Red Exterior House Paint Colors

Red Exterior House Paint Colors – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and red is everywhere. While you’re surrounded by this vibrant hue, I thought it might be time to ask you to consider red. What comes to your mind?

This shade has more personal associations than any other color, but there are two that are most common. Red evokes love, romance and passion: hearts for Valentine’s Day or a sexy woman in a red dress. However, red is associated with fast cars, aggressive behavior and even anger, which is clearly seen in the expression “I see red”.

Red Exterior House Paint Colors

Red Exterior House Paint Colors

So how is it possible for the same color to represent two strong emotions that are so different? This is because red itself is exciting. It stimulates energy and increases blood pressure, breathing, heart rate and pulse. Love and anger produce similar physical reactions. Love can make your heart beat a little faster and your palms sweat. Anger also increases blood pressure and heart rate, but for a different reason.

Red Exterior Home Ideas You’ll Love

Love, anger and the color red produce changes in our bodies that are very similar and signal that you need to react. In this way, red attracts attention on an emotional level, in addition to being a bright, eye-catching color.

Red Exterior House Paint Colors

Red can be a great color for your look. It works especially well as an accent color. Paint the parts of your home where you want to draw attention, such as the front door or the shutters, with red. It can also be a great base color, but take your time to find it

You can choose from a wide range of shades, from traditional barn red to vibrant watermelon. Here are some of my favorite red colors for your home exterior.

Red Exterior House Paint Colors

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I recommended Benjamin Moore Cottage Red PM-15 when last year’s Shake It Up color winner wanted to change her sweet cottage from pale pink to red. Just look at the difference this color has made in bringing charm and presence to this home and I think you can see why Cottage Red is on our list of best reds for home exteriors. If you need a stain, use Sherwin-Williams SW 3020 Cape Cod Red Exterior Solid Stain or Cabot O.V.T. instead of Solid Color Stain Barn Red is also one of the best reds.

I often use a more intense red for front doors or shutters. The best red colors for exterior doors are Farrow & Ball Rectory Red 217, Benjamin-Moore Caliente AF-290 or Moroccan Red 1309, Pittsburgh Paints Ruby Lips 434-7, and Sherwin-Williams Poinsettia 6.6W38SW6

Red Exterior House Paint Colors

If you’re looking for a red color that matches well with the color of your composite slate or roof, follow the general rule below. If your rock or slate shingles are a neutral gray, you can use almost any shade of red. Choose one that complements the other colors in your home.

Red Front Door Design Ideas + Inspiration

If your slate or shake roofing material is a warm brown, terracotta red, or even a very warm gray, use a red that’s a bit more orange than burgundy or pink. If your slate or shake roof is cool gray, blue, or green, a cooler red is probably the better choice.

Red Exterior House Paint Colors

By filling out the form, we can put you in touch with the appropriate member of our team to help with the project and answer your questions. A member of our team will contact you and we will send you content to help you choose your product. Fun Fact: Our front door was painted red when we first bought our house 8 years ago. Since then, I have painted our front door 5 times. But this time I decided to paint the door red again. So the new red door looks quite familiar to us.

Other interesting facts: the red door is “WELCOME” in early American and feng shui traditions, and

Red Exterior House Paint Colors

Of The Best Gray Exterior House Colors

It symbolizes acts of acceptance. And if the door faces south (which is ours), then painting the door red turns out to be lucky.

*Just wanted to mention that it was pretty dark and cloudy outside today so the door looks a little blotchy in my pictures, but please know, it’s not like that in person.

Red Exterior House Paint Colors

So when I paint our front door, I always paint both sides. Internal and external. In my last post, I already shared what the red door looks like in our house, and if you missed it, you can check out that post HERE .

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And as I mentioned, I painted our front door 5 times! Here are all the different colors our front doors have been painted. To see more about each, search for “DOOR” here on the blog. I might even do a little blog post showing the different looks. It’s great to see how much painting a door can change the entire look of our home… inside and out.

Red Exterior House Paint Colors

Colors above: 1. Night Scape, Valspar 2. Obsidian, Olympic 3. Smokey Eyes, Kilz 4. Wythe Blue, Benjamin Moore 5. Caliente, Benjamin Moore

Now, when I share pictures of our house, people always ask what color it is painted, and since our house was already painted that color before we moved in, I don’t really know the name of the color… . .However, I found some very close alternatives and blogged about them HERE . One of those colors is called Benjamin Moore Titanium, and I’ve painted most of the interior with that color. Titanium goes well with this Benjamin Moore Caliente door color.

Red Exterior House Paint Colors

How To Choose The Right Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home Based On Its Architectural Style

I recently painted our kitchen cabinets the same red. I love the look of our kitchen cabinets, so since I had some extra paint on hand, I thought I’d paint the front door red as well.

A few things to mention on the outside of our house: first the plantation shutters on our windows. I installed these blinds earlier this year and they have made the biggest improvement to our home. We absolutely love these plantation shutters. You can learn more about them in this post.

Red Exterior House Paint Colors

The other thing I want to mention is my new Corten Steel planter. This steel planter is designed to intentionally develop a rusty patina when left out in the elements. I think this planter is really cool and I wrote all about it in this post HERE.

Today’s Exterior House Paint Colors Have Early New England Roots

Then I hung our flag outside. The flag looks great next to the red door. I want to get more plants and red flowers for the flower beds and our patio and I feel like I need to paint my pots too. Do you have any suggestions on what color to paint the dishes?

Red Exterior House Paint Colors

Our neighbors’ blue flower pots are fun, but I don’t want the neighbors to think I’m copying them because they also have a red front door and flag hanging on them 😂 LOL.

What do you think of my new red door? Any questions? Let me know in the comments below or come chat with me on Facebook or Instagram.

Red Exterior House Paint Colors

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Red Exterior House Paint Colors

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Sherwin Williams Rustic Red Color Review

I really hoped it would be a good choice for my home, but I still had to try other seasons and shades. I ended up choosing different colors. In hindsight, I wasted money choosing a palette from a computer screen.

Red Exterior House Paint Colors

I’m stuck on choosing a color. 8 samples deep. I felt nothing immediately after putting it on the wall. It was a real life saver.

The blue color was very different on the screen and the color chip in the store. But it still provided a good starting point for the exterior color combinations of our home.

Red Exterior House Paint Colors

Best Front Door Paint Colors For 2023

Thanks Erica! I strongly encourage our customers to test paint colors in person as lighting conditions vary and all colors read differently on monitors/phone screens!

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