Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White

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Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White – So how do you choose the right exterior paint for your home? There are so many whites to choose from, the decision can be overwhelming.

In my opinion, you don’t want to use a very bright white paint color, especially on the exterior of your home. If you do this, your house will be blind in full sunlight.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White

Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White

Going with an off-white or off-white color that is something creamy is the way to go. It will not be noticeable to the eye, and it will give your home a soft and pleasant atmosphere.

Exterior Color Schemes That Work

As you may know, we are in the process of building, and we are currently trying to decide on a general color scheme for the exterior. This is a tough decision, but it’s one we have to get right. Since most of the house will be brick and painted white, everything depends on the shade of white we choose!

Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White

Before investing in a gallon of paint, it is very important to try different color options first. You can do it the usual way, which is time consuming and messy. Or you can use Samplize to order large swatches of bulletproof paint and stick with an accurate representation of the color.

Despite its name, Sherwin Williams Pure White is not really pure. It has just a touch of warmth, but not so much that it looks like cream. It is probably the lightest white color I have ever used on the exterior of a house.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White

Sherwin Williams Extra White Sw 7006: Paint Color Review

Oyster White by Sherwin Williams is a very warm white. You could almost call it bright light. If you plan to have wood accents in your exterior, this will complement it well.

Like Pure White, don’t let the name fool you. Benjamin Moore Simply White is a warm white. It’s a little yellow, and on a side note, it’s Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for 2016.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White

Benjamin Moore White Dove is a soft white with hints of warm gray. It’s just the right amount of “off-white” if you don’t want too much cream on the outside of your house. White Dove is very popular and seems to be the go-to for many designers.

Hgtv Home By Sherwin Williams Semi Gloss Ultra White Acrylic Interior/ Exterior Door And Trim Paint (1 Gallon) In The Door & Trim Paint Department At

Update: We recently completed a renovation, and decided to use White Dove on the exterior. We are very happy with how it turned out. In my opinion, it could be the perfect exterior paint color.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White

If you’re looking for white exterior paint that isn’t warm or creamy, Sherwin-Williams Snowbound is great. It has a neutral gray marking. It’s probably a bit warmer than off-white, but nowhere near as warm as oyster white or alabaster.

We actually used Snowbound on the exterior trim of the house we flipped a few years ago. I fondly remember how soft it was.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White

Our Review Of Snowbound By Sherwin Williams

Benjamin Moore China White is a white that has a touch of warm gray. I’ve heard some people say it’s good, but I think they’re mostly talking about when it’s used for interior spaces. However, outside where you don’t like white, I think it’s amazing.

If you’re looking for a creamy white with a yellow undertone, White Duck by Sherwin Williams is it. It really is a perfect combination of greige and cream. Here you can see it at this beautiful Garden Gate House.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White

Update: We ended up using Sherwin Williams White Duck on the exterior of our house, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice! In full sun it has a very bland appearance and is not very attractive. However, on a stormy or rainy day, the cream color comes out. Below is a photo of the exterior of our house.

Our Favorite White Paint Colors — Lesley W Graham

Natural Choice is a neutral white that is not too yellow or gray. Compared to the White Duck, it seems more on the creamy side. Here is an example of Natural Selection on a home from Dixon Kirby Homes. I shared some stories the other day on Instagram from inside and outside our house! One of the most frequently asked questions is what paint color is. I honestly haven’t done much research when it comes to choosing paint. Fortunately, it was painted in the design of the house and when I saw it, I fell in love. It’s really white. Like, white white white. It doesn’t really have a yellow, blue or green shade. She is a real white person.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White

Sherwin Williams Pure White (7005). After deciding on this color for our interior, and knowing we wanted a farmhouse exterior, I was happy to hear that this was the color our builder recommended for the exterior. They also used Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black for the garage doors and front doors.

I also really like the black one. We are thinking of using it on some of the blacks in our house, so stay tuned for that! Studio McGee also recommends Tricorn Black and I love their style.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White

Painting Our Bungalow Dovetail Gray

These photos were taken at sunset so the siding has a slight orange tint around the inside and dip. It really is such a great white! Sherwin Williams Pure White contains very little color. The color information is R – 237, G – 236 and B – 230.

The hex value is #edece6 and the LRV is 84. Pure White can pick up colors from its surroundings which is great! This way it can almost change with the decoration.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White

What is an LRV you may ask? LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value which measures the amount of visible and usable light reflected from the paint surface.

All Around Sherwin Williams Eider White Paint Color

The scale goes from 0 to 100 with black at 0 and pure white at 100 (representing ALL light).

Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White

LRV helps when choosing a color and knowing how light or dark the color will look. In addition, Pure White is 84 which is very high.

We also painted our entire interior off-white and trimmed the doors. Since we used a different gloss, this works well.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White

Exterior Paint Color Update: Orange Pink Brick & Gray Hardi

It’s a great color to paint your interior if you really want white. Pure white is also good for trim, cabinets and cabinets.

Another white that we love and use in our yard is Sherwin Williams Snowbound. It is a beautiful, crisp white color. We used it here in Madison’s old room as floral wallpaper.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White

I love the wood planks on our front porch and can’t wait to decorate them for fall and the holidays!

Choosing Our Exterior Paint Color — The Tiny Canal Cottage

I also couldn’t believe that we almost left here with a white door. We need a lot of black pop on our white house! It is the perfect color for a statement door. I also saw it on a wardrobe and it looks good too.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White

Down the road we want to add some shelves and window boxes to our house. We will also draw these black tricorns. I think it needs something more!

I thought I’d share some homes that use Pure White on the outside so you can get a better idea of ​​what the color looks like.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White

Picking A White Exterior Paint Color For Your Home

We love using Sherwin Williams paint in our home. It was the only paint we used in our previous house and probably the only paint we will use in our new house. So far I have painted the girls bedroom. I hope to share this soon!

To see how we did girls bathrooms with our favorite pink, click here! Thank you so much for reading and please let me know. let me know if you have any questions!

Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White

Welcome to the Hood House! I’m Chelsee, a mother of 2 living in Arizona. We share all about our latest home builds, easy DIY’s, home design ideas, and just plain fun tips/tricks. I’m glad you came! By popular demand, (*drum roll please!*) I’m giving you my favorite exterior paint colors! Now white paint, especially for the color of your house, is smart. I think it can be the most sensitive of all colors because it can change the most sensitive depending on the light. And, in addition to the light, there are many shades, tones and hues that give the white exterior color a hint of blue or yellow or even blue!

Trending Exterior Paint Colors We Love

I think choosing a white paint color can be really hard! So I decided to write a post to help you navigate the white exterior paint color options. And I’ll share my top five picks for the best exterior colors!

Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White

The struggle is real, right? Choosing the right paint color is simply difficult. So here are my top tips for choosing the right exterior paint.

Try a little! I usually never know until I try. I suggest pulling a few samples in different parts of the house and looking at it during the day to see what you think. Or better yet, try two different colors

Sherwin Williams Exterior Trim White

Best White Exterior Paint Colors (2023)

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