Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Exterior

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Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Exterior

Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Exterior

Here in Marin County, and even around, gray and white outdoors is a trend that I don’t think will go away for a long time… With that in mind, I thought it would be helpful if people had some examples. “tried and true”.

The Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray (sw 7029) Calm Paint Color

Painting the exterior of your home white is more difficult than you might think. Most people choose the clearest or purest white skin at the beginning of the process because it is white to their eyes. But in the paint, and especially on the outside, the colors are brighter, brighter and whiter! Spy…

Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Exterior

Note that I used the same white body and finish. This is because there is no contrast between two white people that would make them look like different colors fighting each other. I also choose a softer white that most of my clients recommend. Soft, white leather looks more natural on the outside.

In this photo you can see a lighter white color. This color still has quite a bit of pigment, but from the outside you can see how white it looks.

Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Exterior

Revere Pewter Paint Sample By Benjamin Moore (hc 172)

1514 French Canvas (Usually people don’t choose this based on a bit of color as it looks very pigmented and even has a green tint. It creates softness.

As with white and gray exteriors, blue can be a big challenge. Most people choose blue based on paint chips and are surprised by the effect. They determined that the paint color was either blue or too light for the entire exterior of the house. My clients don’t always like it when I tell them that to get a beautiful blue they have to go darker and grayer than they think. (This is extremely difficult to sell with chipping paint.)

Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Exterior

See what’s going on, these two body colors differ only in one value (in brightness)… The most common mistake I see is choosing a lighter color in the armband for fear that the second one will be too dark. . When it comes to the blues, I can say with certainty that you should always go one step darker in a band… here’s an example:

How To Choose Your Exterior’s Best Paint Colours: 5 Easy Steps

Note how one lighter value can make a huge difference and possibly be a mistake unless you want a sky blue house. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter is one of the most sought after and popular gray colors on the market. If you want to see how gray paint looks in a real home, this post is for you!

Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Exterior

After owning 3 houses and painting almost every room, I learned the color swatch. Although I’ve listed the paint colors in my current home room by room, I’ve never really been able to do that, so I’ll try to do it here. I thought I’d start with one of the most frequented rooms in our house – the living room!

To be fair, this color reigns not only in the living room, but we have chosen it as the basis of the color palette of the whole house. And I don’t regret it for a second!

Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Exterior

Best White Exterior Paint Ideas & Inspiration

Benjamin Moore’s popular gray color Revere Pewter really looks different in every room depending on the furniture and decorative accents. It’s madness! But that’s probably why it’s so popular. Oh, and I think I should address the elephant in the room before continuing:

Greige is exactly what it is – a gray color with beige tones. This is one of those gray colors that, depending on the light (natural or artificial), can take on a more gray or beige shade. Thanks to the warm tones, Revere Pewter looks more beige in our home, but we can see the grays dragging the gray couch and gray carpet.

Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Exterior

We spent $80 when we renovated the laundry room and I was very happy with it. There is no natural light in this room, which is why Revere Pewter looks so good here in combination with gray.

Wish Af 680 Paint Color By Benjamin Moore

If you have a room that doesn’t get much natural light, such as a laundry room, you can add color to your decor or painted furniture. We chose to paint our cabinets here, which helps avoid a monochromatic or odd brown.

Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Exterior

We painted the moldings in this room and made a bright white chair rail and loved it. Although this photo looks very beige, natural light is gray most of the day. That’s why I always recommend painting a swatch on the wall before doing this! 🙂

I hope I’m not the only one who has this impression and you can see how different it looks in the light. It looks very gray in Christina’s house! It looks more beige with gray on me and Vidya.

Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Exterior

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray is comparable to many people in their homes as a neutral gray. I have to say that when I see these two colors in real rooms, Gray Agreeable is a bit warmer and has a more muted tone than Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. Revere Pewter can appear gray in the right light; I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Agreeable Gray look like this.

Chelsea Gray is another popular paint color, but as you can see from the swatches above, it is quite dark. Benjamin Moore describes him as a “well-dressed man” which just makes me laugh. While I think it has a more gray undertone than BM Revere Pewter, I didn’t realize it was neutral. The color itself is present, but the fact that Chelsea Gray is so dark makes me feel like this wall color is not that versatile. I think it would be one of the accent colors in your home.

Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Exterior

Another on the list of popular gray paint colors is Anew Gray from Sherwin Williams. Again, I think it’s a good shade, but I don’t know if I would call it a perfect shade of grey. I think it has slightly more muted shades and is darker than Revere Pewter. It’s a great color, just don’t confuse this light gray with Revere Pewter.

Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray is one of BM Revere Pewter’s closest competitors. I love Repose Grey. I’d say I’m a nice soft gray that has a purple hue in real life. Most light grays of any brand result in browns, blues, or purples, all depending on the lighting conditions. Although the house is made of BM Revere pewter, the SW Repose Gray color is stunning. I mean, if it’s not that close, I feel like redoing our whole house.

Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Exterior

But that requires a brush in hand, and it’s not the third one I want to be invited to at this point in my life.

It’s safe to say we chose Revere Pewter as the color for most of our home and we love it!

Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Exterior

Balboa Mist Oc 27: Best White Exterior Color? (more Suggestions Here!)

What do you think? Is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter the perfect gray color? Do you have a favorite gray paint color? The best ideas and inspiration for white exterior paint will help you think through different options for white people (they are different!) and browse through the photo gallery before reaching for samples. In some cases, when we do not know the exact color of white, I will provide professional advice based on many years of experience and consultations. Before choosing the best white, remove at least three different whites. And don’t be shy if you’re still confused. Sometimes when things get tough, we just need an encouraging friend (that’s me) who knows the journey.

The time of day, region of the country, and light interact with each other and affect what they see.

Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Exterior

But they provide a good start. By analyzing photos online and in real life, you’ll be able to tell when a particular white is warmer, cooler, gray or cream.

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

Benjamin Moore says, “The slightest hint of warmth makes this pure, fresh white a favorite throughout the home.”

Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Exterior

Remember that there are great options that don’t have the word “white” in the color name. Also keep in mind that if the swatch color doesn’t look white, maybe white will be the best color for your project.

It’s always a blessing when a designer agrees with a paint color and designer Sherry Hart is a master

Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Exterior

Revere Pewter By Benjamin Moore Whole Home Color Palette

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