Sailor Extra Fine Fountain Pen

Sailor Extra Fine Fountain Pen – When the pen was taken over, the pens were moved to a special shelf, where they were hung together with the elegant china. From everyday tools, they became markers of important occasions. In those days, people preferred fine points, for tight writing on light onion skins, ideal for letters in the mail. Then the medium and wide tips took over the show. Today, if you ask someone to imagine writing with a pen, they will see a bold, luscious, flourishing signature.

People who write in Nihongo, Mandarin, and even Thai and other ideographic languages, or what I call “drawing while writing tablets,” often opt for fine and ultra-fine nibs. The ultra-fine nib supports multiple strokes of a character, while the character remains legible. (It is rare to see an old Japanese pen with a broad or short nib.)

Sailor Extra Fine Fountain Pen

Sailor Extra Fine Fountain Pen

This mini obsession with precise points continues in the wide world of Japanese gel pens. Uni, Pilot, Platinum, and other manufacturers regularly update their lines with even better versions of their current models. The Hi-Tec-C pilot added 0.25 to its 0.4 and 0.3. Uni beats everyone with a Signo Uni-ball 0.18 bits. Platinum recently added the 0.2 EF to Preppy, a school pen.

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Good points and fast-drying inks can make plain paper look good. The lines don’t stick together much. Premium paper provides more definition in fine lines, which always improves readability. But there is no big market for premium paper. Most user-friendly notebooks and pads, not to mention forms, checks, and printed documents, are not fountain pen friendly and usually don’t need to be.

Sailor Extra Fine Fountain Pen

Pen sales are increasing. Just like selling smartphones. Perhaps the need to balance our lives is related to the need to balance our tools. Â As more and more people discover fountain pens and use them more, it can become more frustrating. A medium pen written expressively in a journal can blend horribly with the daily homework envelope.

I think that is why the preference returns to fine and very fine (and in the case of Japanese producers very fine). The same needles are becoming popular as a nibmeister cut. You get all the analog benefits of a great writing instrument without sacrificing everyday usability.

Sailor Extra Fine Fountain Pen

Sailor 1911 Large Fountain Pen Black

Among modern pen brands, no one offers a greater variety of fine nibs than Nakaya. You can not only choose a fine nib with a ruthenium, rose, rhodium or yellow gold finish, but also a bicolor, flexible, extra or extra nib.

Platinum has a thin, smooth layer that qualifies as semi-flexible and a very thin layer that still remains smooth on paper.

Sailor Extra Fine Fountain Pen

Most pen brands will have an extra fine option. I love the Omas EF Extra Flexible. It is closer to the Japanese medium, but allows for line variations similar to the classic nibs.

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Among other things, Franklin-Christoph offered the needle to Masuyama. I call them “Masuyajim” because Jim Rouse, F-C’s resident nibmeister, polishes all the nibs before handing them over to their new owners. The TWSBI ultra-fine tip is not bad at all.

Sailor Extra Fine Fountain Pen

With ever stronger demand and availability of fine, ultra-fine and pointed tips, now is the best time to try one and use it every day. Especially with good ink, a good point can make everyday life more attractive.Katherine: I love the finish on this pen. When Pam told me it was one of her Grail pens, I thought she was a bit silly. But seeing the pen in person… I wish I had ordered one while they were still in stock. I have a cheaper Sailor Pro Color in Winter Sky (even finished!) to order from Engeiki… It will come one day.

Compared to the cheapest Sailors I own and own (Pokemon Little Tales + Sailor Pro Color 500), I like the look of this pen better. The shape is different and I think more beautiful.

Sailor Extra Fine Fountain Pen

I Accidently Polished The Gold Off Of My Sailor Nib With A Jewelry Polishing Cloth And Now It’s Very Flexible

Pam: Like Mr. Darcy, the shape and other colors available for the Sailor Pro Gear Slim were nice, but “not enough to tempt me.” Until I saw Elizabeth “Galaxy” Bennett. I really like the shape of the Sailor Pro Gear Slim, but it’s actually the resin that took my breath away and makes this pen stand out. Shape and size closely resembles the Pilot Prera ​​with its flat ends, shorter length, and slim profile.

