Rustic Living Room Lighting Ideas

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Looking for foolproof country living room ideas? When the days get shorter and the temperatures start to drop, our minds turn straight to all the cozy ways we can freshen up our living rooms.

Rustic Living Room Lighting Ideas

Rustic Living Room Lighting Ideas

Warm tones, fur rugs, log pillars, oh, it’s all so inviting. So we thought we’d put our daydreams to good use and create a gallery of rustic living room decor for fall and winter.

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All of our rustic ideas are described as simple enough to incorporate into your existing living room quickly and affordably. Keep scrolling for inspiration and feel the warmth and fuzziness, and check out our Living Room Ideas feature for more styles.

Create a rustic look with aged natural materials. This white living room idea features distressed panels that work harmoniously with the different wood tones in the space.

Carpetright paired this look with a natural mink rug and open shelving with sculptures, trinkets and travel treasures.

As a fireplace idea or decoration, adding natural stone to the living room adds a rustic edge. Pair it with antique home accessories and old wood for great style points.

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Or, if all natural stone is your thing, why not consider stone floors? Original Style Marketing Manager Sylvia Jacob explains,

Natural stone floor tiles are great for incorporating natural textures and neutral tones for a rustic interior design. Choose from limestone, slate and even real marble, all offering authenticity that will reward you for years to come.

Or, if your budget isn’t realistic, there are plenty of natural stone effect tiles that look like this piece from the porcelain supermarket.

Rustic Living Room Lighting Ideas

For a cozy and inviting rustic space, add different textures for a chic and personalized rustic space, such as exposed brick walls, beams and soft rugs, and finish with leather, wicker, wood and linen.

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Nick Atkin, director of Atkin & Timm, said: “Mix different textures for contrast. Use warm, earthy colors to create balance and calm, and choose reclaimed wood designs to bring a sense of history and charm. Our The Emmeline armchair combines velvet and velvet. Rattan materials for a mix of luxury and authenticity.Back to terracotta walls or exposed brick for an industrial edge.

Creating a rustic country look is easy with wall effect plaster paint. Choose freshly plastered walls, or get creative and set the tone perfectly for a rustic decor with color ideas.

Use wall coverings like Wood Ship Wall or Woodgrain Wallpaper for a utilitarian wall idea that lends subtle country appeal. If you’re feeling more daring, you can consider complete wall-covering ideas and treat your living room floor pattern with wood.

A super easy way to create a more rustic feel in your living room is to warm up your color scheme. Swap out the cushions, put in new rugs, you can even remove the paint – notice how these walls are half-painted in a very trendy beige color right now.

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Keep things looking fresh by adding lots of white or light colors, you don’t want the space to become too dark, too much contrast will prevent that from happening.

If you want more color schemes to inspire your living room makeover, check out our guide.

Exposed brick and rustic interiors instantly go together to give a room a textured, unfinished look. Now, if you don’t have raw brick in your home, you can actually expose it yourself, just be aware that this can be a messy job and you may need a professional to help you.

Rustic Living Room Lighting Ideas

Amy Hilary, content creator for Walsos, explains. “Whether you have a large home or are struggling to find decor for a small apartment, an exposed brick wall is always a great idea. It has a lovely rustic feel and goes well with any decor, whether you’re looking for modern or timeless. Love the vintage.”

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Alternatively, there are some very realistic brick wallpapers available on the internet for you to hang. Check out Wayfair for some great picks.

If you need advice or more ideas for exposed brick walls, check out our complete guide.

Embellishments and layering are everywhere these days and everyone seems to be trying to achieve this classic look. This is a really cute way to give your living room a cozy, rustic feel and you don’t have to go all out with paneling on the walls and ceiling or even a paneled feature wall.

We know we’ve focused on the warmer, more traditional look of country living rooms so far, but if you prefer a more relaxed, modern look, you can still bring those cozy vibes into your space. Look at this living room in light, almost cool tones, but the distressed leather furniture, raw wood, and textured rug all give it a rustic feel.

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Slightly worn vintage furniture will instantly “age” your living room and bring a rustic feel. Keep an eye out for things you can buy on eBay, antiques, or even thrift stores.

Remember that they don’t have to be perfect when you buy them, find the shape and style you like, don’t say what they are lined with or what color they are painted – you can always change these features.

The upholstery fabric has actually been removed from the chairs in this rustic living room to reveal the old backing – we love the unfinished look.

Rustic Living Room Lighting Ideas

Don’t be afraid to mix rustic elements with other styles, check out this living room! How cool is this combo, not sure which style is here?

Modern Rustic Decor

The paneled walls, sloping ceilings and cozy fireplace are definitely rustic elements – plus the furniture and picture frames have a rustic feel too – but they’re also very classy and traditional.

This mix of rustic styles runs through the rest of this beautiful Swedish lake house, so be sure to check it out.

Another very simple but really effective way to create a rustic living room is by using a monitor. It can be anything from a gallery wall to a collection of dried flowers, as long as it adds texture and personality to your space.

The colors here are perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere, but our favorite are the “stacks” of books that almost float on the wall, adding a 3D element to the wall display.

Rustic Living Room Ideas

Rustic living rooms are traditionally beautiful without a lot of color, but of course, you can bring color into your space.

How dreamy is this living room? We love the subtle shades of green and all the cute rustic furniture. Sandburg has many beautiful prints that fit perfectly with a rustic aesthetic, so be sure to make this your first stop when choosing your new wallpaper.

You’ll find more living room wallpaper ideas in our gallery, so be sure to check them out as well.

Rustic Living Room Lighting Ideas

Of course, don’t forget to bring in some outdoor space and add a bunch of logs to the living room. Hey, what if you don’t actually have a wood-burning stove, it’s pretty efficient and brings some natural texture to a country living room.

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Rustic living room exudes comfort. There’s almost always a fireplace or wood-burning stove, and you’ll often find exposed brick, natural stone and mixed textures to create a warm retreat.

You will usually find plush sofas and chairs with sinks, natural materials and velvet covers for extra warmth. Nature-inspired patterns like traditional prints and tartans can be combined with modern details for dramatic effect. The combination of old, distressed furniture and antique-inspired décor creates an exceptionally cozy atmosphere.

Add cozy accessories like knitted throws, plush poufs and keep the palette muted with muted earth tones.

For a modern twist on the country living room look, look for subtle rustic touches like simple organic shapes, unfinished coffee tables with live wood, trendy dried flowers and lots of fun decorative items.

Rustic Living Room Ideas To Add Cosy Country Warmth

Carpetrite rug buyer Poonam Chadha said: “Natural materials, muted colors and strong architectural features, combined with contemporary design touches, form the basis of a modern country aesthetic.”

“While the look and feel is casual and relaxed, it’s also important to consider key design elements. Flooring holds the look of a room together, so start thinking about what type you choose. Choosing a textured rug in a neutral tone will create .A timeless and stylish warm exterior.

“Or, for a more traditional feel, choose rustic engineered wood with natural grains and knots for an authentic look and feel.

Rustic Living Room Lighting Ideas

Choose handcrafted furniture made from recycled materials mixed with contemporary furniture to be dotted around the airy open plan living room. Take it outdoors and indoors in good light

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