Prep) is recommended for smoother etching on alloys and other soft metals such as aluminum, brass and copper.

Please read the instructions completely before proceeding to understand the entire process of POR-15 2K Urethane Activator Hardener Part A and POR-15 2k Urethane Activator Hardener.

Por 15 Clear Top Coat

The surface must be clean, dry and in good condition. Remove all oil, dust, grease, dirt, rust and other foreign material to ensure good adhesion.

Por 15 2k Urethane Clear 2 Part Top Coat Por15

For all metal surfaces: Remove all oils and grease from surface with POR-15 Cleaner Degreaser according to package directions. Prepare the surface for POR-15 Metal Prep coating. For optimal performance, pre-treat all exposed metal with POR-15 rust protection coating.

Por 15 Clear Top Coat

Mix the contents of each component thoroughly, mixing vigorously on low speed, before combining 2K Urethane, Part A with 2K Urethane Curing Activator, Part B. Make sure no pigment remains at the bottom of the can. After each component is thoroughly mixed, combine 3 parts by volume of 2K Urethane, Part A with 1 part by volume of 2K Urethane Hardener, Part B. Mix the mixture well, stirring vigorously for 5 minutes. Apply with natural bristle brush or spray (Read all warnings and use appropriate safety equipment when applying). We recommend mixing and testing a very small amount before creating a project. Depending on the environmental conditions, the chemical reaction can occur quickly, which will lead to the formation of air bubbles in the treatment. To reduce air bubbles and achieve smoother results, use POR-15 thinner and dilute 5%-20% depending on your region’s VOC laws.

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