Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Semi Gloss

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Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Semi Gloss – First, thank you from the bottom of my heart for responding to my last post about cheese. I think I cried for two days reading your comments and letters. I think you know that, and I’ve had the pleasure of sharing it with you over the past two years. So, thank you.

Second, many of you ask about the basement. Here is the real truth. There was a period of about three months where the whole project was a disaster, and I really thought I should just wrap it in police tape and pretend it didn’t happen. And I wanted to blog about it eventually, so I didn’t.

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Semi Gloss

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Semi Gloss

However, I am happy to report that the repairs will be completed and this story will finally come to an end.

How To Paint Cabinets: Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel Review

We are still finishing everything (a week or two depending on how fast I paint), but I will share with you soon. I personally would never have mentioned a basement until just 3 weeks ago, so this seems like a very nice development.

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Semi Gloss

So, back to the business at hand. About 70% of the questions you get are about painting furniture, and I see a lot of similar questions. So today I thought I would answer your top 5. I hope this article will make painting furniture easier for you.

Conditioning is important when it comes to getting good, long-term results. I get the best results when I sand the entire piece with grit paper. I’m not worried about sticking it on raw wood, as light scratches on the surface are often deceiving.

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Semi Gloss

Review Of Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane

I use a Dewalt Orbit Sander (affiliate link) which has a bag that collects all the dust. But in my first year of painting furniture I did it by hand with sandpaper. One method works well, but once you learn the magic of an orbital sander, you’ll never go back to manual.

To remove lumps, I rarely do. It is messy, time consuming, and often unnecessary to get the desired results. However, if you have a piece of wood that has been painted and the paint is in bad shape (peel, etc.), removing that piece gives you fresh, untreated wood to work with.

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Semi Gloss

If you want to get rid of it, I recommend citristrip. It’s safer to use than other curling solutions and your lashes won’t feel like they’re falling out when you open the bottle.

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Yes. Sanding and sanding pieces will give you the best results, but if you’re not going to sand, at least sand. The primer adheres the paint to the surface and prevents the paint from bubbling or blowing. It traps odors or stains (even wood stains) with great paint jobs.

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Semi Gloss

I only use two tools when painting furniture. I brush the paint on with a Wooster Angled Paint Brush, (I’ve never found another brush that compares to this thing) and then while the paint is still wet I roll a small foam roller in the paint and roll it over the paint. . The area I just drew. The Worcester paints over every little spot that the roller can’t, and then the roller removes it all.

* In case you’re wondering, Flotrol is also useful for smudging paint and preventing brush strokes, but I’ve found in my experience that I get the best results using a foam roller even with Flotrol on the paint.

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Semi Gloss

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint?

I’ve drawn a lot on this blog and I love experimenting with different colors because I learn as I go and I never know when I’ll hit something good.

I really like it and have been using it a lot lately, like office wear.

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Semi Gloss

Pros: It’s oil-based, so all you need is a paintbrush, and brushstrokes are delivered in minutes to create a sleek, professional finish. It’s also very durable and doesn’t require a top coat, which I love.

What In Proclassic Is This Label?

The Bad: It smells terrible and is highly toxic, so you have to paint the outside or be prepared to leave your house for the day.

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Semi Gloss

Pros: The finish looks like oil paint and is very durable without a terrible smell. It is water based, so it can be used internally and cleaned with water. I bought some semi-gloss paint and found that I didn’t need a top coat to go with it. The semi-gloss finish acts as a built-in topcoat and dries to the touch.

Cons: If you want to use water-based paint, Pro Classic is the best I’ve found, but it’s a bit more expensive than other paints. You pay double, but you definitely get what you pay for.

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Semi Gloss

Painting Cabinets. Your Questions Answered!

I used this paint on most of my furniture before I realized I could get better results with #1 and #2.

Pros: Inexpensive, half the price of SW Pro Classic. It is water based, so it is odorless and easy to clean with water. It works and looks great.

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Semi Gloss

Cons: Not as durable as #1 or #2, and even if you use a semi-gloss finish, you’ll find that it doesn’t dry well and is prone to chipping. This usually results in me using a top coat, which I don’t like to use on painted areas because it’s too bricky and doesn’t look as good as using #1 or #2 without a top coat.

Sherwin Williams Enamel Paint For Metal

4. American Chalk Paint: Chalk paint gives a completely different look because it is a flat paint that needs to be finished with wax. So it’s a very matte, hand-crafted finish that can be very beautiful.

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Semi Gloss

Pros: Very easy to use. It adheres well to wood, so no sanding is required (though a little sanding the wood won’t hurt). It’s water-based, so it’s easy to clean and dries quickly, with the entire piece drying within an hour.

Cons: For me, it’s an aesthetic thing. I just love the look of #1 and #2 because they are both lacquer. Chalk paint creates a more subdued look, which while nice, isn’t the vibe I’m going for here. I have used chalk paint on the tv stand and it looks great. However, I see it almost every day and I’m thinking of using #1 to give it a lacquer look.

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Semi Gloss

Best Paint For Kitchen Cabinets: How To Choose The Right One

I don’t like using topcoat (and rarely do I find a color that doesn’t need one), but it doesn’t hurt to understand the different options available. Here are my thoughts on the different coatings I’ve used.

1. Minwax Polyurethane: Oil based, very durable and looks great with black color. The only problem is that it is very yellow, so if you use it on a lighter color it will turn yellow within a few weeks.

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Semi Gloss

2. Minwax Polycrylic: It’s water-based, so it won’t yellow, but it’s not as durable as polyurethane. In addition, it germinates and does not acidify and spread. I’ve often used it on painted parts, but I haven’t because I’ve seen colors #1 and #2, and I don’t think they need to be painted.

Pro Industrialâ„¢ High Performance Coatings

3. Varatane Polyurethane: You told me this when I was disappointed with Polycryl, it’s better. It is water based, so its color is not yellow. But, it doesn’t smile much, so the application looks smooth and beautiful. (I used the matte finish on a gray Ikea cabinet and it looks great.)

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Semi Gloss

4. Wax (I used Minwax and Americana): I use wax for flat paint or chalk paint. It’s not very durable so it needs to be reapplied once a year, but again… it’s a drag, not really durable.

I originally used wax chalk paint on my bedroom rugs (in this post), but a few months ago I redid my bedroom (which I’ll blog about one of these days) and went back to repaint it. Very happy with Glidden Oil Paint and product.

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Semi Gloss

Sherwin Williams Pearly White Color Review

I know it’s a lot of information to digest, but I hope this helps those who have questions. If you are still reading right now….I love you. Build that deck right with Home Pros. Start enjoying this deck

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