Sherwin Williams French Gray Exterior

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Sherwin Williams French Gray Exterior – Are you thinking of getting a new look for the exterior of your home? A professional painting job could be just what you need. This year, we’re seeing some great paint colors around Kansas City that can make any home look amazing! The most stylish homes of 2023 are covered in soothing whites, dramatic blacks and even some shades of blues and greens. Read on to find out which trendy exterior paint colors will be perfect for your home.

This off-white paint is a versatile rich neutral paint that can shift between warm and cool tones depending on the light. It’s a great choice if you want a clean, simple look for your home. You can then create a stark contrast by painting the decorations in solid black or by complementing the smoothness of the white with soft gray decorations, like our beautiful house repainted last month.

Sherwin Williams French Gray Exterior

Sherwin Williams French Gray Exterior

If you love dark dark colors, this home exterior paint is for you. It’s a beautiful charcoal black that looks sophisticated whether it’s a base or accent color. A few days ago we painted a house in Kansas City with this color, in contrast to the heavy wood color for the decor. The result is a cool, elegant and striking look at the same time.

Timeless Paint Colors

This dark blue is so beautiful for the outside of the house! It adds subtle color while still looking solid and timeless. Pair it with bright, bright ornaments for a classic contrast or combine warm wood tones like walnut or cherry to give your home a rustic look. Check out this Lathrop, MO painting where our dark blue palette adds to the atmosphere of the family home.

Sherwin Williams French Gray Exterior

Have you ever thought about choosing green for the exterior of your home? This beautiful blue gray color can convince you. It’s actually a cool gray with a laurel undertone, which creates a more interesting neutral feel than the others. As a home exterior color, it looks regal and timeless, especially when combined with white trim details.

This combination of slate gray and steel blue is the perfect shade if you want your exterior to look fresh but not garish. It’s colorful enough to be dramatic but as classic as a trusty pair of jeans. For an even more polished look, use this with white trim and dark doors, like the Liberty, MO house we repainted.

Sherwin Williams French Gray Exterior

Idea House: A Charming New Old Home Set On The Florida Coast

A white house never goes out of style, and this gray paint color is one of the easiest whites to use (and look good!). We especially like its cool, glossy tone, which helps keep it from being blinding. Last March, we used this color for a house in Parkville, MO and finished the look with black trims and doors. It sure looks beautiful throughout the seasons.

This chic dark brown is a warm, dark color, which helps it stand out from the dark, moody homes this year. It pairs beautifully with neutral colors such as white and warm wood tones, creating an attractive color palette for your home’s exterior. Our favorite use of this paint color was a paint job we did in Kansas City, where this cozy black finishes the brick facade of the house.

Sherwin Williams French Gray Exterior

This is a classic neutral that is also a breath of fresh air. Gently but firmly, it is gray that brightens up the house in a subtle, elegant way. It can almost go with an accent color, but we highly recommend using a bright, contrasting color on the door to make it stand out! In our recent repaint example, notice the beautiful contrast of the blue door with the light gray of the house.

Popular Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors Giving Peace Of Mind

Speaking of gorgeous doors, we have to highlight this dark hunter green shade that looks great on doors and door frames. Green is not very popular as an exterior paint color, so a perfect green look like this is even more impressive. We recently used this door color on a house with light gray body paint and it looks so sophisticated!

Sherwin Williams French Gray Exterior

You can’t go wrong with a paint color called “Pleasant Grey”. It is light gray with beige undertones, making it a warm and potent neutral. You can certainly experiment with vibrant color combinations for this, but we also love the modern and monochromatic style by pairing this light with a darker grey. One example is this Kansas City exterior repaint that uses light colors for the body and darker colors for the trim and doors.

Have you noticed any of these exterior paint colors? Start talking to professional painters in Kansas City! Consult our team at HM Precision Painting for free for experienced and style-conscious home painting services. Call (816) 686-5684 today.Home → Best Paint Colors → BENJAMIN & SHERWIN: Paint Color Evaluation → Sherwin Williams Classic French Gray SW 0077: Paint Color Evaluation

Sherwin Williams French Gray Exterior

Best Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors

When it comes to choosing the best gray paint colors, it can be difficult to figure out which color is right for your home AND your personal taste. Whether you paint the walls, cabinets or exterior, you need to do your research. That’s why I’m glad you’re here with me today, drinking ginger Kool-Aid as we take a closer look at Sherwin Williams Classic French Grey.

I love showing REAL AND RELATIVE homes, so ONLY use photos of my Online Color Consultant clients. This means I don’t always get the high quality photos I want but I certainly have some very useful information to help you on your way!

Sherwin Williams French Gray Exterior

One of the best things about Sherwin Williams Classic French Gray is that while it’s a bit of a warm gray, it’s pretty neutral in most situations.

Trending Exterior Paint Colors We Love

When can Classic French Gray look a little warmer than usual? There is gentle light in the south direction or the evening is warm and sunny in the west. You can also see the warm COMFORT appearance of the cooler ambient finishes.

Sherwin Williams French Gray Exterior

The French classic gray has an LRV of 24, placing it at the slightly heavier end of the midrange (personally I love the end – I like trashy in the trunk). These low LRV paint colors are great because despite their body and size they won’t look BLACK even if you have a dark room. They also share a very bright room with lots of sunlight hitting the walls.

And while natural light IS GREAT, it’s not crazy enough that it changes the color of the front door that much ;). As part of this Online Paint Color Consultation is a beautiful new blue paint color for the front door – and the previous photo is the final choice.

Sherwin Williams French Gray Exterior

Sherwin Williams Gray Exterior

Not sure what LRV is? It could save your paint lover’s life – read about it HERE.

Since Classic French Grays have very subtle tones, they are not easily seen at first glance. However, a green tint can pop into the party if you combine this gray with another that has a more purple tint.

Sherwin Williams French Gray Exterior

As with all paint colors, I strongly recommend using SAMPLIZE. The Samplize is a paint and skin sampler that you can easily move around the room for less than half the cost of traditional sample pots – and they’ll arrive right at your door!

Gray Exterior House Paint Ideas

If I were to paint Classic French Grey, I would definitely choose these white paint colors for the trim, ceilings and doors…

Sherwin Williams French Gray Exterior

You bet it’s your starter! The classic French gray can be a great gray for the exterior. However, make sure it matches your special asphalt roof, stone or brick construction – these are ALL things you need to consider when choosing exterior paint colors!

What the hell. Although it may be common, many other grays prevail, including Sherwin Williams Dovetail and Benjamin Moore Chelsea Grey. If you are painting a kitchen island, bathroom vanity, accent wall or exterior, Classic French Gray can be a good choice but remember to compare it with other colors.

Sherwin Williams French Gray Exterior

The House Colors We Picked!

There are many shades like Classic French Grey. Remember, EVERY gray has its own tone, so compare carefully!

Classic French Gray has REASONABLE versatility, but like all neutral paint colors it has its own preferences, such as some…

Sherwin Williams French Gray Exterior

Not sure if Classic French Gray is right for you? Want a little warmer or cooler? I have more!

Of The Best Gray Exterior House Colors

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Sherwin Williams French Gray Exterior

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