Purple Grey Paint Colors For Bedroom

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If you’re thinking of repainting a room in your home, purple probably isn’t your first choice. You may have chosen a safe warm white or opted for a medium gray. You may have even considered a dramatic shade of navy blue or trendy brown. However, color experts favor purple for a number of reasons.

Purple Grey Paint Colors For Bedroom

Purple Grey Paint Colors For Bedroom

Shades of purple vary greatly: from striking princess lilies to deep, moody, almost gray tones and bright greens. While some instantly brighten the mood, others make rooms feel extra cozy, or are even the ideal light, neutral color that’s a little more inviting and interesting than classic gray and goes well with almost any bold color.

Best Bedroom Color Schemes And Ideas For Your Home

Use this lampshade in a bedroom, dining room or library wherever you want the light to be dim and atmospheric.

Purple Grey Paint Colors For Bedroom

“A private space like a bedroom needs a sophisticated purple color that exudes a sophisticated yet relaxed elegance while adding a touch of drama,” says Ashley Bunbury, senior designer at HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams. “The deep gray undertone makes the purple look best in low light.”

“This color is similar to holly, but a little more muted,” says Nicole Gibbons, founder of Claire. “We call it a wink for short.” It’s a bright, gorgeous gray-tinged purple that’s sure to brighten up your space, just like the gorgeous perennial that inspired it.”

Purple Grey Paint Colors For Bedroom

Colors That Go Perfectly With Purple

“Art meets fashion with this jewel-toned purple,” says Banbury. “This shade creates a depth that instantly elevates a room by creating a backdrop perfect for mixing and matching with other colors.

Cosmic Vibes is a great color for a hallway or even a dining room, wherever you want to bring a bold energy.

Purple Grey Paint Colors For Bedroom

Try this color on the exterior of your home, be it the front door, window treatments, or even the porch ceiling for an unexpected pop of color.

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“As we create a space to disconnect from our busy lives, this timeless purple offers a fresh take on how we can refresh the typical garden shed,” says Kim. “Using a small dose of purple outdoors emphasizes architectural details and encourages creativity and openness.”

Purple Grey Paint Colors For Bedroom

“This casual and playful purple color ensures that the typical office space takes on a style that is uniquely you,” says Banbury. “This breezy shade serves as a mood booster throughout the workday.”

“This majestic colorway has a thing for velvet and can rock a heel better than anyone else,” jokes Gibbons. “It’s a deep, rich purple that creates a touch of drama.

Purple Grey Paint Colors For Bedroom

Colors That Go Well With Purple

This color would be great for adding drama to a more intimate space like a library, office or study.

Test several color swatches in different areas of the room before choosing a color. It helps to see how the light changes color throughout the day.

Purple Grey Paint Colors For Bedroom

“This floral-inspired shade of purple pairs well with nature-inspired greens and softens bold decorations,” says Banbury. “This perfect mid-tone has the power to add a more welcoming feel to an open space, and the blue undertone means this purple brings a refreshing lavender breeze into the room.”

Mineral Grey Paint Colours

Try this in a cozy, low-light space like a hallway or even a moody living room, and pair it with bold hues.

Purple Grey Paint Colors For Bedroom

“Adding a generous amount of gray to this mysterious purple can transform a living space into a safe haven,” explains Kim. This color evokes a sense of comfort that encourages us to find pleasure in our home. Makeover your bedroom with these beautiful shades of purple. Say goodbye to boring colors for your bedroom and add moody tones to your bedroom with different shades of purple. Choose from these 15 trendiest ways to use purple in your bedroom. Transition to purple with style.

Does your bedroom color look dull and dull? Why not experiment and choose purple over a dull color? If you are willing to take a risk, you can choose from purple color ideas for your bedroom; They are not only popular but also trendy. Without a clear idea, you may find it difficult to paint your bedroom. So today we are presenting you some amazing purple color ideas for bedroom to get a better idea.

Purple Grey Paint Colors For Bedroom

Colors That Go With Blue: 29 Timeless Combinations For Every Room

Why choose the same old shades of white for your ceiling when you can paint your ceiling a cool shade of purple? You can paint the walls in cream or completely white tones. Combine it with linen cushion covers or curtains that contain hints of purple-blue tones.

