Roof Shingle Colors For Red Brick House

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Roof Shingle Colors For Red Brick House – Choose a shade of shingle based on the color and style of the exterior brick. The right color adds value and appeal to your property. You want to be satisfied with your new roof color, so take the time to make this decision and contact a roofing professional. We recommend using a free online viewer, shingle samples, and looking at roofs in your neighborhood when choosing a new shingle color.

The following tips will help you choose a shade of blue that you will love for years to come. Shingles typically last up to 25 years, so talk to a professional before making a final decision. Ask a roofing specialist about the availability of shingle colors and styles in your area.

Roof Shingle Colors For Red Brick House

Roof Shingle Colors For Red Brick House

It’s no coincidence that blue brands make more neutral colors than others. Bright neutral colors are pleasing to the eye and go well with all brick colors. Many HOAs specify neutral shades of blue to maintain a consistent look in the neighborhood.

Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick

When choosing a shade of blue, you should consider two types of neutral colors: warm neutrals and cool neutrals. Brown, brown and black colors are considered warm tones. Gray and silver colors are neutral.

Roof Shingle Colors For Red Brick House

These warm neutral blue colors from CertainTeed are extremely versatile and complement a variety of brick styles.

If neutral colors have little visual interest, look for earth tones. Earth tones are natural colors. Think brown, rust, sage, charcoal and deep navy. Clay tiles are a bold color choice and can be found in popular tile brands such as CertainTeed.

Roof Shingle Colors For Red Brick House

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Choosing blue tiles for your brick home has a big impact on the appeal of your home. Fortunately, red brick is complemented by many colors, including navy blue and dark green. Create a striking look with CertainTeed’s Atlantic Blue or Hunter Green shingles. Just make sure you have the HOA’s approval before signing the contract for the colored shades.

You want to choose a bright color that you want to live with for years without regrets. If you’re having trouble visualizing your home, use CertainTeed’s ColorView® app. This is an online roof color visualization tool that allows you to upload a photo of your home and see how each style and color of shingle will look on your home.

Roof Shingle Colors For Red Brick House

Take a walk around your neighborhood and notice what colors your neighbors have used. Remember that blueberries come in different colors and styles. It may be helpful to ask your neighbors what gutters they have used, including gutter colors. If your neighbors refer you to an installer, know that some lines offer coupons for customer referrals.

How To Match Roof Shingles To House Color: 12 Considerations

It is expected that your roofer will provide you with sweet samples to help you make a final decision. Sample the tiles outside your brick wall to see how the two materials complement each other. Remember that natural sunlight changes color depending on the season and time of day.

Roof Shingle Colors For Red Brick House

The classic red brick look goes well with almost all shades of blue, especially warm neutrals. For the highest selling price, choose black shingles. Most HOAs require black shingles to maintain a uniform appearance in the neighborhood. That’s why CertainTeed’s Moire Black and Charcoal are the most popular shades of blue for a red brick home. Avoid the light grays and reds commonly found in barns and farmhouses.

The best blue color options for an orange roof exterior are gray and brown. Gray tiles go especially well with orange tiles and add lasting value to your home. The lighter it is, the less heat it will absorb, keeping your home cooler. CertainTeed offers several shades of gray to choose from, including: Tina, Pewterwood, Driftwood, Colonial Slate, Georgetown Gray and Cobblestone Gray.

Roof Shingle Colors For Red Brick House

Top Asphalt Roof Shingle Colors In 2023

Any shade of gray shade will maintain the modern look of a gray brick house. Beware of black shingles because they make your home look smaller. If you’re worried that a gray-gray color scheme is too appropriate, check out CertainTeed’s silver tiles, which capture sunlight and liven up your gray brick face.

Earth colored brick walls are still one of the most popular materials for home builders. Choose your bricks from clay colors and choose your favorite shade of brown. The brown clay roof imitates the natural colors of soil, wood and rocks. Check out some of Ted’s brown bears, including Brent Cena, Heather Bland, and Reson Shayk.