I have to thank Katherine for buying this pen. The limited edition pen sold out so fast that I didn’t even get a chance to break the piggy bank for this pen when it was first offered. Katherine informed me of a very nice soul in Hawaii who wanted to part with this pen for a very reasonable price at FPGeeks. (THANKS UP! Mahalo!)

Sailor Extra Fine Fountain Pen

Franz: Hello Starburst Galaxy! The multicolored stars are so stunning and I love them. The design of the Sailor Professional Gear pen has always piqued my interest. The Imperial Black version has been on my list for a long time. The flat ends, the signature marine clip, and a small taper at the end look just great. It is now a Pro Gear Slim / Sapporo size which is slightly smaller than the one on my pen list. It’s time to try this pen!

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Katherine: It’s a solid nib with a bit of feedback that Sailor is famous for. Despite being EF, the pen is not harsh and creates a well-saturated line. Compared to my cheaper Sailor pens, I haven’t noticed much difference in nib or writing quality, but the fluidity is much better. The color Pro that drew a similar thin line was too dry to be very pleasing: Pro Gear Slim strikes an absolute balance between a wet, saturated line and a very fine line.

Sailor Extra Fine Fountain Pen

Pam: Just like Katherine! The nib itself is beautifully engraved and shows a lot of care. Borrow a verse from Azizah and Dr. Brown, for a tip, he has a “serious nibba.” It is a dream of an EF tip by any standard, establishing a dry line, saturated, almost needle like. Surprisingly, I can detect shimmer in inks like Visconti Blue and Bungbox Omaezaki Sea. This EF nib offers the best line of all my pens, much to my delight.

Maybe it’s a perfectly calibrated flow, but this pen leaves more feather on cheap copy paper than my other pens. Therefore, it is not a pen that I use for work. I prefer it for personal use in my agendas.

Sailor Extra Fine Fountain Pen

Sailor Sapporo Fountain Pen Review

Franz: I love the embellishments on Sailor nibs, and this ultra-fine nib is no exception. As far as I know Sailor has three different nib sizes and this is the smallest. Complement the size of the pen very well.

The fine line of this tip is quite satisfying to write with. Like the previous two ladies, I experienced a well-tuned flow with smooth contact with the paper. I used Tomoe River paper and a Rhodia planner.

Sailor Extra Fine Fountain Pen

Katherine: Very comfortable and the EF nib is very nice. I also drew with this pen, the flow was steady and I did not have rough starts. Finally, though, for a long writing session, I find a slightly longer pen to be a bit more comfortable and enjoyable to write with.

Sailor Professional Gear Realo Fountain Pen (21k Extra Fine)

Pam: Depending on my hand placement, my fingers are usually on the liner of the pen, so my “iron grip” can leave marks in long writing sessions. I usually don’t write whole paragraphs with this tip. Instead, I plan every day and every weekend, filling boxes and to-do lists. In this particular case, it is perfect. I keep a journal with this pen, especially if I want the best nib I have. Teething gives way to the pleasure of writing on paper, especially Midori paper. There are other pens I prefer to use for journaling on my Hobonichi over Tomoe Rver paper, such as the FC 45 and italics or the Lamy 2000.

Sailor Extra Fine Fountain Pen

Franz: I wrote with Pro Gear Slim shipping during this twenty minute exercise. Surprisingly, even with the small size of the Pro Gear Slim, I have no hand cramps or fatigue. I hold the pen where the cap meets the body, which is the thickest part of the pen, and it’s quite comfortable for me.

Katherine: It’s a beautiful pen and the cap unscrews quickly. However, I noticed that the tip dries very, very quickly, which is not good for taking notes every day at work. I’m not sure if it’s the ink (Bung Box Omaezaki Azure Sea) or the pen, but it’s the fastest drying pen I’ve ever used. The pen dries so quickly that if I think too much between the lines, I need a scribble or two to make it flow again.

Sailor Extra Fine Fountain Pen

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Pam: For now, I’m sticking with Sailor Galaxy and my planner/hobonichi

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