Sherwin Williams Living Room Paint Colors

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It’s still August, but you can bet 2020 will be here before you know it. With the new decade comes a new color selection for the year, and by the looks of it, we’re off to a good start.

Sherwin Williams Living Room Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Living Room Paint Colors

Paint manufacturers often release a color trend forecast before the year’s official color lineup—usually the new COTY is prominently featured in their palettes. We spoke with Sherwin-Williams Color Marketing Director Sue Wadden via email to get her take on the latest trends.

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“Well-being means something different to everyone, but the theme of our palette is that there’s no one way you can – or shouldn’t – achieve it,” says Wadden. “Well-being takes precision, and we’ve designed each of the five Colormix palettes to represent many of the components of a mindful lifestyle . Sometimes being our best selves requires slowing down and taking stock, but other times it can mean change and change. opportunities to connect with others. When it comes to choosing colors and designing spaces in the home, we really have to think about the purpose of the space and how it can complement the feeling of well-being in the home.”

He says about the role of color in our well-being: “Colors help shape our everyday environment and can greatly affect our mood – whether we are aware of the effect or not. For example, airy or faded shades can help you feel relaxed; light bold letters give energy and focus; and warm neutral colors make the space friendly and inviting. When choosing paint colors, really think about how you want the space to feel and let those feelings guide your decision.

Check out the Sherwin-Williams Colormix forecast for 2020 and beyond and see if you can guess which shades will dominate.

“The Haven reflects the growing need for safe havens away from the busy world,” says Wadden. “Designed with the Earth’s seasonal, renewable cycles in mind, starting with shades of sea (Granite Peak SW 6250), sand (Beige Intenso SW 9096), forest (Acacia Haze SW 9132) and sky (Stardew SW 9138).”

How To Use Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster Paint Color

“The power of a neutral palette can never be underestimated,” says designer Jean Stoffer. “Soft shades of blue, shades of rich gray and perfectly formed pure white are timeless classics and essential interior design elements. There is a lot of beauty in nature, so if the same shades are reflected in the interior, the comfort of nature will resonate with the inhabitants. Living plants and psychologically proven soothing color palettes are trendy right now and show an interesting shift in the design industry. If this mindset continues in the coming years, I’m sure the wellness movement will see unprecedented growth and positivity in the home.”

According to Wadden, Alive was inspired by the optimism that comes with an empty table and the importance of being present to experience each moment. It features Naval SW 6244, a deep and earthy blue, balanced by nourishing neutrals and rich, rejuvenating Ripe Olive SW 6209.”

“We feel a movement from stressful days to a balanced, better work ethic,” said Latham Gordon and Cate Dunning. “The concepts of authenticity, contemporary relevance and self-care are ideas that influence our work, our personal lives and our clients’ designs. As in previous years, we use deep, rich colors that are intensely soothing. . We work at full strength – we paint every surface dark blue or olive green. The choice is yours a sense of purpose for the room and an understated intensity that we really like. It’s the equivalent of a thought-provoking novel that leaves you content to read on the beach or an intense thriller.”

Sherwin Williams Living Room Paint Colors

As for Mantra, Wadden says it “was born from the intersection of East and West—specifically, an ongoing desire for Scandinavian simplicity and elegantly efficient Japanese design. Toned neutrals like Gray SW 6001 and Software SW 7074 transition easily from warm to cool, offering subtle versatility.”

Sitting Room Paint Color Ideas

“Encouraging clients to use color is part of my daily conversation,” says designer Kim Lewis. “I’ve always said that there is a psychology to color and the way it evokes emotion in design. I love that the color combination of the Mantra palette takes a cooler turn and sweeps through the paint layer like a breath of fresh air.

– Playing is basically letting go and having fun – something that adults can easily forget, says Wadden. “Saturated Juneberry SW6573 certainly feels grown-up, but the surprise pops of Eros Pink SW 6860 and Gambol Gold SW 6690 keep things fresh.”

“I naturally like the Play palette because the big, bold original wall art in Pure White SW 7005 (one of my favorite SW colors) is part of our design,” says Kelly Kole. “I also think every room needs a bit of black (I prefer matte) and Caviar SW 6990 is perfect for perfect black with a touch of brown.”

“At the heart is our need for comfort and personal connection—feelings that are easily lost in our digital world,” says Wadden. “To promote these feelings, we took inspiration from bohemian design and created a harmonious palette of silky earthy tones such as Dark Clove SW 9183, Angora SW 6036 and Coral Clay SW 9005.”

Sherwin Williams Releases 2022 Paint Color Predictions

“The colors in the Heart palette are so calm and inviting, yet bold when they need to be,” says Amber Clore. “Knowing that when it comes to painting, sometimes it needs to be the star of the show and other times it needs to take a back seat. This palette does that naturally.”

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