Sage Green Exterior House Paint

Sage Green Exterior House Paint – Green is a natural and beautiful color choice for the exterior color of your home. But what color to choose? I tried at least 12 different Benjamin Moore colors in my search for the perfect exterior paint for my house. Below you will find 5 of my favorite colors, including the color I chose…

Benjamin Moore Rolling Hills is an architect favorite. This works just like a new build for a former master like the house above. It has shades of gray and brown, which allows it to change like a chameleon in different light. For this reason, it is also a favorite for interiors. However, with a lightness value (LRV) of 23.41, this shade was too dark for my taste. I live in a hot, sunny climate and I want a light color to keep the heat down. Unfortunately, Rolling Hills was not for me.

Sage Green Exterior House Paint

Sage Green Exterior House Paint

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage is a true gray-green beauty. You can see how beautiful it looks on a cloudy day in Victoria above. Unfortunately, with an LRV of 44.91, this color will not work in my sunny climate. In sunlight, it looks lighter and almost gray. Regardless of the lighting, I wanted true green, so I kept looking. However, it would be a good choice for a home in the Pacific Northwest. The house above is in foggy San Francisco.

Picking The Perfect Exterior Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore Passion Vine is a true olive color and a true Craftsman green. Although it looks soft and beautiful in cloudy light like the house above, I think it would make a baby shake in direct light, especially around green. Even LRV 21.53 would be too dark for my house. But if you prefer the classic Craftsman paint colors of olive green, rich cream and rust red, this would be the perfect choice for you.

Sage Green Exterior House Paint

Benjamin Moore Louisburg Green was a strong candidate for me. It’s a perfect LRV of 32.77 – bright enough to prevent overheating, but dark enough to hold bright light like the house above. However, I felt it was too cold for my house, surrounded by warm green foliage, including tall pecan trees and ferns hanging around the front porch. I needed a slightly warmer green that wouldn’t clash with all my vegetables.

Benjamin Moore Creekside Green was my perfect shade. It’s in the perfect brightness range with an LRV of 30.68 and has enough grays and browns to withstand my hot leaves without blending or clashing.

Sage Green Exterior House Paint

How To Use The Colour Sage Green

Benjamin Moore says, “This beautiful look is reminiscent of a stroll by a quiet river on a warm summer’s day.”

Creekside Green looks olive in some lights, sage in other lights, and soft gray-green when cloudy. This is the perfect sentimental ring, the chameleon shade is my favorite color. I often stop and look at myself, I just wonder. I like how it turned out.

Sage Green Exterior House Paint

To learn more about my exterior painting journey, check out How to Paint Old Paint, Strip Wood Veneer, or Exterior Painting on IG. Imagine going to a friend’s house for the first time; What is the first thing you notice about their place? According to architects and designers, one thing that attracts many people is the outside of the house!

Trendy Exterior Paint Colors For Florida Homes (2023 Guide)

Fabric or outdoor and outdoor is what attracts people immediately even from a distance. After all, you may have heard the famous saying “the first impression is the last”. Therefore, experts advise carefully choosing exterior colors and decorations. It should always match the location and environment of your home.

Sage Green Exterior House Paint

What? do you want to change the facade of the house? Or are you planning to paint the exterior of your home? Whether you are painting your interior or exterior, it has always been a big and important decision. From choosing the right shade of paint to quality, there are many things to keep in mind when you want to paint your exterior.

Are you ready to paint the exterior of your home? When choosing a color, consider how your siding, trim, front door, and other exterior elements will work together. Find the perfect exterior color combination with this tip for choosing house paint colors.

Sage Green Exterior House Paint

How To Use Sage, Olive & Green Paint Colors + Decor Ideas!

Let us help you choose the right color for the exterior of your home. The monochromatic trend seen everywhere is Sage Green! This color is one of those lovely colors that can instantly create a calming, refreshing and relaxing atmosphere in any space. The best part is that this paint is so versatile that it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Today in this blog we have the best sage green house exterior ideas for 2022. We will tell you the best ways and colors to combine with greenery. So if you want to make the exterior of your home beautiful, keep reading till the end.

Sage Green Exterior House Paint

Are you ready to follow the latest color trends of 2022? Below is a list of the best green color combinations that you can use to give your home’s exterior a whole new look. Let’s start with the list.

Of The Best Exterior Paint Ideas

As for the exterior, plaster is one of the most popular materials today. This is because they work well in different houses and buildings. All you need to do is choose the “right shade of green” for your home.

Sage Green Exterior House Paint

See the houses above; here green plaster is used in three different ways in three different houses. You can add other things like wood, metal or other materials. You can also paint the trim in the same shade or a lighter shade or the exact opposite shade for a different effect.

One of the best ways to make your beautiful sage green stand out is to use contrasting colors. There is nothing better than White for this! It looks great and is one of the safest options to go with. Yes, you can use this beautiful color combination in many different ways.

Sage Green Exterior House Paint

Green Exterior House Paint Project

This two-color scheme works with any architectural style. So whether you have a traditional or modern exterior, you can definitely try this green and white combination or a green house with black trim!

Add drama to your home’s exterior with a beautiful shade of blue. A good choice for a large building, as you can use this black or deep blue to break up the sage green.

Sage Green Exterior House Paint

This is important because painting a large or tall wall in one color can make the exterior look too plain and repetitive. From dark blue to midnight blue and royal blue. This trick works even in homes with few finishes and decorative details.

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Another way to add a pop of color to your green exterior is RED! From adding small red stripes to painting your door red or orange, there are many ways to incorporate this beautiful color into your home.

Sage Green Exterior House Paint

You can experiment with different shades of red and shades of sage green that you use. This bright color will instantly make your exterior look attractive and stand out from the rest of the neighborhood (in a good way!). See the pictures of the houses above for reference.

The owners of the house above use red stripes, which is good because it creates a visual illusion. It draws the eye up and emphasizes the lovely arched roof window.

Sage Green Exterior House Paint

Cottage Color Schemes You’ll Love

Does your home have a unique architecture and exterior? If yes, you will definitely love the exterior of this home. This large tropical house has a beautiful green exterior and uniquely designed windows. Just look at the windows!

The bottom half of the building is cream and the rest is green. The windows are purple. The same technique can be used in vacation homes or marinas.

Sage Green Exterior House Paint

This two-tone siding idea helps break up the bulk of the house. In addition, shutters with rum-grape color are also one of the best features of the exterior. You can try this combination of grape green-soft yellow-Rome color and you can make a very beautiful look.

Paint Color Ideas For Craftsman Houses

If you think that sage green looks best on modern or contemporary buildings, you are completely wrong! Look at the genius houses above, isn’t it beautiful? They are a great example of how to use different shades of sage green outside of your home.

Sage Green Exterior House Paint

Here, three houses used three different materials to create a wonderful look. For example, the first house has wooden accents such as wooden window shutters, columns and beams, while the other houses use white trim with different shades of green. You can also change the outside of the building using the same technique.

Here is another way to use it

Sage Green Exterior House Paint

Latest Sage Green House Exterior Ideas For Your Home In 2023

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