Red Brick House White Trim

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Red Brick House White Trim – We’ve written before about how red brick is one of the most difficult building materials to use when planning an exterior design. Many homeowners prefer to paint their bricks red and we all support that decision. But we understand those who prefer (or must!) leave the red brick bare.

Rula H. in Virginia. falls into the latter camp. He came up with his physical design in late 2021 and contacted us again this spring after completing his exterior renovation. Read the story.

Red Brick House White Trim

Red Brick House White Trim

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Rula first discovered Brick & Bat on Instagram. He started following us and was impressed by the creativity of our work. “I was really amazed how small changes can make such a big difference,” he said.

Red Brick House White Trim

I’ve never liked the look of my house, but I don’t know what to do. I want my home to be inviting and comfortable without being too ‘basic’. My HOA will not allow you to paint the brick. After following you all on Instagram and checking out the website, I decided to give it a try!

One of the most important decisions our exterior designers made when renovating Raula’s home was choosing accent paint colors that matched the red brick. The team settled on Benjamin Moore’s Dragon’s Breath for the upholstery and roof. This rich, taupe color brings elegance to the appeal of the Rula home.

Red Brick House White Trim

Our Brick House Exterior Makeover (white Trim & Black Shutters)

The finishing touches are often what tie a home together. We recommend modern lighting, a dark front door and dark gutters to match the painted accents.

The process is very smooth and easy. After submitting my photos, I received a rendering correction. I have a lot of follow up questions and always get quick answers.

Red Brick House White Trim

My brother actually owns a window/door/siding and roofing company in Chantilly, VA called Liberty Home Remodeling. I took the Dragon’s Breath color used in my rendering and matched it with a metallic color called Mastic Dark Bronze. It’s pretty much the same. Instead of painting, I used metal to wrap all my white trim in this color to reduce maintenance (around all trim, windows, doors, racks and garage). As suggested, I used a very similar color when I replaced my soffits. All this was done by their side team. I followed your company’s recommendation for dark bronze gutters (made by their gutter team) and a black front door.

Old 1927 American Four Squares Red Brick With White Trim House Facade In Late Autumn, Quebec, Canada Stock Photo

Rula shared his schedule for working with an independent outside contractor, which may be helpful for those looking to plan a similar project:

Red Brick House White Trim

It took about 3 months to put the door in. The coil trim took about 2 months to go in and the installation took 2 days. The garage door took 1 month, the gutters and downspout took 2 weeks to go in and were installed in 1 day. Everything will be fine. It takes a long time to get through the door. I have to wait before starting any controls. But after that everything went smoothly.

We’re glad Rula started following us on Instagram because she saw how big of an impact small updates can have on traction. His house is a good example. She works within the boundaries of her HOA and has dramatic before and after results to be proud of.

Red Brick House White Trim

If Your Home Is Brick, Cloud White Is Not The Best Trim Colour!

I can’t tell you how many people stopped us when they saw us in front. Either they pass or they pass. The neighborhood stopped by to tell us how their house was their favorite, how cool it was, how wonderful it was. Visitors tell us they love our home just like the one in the magazines.

Just because you don’t like your current look doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it. Our designers are experts in helping you see future potential with your current exterior.

Red Brick House White Trim

Rula couldn’t paint the brick and ended up not being able to add the awning we suggested due to HOA restrictions. But he still captured the aesthetic he wanted.

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We are truly the envy of the neighborhood. I got the look I wanted from an exterior I didn’t want. Now my home feels warm and inviting. I never thought these changes would make me love my house!

Red Brick House White Trim

Whether you’re looking to restore a red brick home or trying to choose a paint color for your plaster home, Brick&Brick will give you the visual confidence to overflow. Get started today. After a year and a half in our home, we are finally seeing the exterior of our home the way we like it! It’s crazy how much of a learning curve there is when starting a new yard and home. But in the end we got everything as we wanted!

I decided I really liked the look of the red bricks. Although I think the whitewashed brick house looks great, keep it that way!

Red Brick House White Trim

Exterior Paint Colors That Pair With Red Brick

When we moved in about 18 months ago, our Cape Cod style red brick house had yellow siding and hunter green shutters. It’s definitely a throwback to the 90s era it was created for. But as much as I love green, I’m willing to throw it in the lids. And yellow has never been my favorite color.

Aside from the trim and finish color, I really like the exterior of our house. I love the grand staircase and the original shutters and the two skylights on the top floor. In my opinion, this is a classic and beautiful house. The grass is fine and fertile. The scenery is a bit overwhelming, but you’ll see what it looks like in a bit.

Red Brick House White Trim

Last summer (our first summer at home) we hired a lawn company to remove weeds. Instead of weeding, they killed a lot of our front yard grass. It’s a mess. If you remember, the house looked like this for a while…

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Every time I pull into the driveway I am saddened to see a brown yard. (It wasn’t just dormant grass. It was as dead as a doorknob.) So we planned to fix it all this spring.

Red Brick House White Trim

In January I shared my plans in my 2021 Home Goals post, Part 1. My goal is to get a quote by the end of April to paint the lines yellow and the hoods green. But lo and behold, the picture was finished at the end of April. Good for me! 😜

In this home goal post, I shared, “My Favorite White: Just White (Benjamin Moore) I was thinking of painting white lines. I am considering Graphite (Benjamin Moore) for the blinds and front door. It comes in a soft black or charcoal color and looks great on the exterior of the house.

Red Brick House White Trim

What Color Deck Goes With A Red Brick House?

That’s what I (almost) did! Read on to find out what paint color I chose for the front door and shutters.

We hired painters in February which meant we had to stick to their schedule and then wait for their schedule and the weather to work. They start in mid-April. It took them about 3 1/2 days to complete everything. In the end, I was very pleased with how well they did it and how quickly it went.

Red Brick House White Trim

My artist asked the owner of the house to paint his project. It saved him a step and ensured I got what I wanted. I think it helps avoid arguments because if I choose a paint I can’t complain. You know?

Red Brick House With Black Trim Design Ideas

I didn’t want to reduce the type of paint I got for this job. If I’m paying someone to paint for me, I want to make sure the paint is the best quality. Painters have repeatedly told me how good this paint is and that they have previously painted a house that required 4+ coats because the owner bought cheap paint. And in the long run it costs them more money and is not a good product for their home.

Red Brick House White Trim

Well, I did a little research and for the white trim I bought Valspar Duramax satin finish exterior paint from Lowes. Very good!

For the front door and shutters, I bought them from my local decor store that sells Benjamin Moore paint. I don’t want to mix colors wrong. I also used Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select Exterior Paint in Soft Gloss to paint the front door and shutters. Gentle glow

Red Brick House White Trim

How To Choose Roof Color For A Red Brick House

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