Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Waterbased Epoxy

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Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Waterbased Epoxy

Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Waterbased Epoxy

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Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Waterbased Epoxy

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Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Waterbased Epoxy

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The video above details how and when to use the special high-performance coatings available in the Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial™ line.

Below you will find brief descriptions of the top 10 high-performance coatings for commercial, light industrial, hospitality, healthcare and multi-family projects. Click on product names for detailed information, including data sheets, environmental specifications, ratings and reviews, and product literature that you can take with your customers.

Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Waterbased Epoxy

The washability, chemical resistance, and tough, impact-resistant finish of pre-catalyzed water-based epoxy make it an ideal coating for high-traffic areas such as hospitals, schools, and restaurants. Its perfect skin and perfect finish reduce the number of layers required. Specially formulated for block, drywall, stone and concrete, it is the perfect coating for almost any commercial project that requires durability, performance and the ability to withstand repeated cleaning. It provides excellent stain blocking properties and provides flow and levels for a smooth finish. The one-component formula means there’s no need to mix or measure. It does not have a limited shelf life. For example, available in shell and semi-gloss colors.

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This tough and tough finish is stain and chemical resistant and is great for commercial spaces. Offers excellent direct-to-metal corrosion resistance and flow and grades for a smooth finish.

Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Waterbased Epoxy

This fast-drying coating is easy to apply by brush, roller or spray and is ideal for commercial areas. Provides exceptional stain resistance and maintains exterior color and shine. It flows and glides smoothly and meets the strictest VOC regulations.

This advanced acrylic coating is a high-gloss, wear-resistant urethane with excellent weathering properties. Resistant to chemicals, it can be applied directly to water and solvent-based organic zinc-rich primers. It has less than 100 g/L VOCs and is suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities.

Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Waterbased Epoxy

Sherwin Williams Contractor And Facility Maintenance Catalog By Sherwin Williams

DTM acrylic coating is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of commercial and institutional environments. It is an ideal choice when you need a product that can be used for both indoor and outdoor commercial applications. Meets the most stringent VOC regulations and provides excellent corrosion and rust resistance, weather resistance and moisture and corrosion resistance.

Designed for surfaces where chemical and abrasion resistance is important, this multi-purpose epoxy is specifically designed for industrial maintenance environments and high-performance architectural applications. Pre-measured and easy to mix, it provides a single coat with a top coat. It is chemical and abrasion resistant and suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities.

Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Waterbased Epoxy

Multi-Surface Acrylic is specially formulated to provide superior hiding and good stain resistance. This indoor/outdoor, self-priming, water-based gloss acrylic can be applied to very clean surfaces, making it ideal for walls and ceilings in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, schools, hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings. making it ideal for use on ceilings. sites. , where complete cleaning is impractical. It provides excellent color and gloss retention and is great for use on a variety of substrates. Multi-Surface Acrylic is a dry drop type coating that provides alkyd-like hardness. It is ideal when you need to paint several substrates, but it is preferable to buy only one product. This fast-drying gloss acrylic is easily applied by brush, roller or spray and is designed for indoor and outdoor use on marginally prepared surfaces.

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This interior/exterior enamel provides beauty and durability when applied to surfaces such as properly prepared drywall, wood, stone and metal. It combines the practicality and ease of use of water-based coatings with the performance of traditional oil-based enamel coatings. It provides excellent washing, maintenance, hydration and smoothing. The easy-to-apply finish is also resistant to yellowing.

Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Waterbased Epoxy

This self-healing acrylic primer is designed for construction and maintenance applications and for surfaces where rust and corrosion resistance is important. As an alternative to solvent-based metal primers, it can be used on all bare steel, aluminum and galvanized substrates and is ideal for steel structures, machinery, pipes or equipment found in schools, hospitals, hotels, commercial and industrial buildings. Sites. This one-component primer accepts all topcoats, including urethanes and hot melt epoxies. It dries quickly and is resistant to early moisture and is suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities. It is available in red oxide, gray and white.

The coating is easily applied by airless spraying and dries quickly – before it can settle on machines, equipment and floors. Ideal for exposed ceilings and overhead surfaces in commercial, warehouse and manufacturing facilities. Its gorgeous skin covers many surfaces and colors in one layer. It retains whiteness and light-reflecting properties even in the presence of industrial fumes, and when applied to a non-combustible surface, results in a Class A flame spread rating. It meets all current VOC regulations as well as LEED NC, CI and CS requirements.

Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Waterbased Epoxy

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The 12-page Pro Industrial™ Product Overview Guide provides numerous charts to make product selection for all your high-performance coating needs as easy as possible. Contact your Sherwin-Williams representative for a copy.

Check out the latest PRO on Go video content below or view the entire video collection here.

Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Waterbased Epoxy

A DAY IN THE LIFE WITH NOAH KANTER – We’re hanging out with Noah Kanter, owner of Nth Degree Painting in Burlington, Vermont, to talk interior and exterior home finishes.

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Tip: Use a report card to improve customer service – You need a feedback mechanism to know if your customers are happy, says Kevin Nolan of Nolan Painting. Here’s one of the best ways he found.

Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Waterbased Epoxy

SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO SITE – Ohio-based Paint Medics creates short, inexpensive job site videos to post on Facebook and YouTube. Owner Chuck Kocinski explains how it helps him build his business and build customer trust.

Professional Painting Contractor (PPC) magazine is published by Sherwin-Williams for owners and managers of commercial and residential construction companies.

Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Waterbased Epoxy

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Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Waterbased Epoxy

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Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Waterbased Epoxy

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