Roof Shingle Colors For Red Brick House

Roof maintenance is not optional when you own a historic home. The mission of the Historic Preservation Commission is to preserve the historic integrity of old buildings in areas like Old Town Alexandria. When repairs or replacements are needed, you can only use roofing materials that were historically appropriate when your home was originally built. Popular roofing materials for homes over 100 years old include: real clapboard, standing seam metal, painted or unpainted wood shingles and slate roofing materials.

Choosing The Right Color Roof For Your Home

White brick walls go really well with all of CertainTeed’s blush colors available. If you want a traditional fairy tale look, black siding is an attractive alternative to a painted white brick exterior. The gray and silver accents blend beautifully with the white brick and create a cozy, cottage-like look. Other shingle options to consider include CertainTeed’s Highland shingles and shingles.

Roof Shingle Colors For Red Brick House

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Find the right roof for your roof replacement with the tips in this guide. Find out what to look for and what roofs to avoid in Alexandria. By complementing the color of your home’s exterior and roof, your home will liven up and define its look and style in the long run. However, you must consider the entire home, its lawn, landscaping, and nearby residents when making color decisions for your brick facade and roof. Depending on the style of the house, the roof can make up 40 percent of what you see from the roof. Therefore, the appearance and ultimately the transfer value of your home is largely dependent on a combination of aesthetically pleasing color and shade.

Roof Shingle Colors For Red Brick House

How To Pick Roof Shingle Colors

When choosing a color for your roof, choose a color that brings out the beauty of the bricks and pay attention to details such as gutters and downspouts. The color of your exterior brick or siding can also guide you in choosing the right roof color. Your home’s architectural style and other permanent finishes (foundation, landscaping, trim, and even your neighbor’s home) should also match the color and style of the roof. Consider how the sun affects the color of the ceiling – Before choosing a ceiling tile, always look at a sample in direct sunlight. The best roof color for a brick house takes into account all aspects of the exterior design of the house and the surrounding landscape.

Choosing the right roof and brick color combination for your home requires knowing the brick face color and background colors. Roof colors should coordinate with the exterior brickwork of the home – blend in, but complement each other. For example, all your outdoor spaces should have the same tones, warm or cool – mixing tones will make your home look unbalanced. These four brick house roof ideas keep the basic color of the brick in mind.

Roof Shingle Colors For Red Brick House

The combination of brick and roof colors significantly affects the style and color of the house. The right shade of blue for your red brick home can create a warm welcome, historic, traditional or modern or create something unique that sets your home apart from other brick homes. However, this can be difficult with red brick because it comes in a variety of colors – and you need to know the color of the underlying brick before choosing the color of the roof. The thickness of the roof, the coating and the style should also influence the choice of color and material of the roof.

A Basic Guide On Picking The Best Roof Color For Your Home

In this photo, a cool red (brown) brick house with stone accents works well with a cool blue-gray roof, creating a sophisticated yet rustic look. A beautiful coffered ceiling also blends well with the regular surface, giving the home a harmonious and inviting look.

Roof Shingle Colors For Red Brick House

Red colors are perfect for white splashes for mid-tone ceiling colors—colors that are in the middle of the tonal spectrum, neither too light nor too dark. The cool white undertone of this red brick house pairs well with the cool gray black shingle roof and the house’s uncomplicated exterior architecture goes well with the simple roof.

The home’s warm red brick facade with gray moldings matches the warm maroon roof. When choosing the color and style of the roof, the slope of the roof should be taken into consideration. For example, a pitched roof can make up 50 to 60 percent of your home’s visible exterior surface. Therefore, choosing a roof color that matches the brick prevents the roof from overwhelming the rest of the house and makes the house appear taller.

Roof Shingle Colors For Red Brick House

Weathered Wood Roofs

The charm of a low-rise red brick house benefits from a colorful roof that adds color. A thin gray roof, like the one in this picture, practically makes the roof disappear. Let’s add a green roof.

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