Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint For Vinyl Siding

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Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint For Vinyl Siding – I’m so excited to share our newly painted house with you today! When we bought this house last summer, we knew it needed paint, and it needed paint badly! But, we had a lot of other projects (hmm, talking to you about the kitchen remodel) and not enough time before winter started, so we decided to wait until spring to paint the exterior. I’ve been dreaming of pops of color all winter and keep coming back to this inspiring photo.

I love the monochromatic look with the monochromatic trim and case. I also like how the windows offer some contrast against the darker colors. And how cool are the wood accents?!!! I’m sold! We chose black…but we tried nine different colors in various places around the house. After a few days of looking at them and looking at the numbers that came in via a story vote on my Instagram page, we settled on Tricorn Black in a flat gloss from an exterior line called Emerald. After calling the local Sherwin-Williams store, we determined how much paint this house needed. They have a formula to help you figure it out and it only took a few minutes. We used forty gallons in our house! I doubted we would use that much, but I was wrong. Only a half gallon left in the garage to keep for repairs! We loved this color and it covered mostly evenly in one coat, but more on that later! Let me show you my house before I go!

Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint For Vinyl Siding

Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint For Vinyl Siding

We were very lucky to have a friend lend us a spray paint gun for this project (thanks again, Jordan!) and that made the project go smoothly! After washing the entire house and covering all the windows with bright plastic and tape, we started spraying. Initially, our process looked like this; Nate sprayed the paint from top to bottom and I went around with the brush, wiping up any spots where necessary. Very easy! I think the reason this project went so smoothly was the quality of the paint we used. Emerald outer liner is self-leveling with a smooth, beautiful finish. We did the whole house with one floor! can you believe it??! The Emerald range has a mold resistant coating and will not blister, peel or fall off. These factors help explain why we used such deep, rich colors. Also, did you know that the Emerald line is backed by a lifetime warranty?! I had no idea paint companies offered such a thing!

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This project was so much fun! It was like watching our old fixer come back to life after a long hibernation! All the neighbors loved to watch and some even set up chairs in the front row across the street so they could watch everything going on at our house. Many of them stopped by to tell us how excited they were about all the changes and how much they loved the colors! This was music to my ears as I was very worried that our neighbors would think we were crazy for painting our house black!

After the painting was done, we removed the old vinyl windows from Sierra Pacific Windows. We finished the look with cedar trim to compliment the porch and I am officially crazy about this new look!

Doesn’t it feel like a new home? We have some exciting landscaping plans coming up next and I can’t wait to see the green and black! We are very happy with how it all came together and I am very grateful to the wonderful people at Sherwin-Williams for sponsoring this wonderful project. Now tell me in the comments below, have you thought about painting your house? This is very helpful!

Hello there! I’m Courtney from PNV, a wife and mother. We’re on a mission to deconstruct our boring basic home builders and do it all ourselves! My blog documents real-life progress (or lack thereof) as we renovate our home. I also enjoy sharing stories from our family life (we have three young children and a cat who thinks she’s a dog), interior design inspiration, DIY projects, and home improvement tutorials! Welcome! The best solution for painting vinyl siding is to make it durable and inexpensive to rebuild an outdoor pool shed.

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We came, we saw, and we used every money-saving trick we could to beat that palace.

We just can’t get enough of this beige vinyl wrap. We may have sweated 5 pounds into this useless picture, but this is it. was. Decent. This! The old beige paint stuck out like a sore thumb next to the new pool liner.

Before going to the yard, when I shared stories on Instagram that we were painting this vinyl siding, there were some naysayers. But I’m here to tell you that you can paint vinyl siding! Can I say hi?!

Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint For Vinyl Siding

I always research home improvement techniques before starting any project, so in my search for a solution, I discovered that Sherwin Williams has a paint line called VinylSafe. The name is exactly what it sounds like.

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You can also use any other regular old exterior paint on the vinyl wrap, but you’re usually limited to one or two shades lighter or darker than the existing paint because the sun can cause discoloration.

But with the VinilSafe paint line, there are certain colors you can choose from that won’t have this problem.

This is not a sponsored post. This is not a related issue. I’m sharing some of the best things I’ve found in the hope that this might help you all. 🙂 If it means saving hundreds or thousands of dollars on home renovations, I’d love someone to do the same for me.

(Okay, fine. I’ll post an affiliate link to our washer and spray paint. That’s cool? Full disclosure.)

Hgtv Home By Sherwin Williams Weathershield Satin Upward Hgsw3357 Latex Exterior Paint + Primer (1 Gallon) At

1. It’s all very simple, but if you don’t know, follow the instructions on the detergent and put it in the pressure washer.

2. Spray the vinyl liner with detergent, then return the liner to the pressure washer with 100% water to rinse.

4. Then apply vinylsafe color paint. Robert chose to use a large brush for this, but a sprayer will also work if you prefer.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint For Vinyl Siding

5. Hold the edge of a large putty over the painting while painting so you don’t have to use painter’s tape to help paint around the painting.

Steps To Painting Vinyl Siding & Vinyl Safe Colors

Robert painted the trim and doors in Behr Ultra Pure White to match the finish of our main house, and we hung these vinyl black shutters to give the barn a polished look.

As for the window boxes, Robert made them from scrap wood from an old fence. Aside from the flowers inside and the plastic wrap for the planter, they were completely free to make using materials we already had!

We also replaced the old door knobs on both sheds with old brass door knobs as they were rusted and loose.

In total, we spent about $275 replacing the paint, shutters, window casings, and doorknobs on this shed. Boom!

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For now, it houses all of our lawn equipment, floats and pool toys, but we hope to turn it into a little snack shack/outdoor bar in the next few years. However, that is a story for another day.

We won’t dwell on how chaotic the internal state of the organization is, but we’ll leave it at that. Look at the beautiful red, white and blue flowers and pretend you didn’t see that pool noodle in the window. ‘What?’ 😉 Want to increase the value of your home and protect it from the weather while keeping it clean?

The best thing about vinyl siding? It is virtually maintenance free. The only maintenance recommended for vinyl siding is washing.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint For Vinyl Siding

With vinyl siding, the color permeates the entire material, so the color won’t peel or fade over time.

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But what if you want to change the color of the faucet borders? Is it better to change it? Or can you just take a picture?

If you want to change the color, dyeing is your best option. Replacing the trim will cost you more, but painting it will be quicker and easier on your wallet. For example, painting vinyl siding is as easy as replacing a deck.

However, there have been many improvements in dye production over the years and there are now many different absorbable dyes on the market.

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