Sherwin Williams Coastal Blue Colors

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Sherwin Williams Coastal Blue Colors – I think one of the most common questions anyone who shares photos of their home on the internet (eg bloggers) is “What color?” I’ve never been secretive about my design choices and almost every color can be found anywhere on this blog, but I like to have them all in one place. I have a specific style and all my colors fall into a color category

In this post I share all the colors in our house. I think it’s really helpful to see colors in real places. I hope that by posting pictures of all my colors in actual rooms in our house, this guide will be a great resource for you if you’re looking for a specific paint color in my house or if you’re just looking around. For some beach color ideas. When thinking about a new paint color, I always do my research and look for pictures of that color in real places. So not only am I sharing a color palette for my entire home, but I’m also sharing pictures of each of the colors in my home.

Sherwin Williams Coastal Blue Colors

Sherwin Williams Coastal Blue Colors

For more information on decorating for the beach in general, check out these tips for decorating in a relaxed beach style.

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand Sw 7057: Paint Color Review

Whether you’re looking for beachy colors by Sharon Williams or a simple beachy color palette for a beach house, these colors will be perfect for you!

Sherwin Williams Coastal Blue Colors

The color palette you see above matches my sweet heart and beach house so well. It can be seen that I am very attracted to muted colors that imitate the atmosphere of the sea and the ocean.

Bahr actually used Ultra Pure White to paint all the trim in our house. I liked it so much that I painted all the cabinets in my house the same color. I have this color in a satin finish that glides on very easily. . It is the perfect white color for moldings and baseboards.

Sherwin Williams Coastal Blue Colors

Extra White By Sherwin Williams, A Bright White Paint Color

I fell in love with this Benjamin Moore color almost immediately. I tried half a dozen colors for our bedroom and cloudy sky won by a wide margin. I wanted a bold color that at the same time has a calm and soothing effect. This color does exactly that in our room. It is a dark blue that leans towards gray, but in natural light it is more blue. It’s bold but subtle. It’s important to note that I have a wall of windows in this room that brightens the overall color scheme. You can read more about this paint color in this paint color spotlight post.

This color palette from Benjamin Moore is probably one of my favorites. This color looks more blue in some rooms and more green in others – it’s the perfect color for a beach color. It’s a beautiful blue-gray shade in my bathroom. If you’re looking for a lighter color with blue/green undertones, this one is worth checking out. I would even say it could be a good neutral color for a room with lots of natural light.

Sherwin Williams Coastal Blue Colors

We used SW Topsail paint in our daughter’s shared bedroom. It’s a lovely soft blue that isn’t bright baby blue. Peighton really liked blue and was sure he had a blue room. I was happy to help when I found SW Topsail. It is a very calm blue with some green and gray. It is definitely not bright or oversaturated. It’s softer and that’s why I like it.

Favorite Blue Gray Paint Colors & Where They Are In Our Home

If it’s wrong that white is your favorite color, then I don’t want to be right. The white color is soft. How the color will look on your walls depends on many factors. In our living room, many colors look yellow or pink because of the lack of natural light. This was perfect – it’s my favorite. I have written a lot about this color, especially about Chantilly Lace, you can read more here. It is mostly white without being yellow or beige. We ended up painting our entire living room Chantilly Lace and it’s perfect.

Sherwin Williams Coastal Blue Colors

Sherwin Williams sea salt is very popular. If you search for “sea salt” on Pinterest, you will find thousands of images of this color. It is a truly changing color that can take on many colors in one room at once, surprising many people. If you want to try this color, make sure you swatch it before you go. It looked a lot greener on the swatch than it did in my guest bathroom. Sky blue can also appear in a room with lots of natural light. It creates a very spa feel, making it ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms. Very calm – perfect coastal blues.

White Heron is the white color we used in our kitchen/breakfast room. I tested this color on a small spot in our kitchen and it looked very white, but when the sun went down it was more of a green tint. I noticed that this color has some green undertones that show up in low natural light. In the morning and in the afternoon, this color is the perfect creamy white in our kitchen. Once the sun goes down you start to see the green, but I still like it.

Sherwin Williams Coastal Blue Colors

Coastal Paint Colors From Behr, Benjamin Moore, And Sherwin Williams

Our kitchen cabinets and master bedroom vanities are painted a clean steel grey. I tried a dozen shades of gray before choosing one for our kitchen cabinets and this is the right gray I found. It’s a very realistic mid-cap that I love. It’s a safe choice! Read more about our cabinet painting experience here.

The exterior color set is a very nice soft gray. With its purple undertones, it looks quite peaceful. You should be careful with this color if you have a room with little natural light. Without the light it will look more purple than what you see above. We used this color scheme in our guest room. It creates a very pleasant overall feeling.

Sherwin Williams Coastal Blue Colors

I hope this in-depth review of our beach color palette is helpful and answers all of your questions! If not, leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer. If you have a favorite paint color in your home, I’d love to hear about that too! Posted in: benjamin moore, beach decor, beach house, beach interior ideas, beach interior, color palette, interior color, cottage, interior color ideas, colors, color palette

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Sherwin Williams Coastal Blue Colors

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Sherwin Williams Coastal Blue Colors

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Review

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Sherwin Williams Coastal Blue Colors

Black and white modern farmhouse kitchen. New trends in the construction of modern houses. Follow me on Instagram: @ You can follow my pins here: Pinterest/ For more inspiring interior design ideas, check out my archive.

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Sherwin Williams Coastal Blue Colors

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Sherwin Williams Coastal Blue Colors

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