Do you want to make your bedroom attractive, yet unusual? Choose to paint the inside of all shelves and doors a warm purple shade. While you can paint the dominant parts of the rooms, such as the walls and the ceiling, in neutral colors, you can also choose the carpets, pillowcases, bed and maybe the curtains in a warm purple color.

Purple Grey Paint Colors For Bedroom

You can create a dreamy bedroom by painting your walls in pastel purple in combination with white. Pastel purple walls are popular with home buyers. You can choose a decor according to your taste and contrast the color of the walls. You can customize your interior decoration, including lampshades and cushion covers.

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You can opt for a velvety textured wall in a rich purple tone. It adds volume to the bedroom and even adds to the atmosphere. Combine it with some decor in shades of blue, white or dark lavender. You can choose the carpet in dark blue color.

Purple Grey Paint Colors For Bedroom

Do you long to sleep in a royal bedroom? Well, you can turn your room into one. You can keep the buffer colors and opt for dark purple bedspread, carpet, curtain and more. You can play with contrasting decors with royal patterns and textures.

Soft purple tones are trendy in the bedroom. Opt for a vibrant but soft pastel tone for the walls and show off the color by painting the ceiling white. Paint doors and windows white, including door and window frames. It is most suitable for office spaces.

Purple Grey Paint Colors For Bedroom

The 11 Best Gray Paint Colors For A Stylish Bedroom

Choose a shade of purple and play around with the different shades of that shade. If you choose a warm shade of purple, you can paint the walls in a warm shade of purple. Choose the same color for the carpet and the bed. Choose a slightly darker shade for the covers and lamps.

Painting your bedroom walls with a dark purple shade will make your bedroom look alluring and sensual. In addition to dark walls, opt for a vintage sofa, preferably velvet, to make your bedroom look like it’s still trapped in the 1920s. The vintage feel of the bedroom is further enhanced by a rug with a geometric design.

Purple Grey Paint Colors For Bedroom

Painting the bedroom walls in light purple will make your bedroom look like something out of a fairy tale. Also, paint your cabinets the same color to create a sense of continuity. Finally, add a wooden drawer for a rustic touch.

Purple Color Combinations That Look Good In A Bedroom

Purple curtains complement white bedrooms in a way that instantly elevates the overall look of the room. This is the perfect home improvement solution for rented spaces. The hanging or cascading effect of the curtain draws attention to the windows.

Purple Grey Paint Colors For Bedroom

Painting the walls in eggplant purple will give your bedroom a dark fantasy feel. Buy a vintage chandelier and a velvet rug to show off some extravagance. Keep the rest of the furniture in the room minimal, perhaps with just a photo or piece of art on the headboard.

Don’t want to go all purple? It’s OK; Here’s another purple bedroom color idea: a purple accent wall. A purple accent wall lets you experiment with prints and patterns. Buy a traditional print sheet or an oriental rug for a lush, luxurious look in your bedroom.

Purple Grey Paint Colors For Bedroom

Color Of The Month: Dusty Lilac

If your bedroom is in the basement, you can paint your room purple to distract from the many pipes running through your room. Choose different types of lighting. Compensate the dark walls with pure white curtains.

For some, more is never enough. If you want to saturate your bedroom with purple, use different shades of purple. Adding cushion covers with a neutral print and a white blanket breaks up the monotonous nature of the room.

Purple Grey Paint Colors For Bedroom

If you want something special, paint the walls and ceiling purple. Add lots of ceiling and floor lamps to bring light into the dark interior. Take it a step further and add more eye-catching pops of color, such as an aqua blue cushion cover, chair or metallic gold stand.

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Why is purple the ideal color for bedrooms according to Vastu? The science of Vastu Shastra explains purple as the color of luxury, faith, trust and dignity. While lighter shades of purple have a calming effect, darker shades create a sense of boldness and drama in bedrooms. Furthermore, according to Vastu Shastra,

Purple Grey Paint Colors For Bedroom

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