Semi Open Kitchen Living Room

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Semi Open Kitchen Living Room – Some prefer not to see what’s in the kitchen, but others like an open kitchen to entertain guests and make the space feel spacious.

For people with large homes with lots of space, an enclosed kitchen allows you to keep your cooking in one place. Photo credit: Thompson Remodeling

Semi Open Kitchen Living Room

Semi Open Kitchen Living Room

An open kitchen is a great way to maximize space in a small apartment. Photo credit: The Local INN.terior

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Unfortunately, either option has its downsides. Closed kitchens can cut off light and ventilation, and in turn, smoke and grease can spread faster than open spaces, furniture and clothing. Well, if you can’t choose one or the other, why not combine the two?

Semi-open kitchens offer the best of both worlds – openness without all the clutter, noise or oil and smells. Here are some ways to make a semi-open kitchen design interactive and functional:

Frameless glass walls are perhaps the most minimal way to divide the kitchen from the rest of the house, allowing maximum visibility while preventing cooking fumes or odors from entering other areas.

Black framed glass walls are a modern, characteristic touch to frameless glass partitions. In general, larger panels and thinner frames work best if you’re going for a less contemporary aesthetic, while chunkier frames work more at home with raw, industrial themes.

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This folding divider, framed or unframed, gives you a transformable kitchen. You can easily close the kitchen window while cooking, or open it when the air conditioner is on, and the kitchen is clean.

A clever way to adapt folding dividers to a smaller size is to convert them into windows. Windows built into the counters create a pathway into the kitchen that makes cooking easier and more enjoyable. You can also introduce a cutout here Create a service window by hanging kitchen walls or overhead cabinets similar to a drive-thru or pop-up cafe. Who said role playing is just for kids?

To give you the best possible experience, this website uses cookies. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy. Deciding on layout and interior design ideas for your kitchen in your first home? Not sure if the newly popular open kitchen concept or the classic closed kitchen layout suits your needs better?

Semi Open Kitchen Living Room

Well, to help you make a practical decision, our team at Redbrick Homes has helped compile some important points that you should keep in mind while making this decision.

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Ready to make the right kitchen design choice? Scroll to learn more about open vs. closed kitchens.

Before we jump into the considerations, we want to make sure we’re all on the same page when we use the terms “open kitchen” and “closed kitchen.”

True to their name, open kitchens are all about an open layout – often with minimal wall structures and a feeling of spaciousness that is evident in the rest of the home.

On the other hand, an enclosed kitchen is the exact opposite – the kitchen is usually surrounded by walls and separated from other living areas.

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Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s start reviewing the considerations that may influence your kitchen interior design choices.

The defining feature, the lack of walls in an open kitchen, helps the space appear brighter and more spacious as a result. So, when it comes to spaciousness or the illusion of space, the open kitchen concept is a clear winner – especially in HDB flats which are usually quite small.

However, if we talk about storage space, the closed kitchen has a big advantage. With more walls, you can create storage compartments above and below to hold all your kitchen utensils and tools, as opposed to an open kitchen that is often limited to just the lower storage cabinet.

Semi Open Kitchen Living Room

When designing a kitchen, one of the most important questions you should ask is, “What is your cooking style?”

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Do you like to prepare foods with strong aromas, deep fry or very noisy kitchen appliances?

If for any reason the answer is yes, then an enclosed kitchen may be more suitable to prevent cooking smells, oil fumes, and noise from spreading to other parts of the home.

In a closed kitchen, these cooking accessories are easily limited to the kitchen area and cleanliness will be limited to the kitchen. However, in an open kitchen, you may find your soft furnishings smell funny or feel dirty to the touch over time.

Do you want a private place where you can prepare your meals in peace and quiet away from other family members? Prefer to hide what’s going on in the kitchen behind the door?

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If so, you may prefer a closed kitchen. With different personal habits and preferences, some may enjoy the privacy that an enclosed kitchen provides, while others may want to talk or socialize with guests while preparing meals.

For open kitchens, due to the open layout, the kitchen has multiple entrances and can be more difficult to child proof – this is a more worrying aspect for families with small children.

For closed kitchens, due to the enclosed space, if you are preparing food in the kitchen, you cannot watch your children elsewhere in the house.

Semi Open Kitchen Living Room

How does your kitchen concept work with the rest of your home design? Although the kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a home, when it comes to interior design, it is often considered complete with other living areas.

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If you’re going for an overall open concept throughout the home, it makes sense to consider an open kitchen for a consistent look and feel.

Alternatively, if you want to create a separate living area, a closed kitchen works well for that.

Depending on whether you are renovating an existing resale apartment with a new BTO or a closed kitchen, you may need to spend some money to realize your ideal kitchen concept.

For example, if your BTO does not have structural walls for the kitchen, it is cheaper to build an open kitchen because it costs more to build a wall structure for a closed kitchen.

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On the contrary, if you renovate a resale apartment with a built-in kitchen, it is cheaper to deal with a built-in concept because just hacking a wall costs from $600 (depending on the length and thickness of the wall).

In other words, any structural change will almost certainly increase your remodeling costs, so look for options like glass walls or a separate kitchen island as a focal point whenever possible.

At the end of the day, there is no right answer for everyone. Instead, choosing between these two popular ideas depends entirely on what you value.

Semi Open Kitchen Living Room

Is that your cooking secret that you value most? Or need a large storage space for your kitchen items?

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Still can’t decide? Maybe you could consider a hybrid solution? Using glass or folding partitions instead of walls, the semi-open kitchen concept gives you the convenience of an open and closed kitchen at the same time. We love a good open concept kitchen—it’s bright, airy, and inviting. But sadly that’s not always practical, especially if you cook a lot and want your entire home to not smell like smoke.

If you love the look of open concept kitchens but still want something different, here are five great ideas for semi-open kitchen designs.

This beautiful pastel house by Studio Fortifour has a beautiful kitchen entrance that gives the homeowners privacy while cooking without compromising natural light. Door placement ensures that guests only see the kitchen’s upper cabinets, not the dirty dishes or untidy service yard out back.

This semi-open kitchen design features a large window that overlooks the dining table, allowing homeowners to keep an eye on children, friends, or older family members while preparing their meals. . It also facilitates communication between the guests and the host if the guests need anything during the dinner.

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If you’re a little more daring, consider this almost completely open kitchen layout. The half wall behind the dining table ensures some separation between diners and cooking fumes, while the large opening on the right allows plenty of cool air to flow into the kitchen. The large window above the dining room is a nice touch for extra natural light.

A classic, sliding glass door offers the best semi-open kitchen design

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