Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

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Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors – Have you ever wondered why Southerners decorate the ceiling of some front (or back) porches and even the frames of some windows and doors in bright shades of blue and green? It’s more than just a random color choice – there are more specific reasons, and this is the perfect time of year to learn the spooky story of Haint Blue. Here is a brief history of this beautiful tradition and why you need this particular color as part of your decor.

The Macmillan Dictionary says: “According to Appalachian historian Dave Tabler, the word Haint can refer to an angry spirit, but also to ‘something that cannot scare you.’” Yes. Haint blue is therefore the color chosen to protect these evil spirits. . Ghosts and prevent them from haunting your home.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

The color blue is said to represent water, and stories passed down from generation to generation believe that ghosts can’t cross water, which means they can’t hang out through your door, through your window, or even on your porch – that’s a challenge. That’s a good thing, because there’s almost nothing more satisfying than sitting on a balcony in the south (and I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be with the living than the ugly ones)…

The Theory Behind Haint Blue Ceilings

There may be a good reason for this color choice: wasps and other nesting insects avoid the ceiling painted light blue, so you have fewer pests to kill in the summer. Some stories say that mosquitoes and mosquitoes exist when evil spirits are around, and getting rid of the spirits also means preventing these diseases. Having painted porches Haint Blue over the years, I can attest to its effectiveness: No ants nest on my beautiful blue porch (but they don’t hesitate to set up on another part of our trim or the floor that is painted white ). . .

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

Whether you believe in ghosts or just want a pest-free balcony, these legends have become a southern beauty, adding a touch of blue (and pairing well with hanging ferns, I might add). When you’re looking for ways to update your decision and add a conversation piece to your front or back yard, remember that come spring will come!

To log in to your account, you must confirm your email address. Please check your mails! In searching for the best Sherwin Williams blue paint, I came across two of SW’s best-selling blue paints. Then I spent some time finding some tried-and-true blue colors that will complement any room.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

Ways We Used Haint Blue To Paint Stairs + Porches — Diy Home Improvements Carolyn’s Blooming Creations

Let’s talk about color because that’s the most important thing I was asked about. I often get asked about white paint (you can read all about the best white SW paints here), but when people want to go outside they usually go for blue.

Firstly, blue is a beautiful color. It makes the background look bad or can look bold when combined with fun patterns. If you’re just starting to paint your walls, blue is a good place to start. I’ll do everything.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

Next, if we look at fashion, along with black and white, blue is also a beautiful color. Jeans, suits, ties – blue is a natural choice for clothing outside of black and white.

Sherwin Williams Tradewind (palette, Coordinating & Inspirations)

So I’m going to share some blue inspiration from Sherwin Williams with you. Then I’ll give you the full list and go through some examples of each color in a real room.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

Here are two prints from Sherwin Williams showcasing their most popular and best-selling products. And I have to say, I love her. Which is no surprise.

You spend a lot of time doing market research and sales analysis to find out what people like and where the trends are going. We differentiate between light and airy blue tones and deep blue tones like Naval.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Upward Review

Before we get into the details of the best shades of blue according to Sherwin Williams (and my personal biases and knowledge), you need to understand the undertones of the color.

Typically, undertones in depression can be blue or dark blue. You may have gray-blue.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

What are the color undertones? Undertones are created by mixing multiple colors, such as blue with black (for indigo) or blue with a green tint (for turquoise). The dominant color, sometimes called tone or overtone, is the color you see. The color you can’t see is the undertone. From

Picking An Exterior Paint Color For Our Custom Build

Above, Sherwin Williams Windy Blue is slightly gray, while Sherwin Williams Stardew has green-gray undertones. Do you see green in Stardew?

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

To determine the undertone, compare the color to the first color and then to the second color. When you compare a color with the same undertone, the undertone will show up in the swatch and you should easily recognize it.

Subtle colors emerge in changing light and in combination with the background color of furniture or accessories.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Atmospheric Vs Porch Ceiling Side By Side Comparison

On the other hand, if you compare the colors below, Sherwin Williams Gale Force looks a little green and Indigo Batik has a gray look. Naval has the purest color and no noise.

Comparing the colors together, Naval also appears to be a “cleaner” or cleaner color compared to Gale Force or Indigo Batik.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

On Sherwin Williams’ shortlist of the best blues, it’s the colors that make it. I’m showing pictures of each one so you can see how they impact the entire space.

What Color Is Haint Blue?

Sara from @simplysoutherncottage painted her ceiling sky blue and it’s a real treat to look at the artificial sky color on the swing doors.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

View this post on Instagram Posted by CBG Custom Homes LLC (@cbgcustomhomes) View this post on Instagram Posted by Samantha | Farmhouse Fosters (@farmhousefosters) NWS Sherwin Williams Windy Blue SW 6240

This bathroom and mirror frame is a perfect example of Sherwin Williams Windy Blue. The color goes beautifully with the natural light that a room with white and marble tiles has.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

Haint Blue Paint Color Formulas & South Shutter Dark Green

Sherwin Williams Poolhouse from Here I show the same location from two different times and angles to highlight how lighting and time change the appearance of colors.

SW Stardew is one of my favorites. Personally, our Upper House is painted this color (I won’t tell you though as the room isn’t finished yet).

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

The second photo is a kitchen design using 50% Sherwin Williams Stardew and 50% Uncertain Gray for the cabinets. Displays Stardew blue well, even at 50%.

Savannah Haint Blue Dark Paint Color Formula Download

We recently repainted our Sherwin Williams Waterloo office and it’s a beautiful, elegant color for the place.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

Emily Henderson painted Waterloo in this family room and bar. The natural light that flows into the room, with warm fabrics and natural furniture make this place beautiful and beautiful.

Made in? Without further ado – Waterloo is the perfect blue for your room. Take it a step further and paint the ceiling too, making the room look like a pocket.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

Why Blue Ceilings Are Such A Popular Tradition

This Sherwin Williams Blue, Indigo Batik is suitable as a blue color for any wall or closet. Although it looks brighter on the wall than on the shelves, it is also beautiful in use.

I’m not sure this is the #1 Sherwin Williams blue. I would like it more than Naval!

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

I would describe Gale Force as a color chameleon. It changes with the lighting and the objects around it. Below are the beautiful lights painted by SW Gale Force.

Why I Painted My Porch Ceiling Black Instead Of Blue

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Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

Then you will be surrounded by this blue-green wall color. It goes very well with large floral prints and shiny brass accents.

I can finally imagine myself sitting by the fireplace with a cup of coffee and a book. This version of Gale Force has a positive impact on the overall look as the trim is also painted the same color and there is no white paint to ruin. This is perfection!

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

Haint Blue Paint Colors For A Charming Front Porch

Sherwin Williams Naval is the color of the year for 2020, so it’s no surprise that this is the top color of Sherwin Williams Blue.

In 2015 I painted our front door with Naval exterior paint. Can we say I was the first? Just kidding, but actually the color of the year is probably because people like dark, bold, whimsical places, like clean classic colors and avoid anything gray.

Sherwin Williams Haint Blue Paint Colors

The rise gives the true blue background without the difference of blood. In the pictures below

Transform Your Outdoor Living Space With Haint Blue

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