Sherwin Williams Espresso Cabinet Paint

Sherwin Williams Espresso Cabinet Paint – When it comes to choosing the best kitchen cabinet color, most people’s first instinct is to go with light or white…but guess what? Not everyone wants a free kitchen. It is true! Dark kitchens are still going strong and the current post is a good example of that. I’m going to show you how I painted a dark espresso kitchen with General Finish Dark Chocolate.

I know, I know, it may seem hard to believe, but not everyone wants white (or gray) kitchen cabinets.

Sherwin Williams Espresso Cabinet Paint

Sherwin Williams Espresso Cabinet Paint

It honestly blows my mind when my clients approach me about darkening their kitchens instead of brightening them.

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White cabinets are my personal favorite because I love a bright home. Having said that, I am all in

Sherwin Williams Espresso Cabinet Paint

The homeowner wanted a dark kitchen and this espresso color ties in the new cabinets, appliances and backsplash perfectly.

When it came to choosing a color, I knew I wanted a glossy dark brown that didn’t look too dark or close to black. After showing my clients several different color samples, we finally settled on one color, General Finishes Dark Chocolate Milesi 2k poly top.

Sherwin Williams Espresso Cabinet Paint

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It is one of the colors that shows what it is called. When I first started painting this thing with brown paint, it turned out to be dark chocolate.

Here’s a quick before and after to see what a huge difference it made when we painted the espresso parts.

Sherwin Williams Espresso Cabinet Paint

If you can’t find this color or just want a few different options, I recommend Benjamin Moore Espresso Beans (CSP-30). This color is very close to what I use in this kitchen.

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Repainting a cabinet will include every little patch of the old surface on the bare wood so the new stain can penetrate. And it will come at a price

Sherwin Williams Espresso Cabinet Paint

PLUS, before we started, I saw the owner’s pictures of the cabinets that were painted dark vs.

Hint. If you want to learn more about the tools, primers, and colors I use when painting cabinets, you can download a free copy of my painting kit here.

Sherwin Williams Espresso Cabinet Paint

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Finally, are you as obsessed with this color as I am? Why not start your own cabinets in a dark espresso color?

All you need is a few simple materials, some time, and myDIY Cabinet Painting 101class with you so we can paint our cabinets together and save some money while getting the most out of it. When it comes to black. , there are many color options. Some blacks are charcoal gray, some are pitch black, and others have a warm brown undertone. Whether you’re looking for shutter colors, trim colors, door colors, or dark interior colors, this article will help you narrow down the best black colors to add to your home (do it before you paint the door).

Sherwin Williams Espresso Cabinet Paint

While I work to capture the true color of each sample, the colors shown below are digital images and may vary slightly from actual colors. The finish of your paint (semi-gloss, satin, and smooth) will affect how the paint looks on your walls or outside.

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Scroll down to learn more about all black with swatches and color examples on the doors, hatches and interior.

Sherwin Williams Espresso Cabinet Paint

Quick tip: This article contains RGB and LRV values ​​for each black color. RGB represents the amount of red, green, and blue in each color. On the LRV scale, O absorbs all light (black) and 100 indicates all light (white).

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Sherwin Williams Espresso Cabinet Paint

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SW Iron Ore is a popular dark gray charcoal color often used on doors, exteriors, furniture and accent walls. Iron Ore is a different shade of black than Tricorn Black, Black Magic, and Caviar.

The SW Black Fox is on a different pattern than most of the blacks I recommend in this article. Black Fox shares the pattern with Repose Grey, Mindful Gray and Dorian Grey.

Sherwin Williams Espresso Cabinet Paint

This chocolate color is a combination of black and brown and would work well on a garage, trim and front door. Black Fox is part of the Pottery Barn Spring/Summer 2020 Color Collection.

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SW Tricorn Black belongs to the medium color family and is a darker shade of black than Iron Ore and Black Fox.

Sherwin Williams Espresso Cabinet Paint

This color is really black without being overpowering (if you want to cover a true black, this is a good choice). Commonly used for exterior doors, window coverings, furniture and wall edging.

SW Black Magic has the same LRV score as Tricorn Black and Caviar, all three are true blacks. Black Magic has more touch than Tricorn Black which makes it warmer than Tricorn Black.

Sherwin Williams Espresso Cabinet Paint

Sw Color Love

SW Caviar takes its name as a dark inky black in the medium color family. Similar to Tricorn Black, but with a bit of brown. When I compared the Black Magic & Caviar samples, they felt very similar to me.

SW Greenblack is a modern combination of black and green. A slightly lighter black than Caviar, Black Magic and Black Triangle. On a personal note, I chose this color as the choice for our door and front door (currently painted green).

Sherwin Williams Espresso Cabinet Paint

SW Inkwell has more blue than red and green, making it cooler than black. This color can appear as a deep dark-black depending on the lighting.

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Inkwell would be good for rooms where you want to go dark/dark like a library, living room, bedroom or dining room.

Sherwin Williams Espresso Cabinet Paint

For Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams and Farrow & Ball paint. It’s a fun way to test color and the material is flexible so you can wrap it around corners. I have ordered from Samplize for previous clients and we found them

I spent several hours narrowing this list down to 7 Sherwin-Williams black paints. Some blacks have a warm brown undertone, others a cool blue.

Sherwin Williams Espresso Cabinet Paint

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This article is written to help you narrow down the best colors for your front door, door, shutter, exterior, interior, and trim. Choose the black color that accentuates your beauty and combine it with your style.