Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors

Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors – Mushroom colors are the perfect combination of natural, soft earth tones. Sponge paint can serve as a warm, soft background for any space in the home!

These shades inspired by nature can create the perfect living space. Instead, they are well suited for accent colors, interior walls or paneling and outdoor use.

Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors

Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors

You’ll find my top 12 picks for the best sponge paints on the market and see them used in real rooms! You will definitely leave with inspiration for painting any space in your home.

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Choosing a paint color is hard… so I’m here to help! Today we are going to cover my favorite types of sponge dyes.

Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors

If you’ve been following me for long, you know I can talk about colors until I’m blue-eyed. Did someone say blue instead? Don’t miss the beautiful Blue Gray and the favorite Coastal Blues either.

Color plays a big part in creating a warm and cozy dream home, and we are happy to offer you these paint tips!

Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors

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I hope that by talking about these brands, we will help you make a careful and safe choice. Although painting is one of the cheapest things you can do at home, mistakes are expensive!

You may be asking yourself some questions. “Are the colors of the color of the mushroom and the color of the same color the same?” “Is the mushroom the same color as taupe?” Good questions!

Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors

Taupe tends to read as a dark gray/beige color with a touch of pink or purple. Gray is often thought of as a softer, shinier color… neither white nor grey, but a good combination of all of the above.

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Mushroom colors are somewhere in between. It’s a bit deeper than a soft pastel gray and less pink/purple than the classic taupe color. They make a great, neutral space in many places!

Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors

The color of the mushroom is medium brown on a gray background. Brown is dominant, but there’s enough gray that it doesn’t count as brown or brown – it’s neutral.

It is a very large color that can be displayed as an accent or as a large color in a space. Mushroom colors can work with shades of blue, cream, warm white, even green and purple or gray.

Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors

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These colors range from soft and pale mushroom colors (belonging to the greige family) to deep and vibrant colors.

We’ll start with the easier types of mushrooms we’ll cover here. This is a soft, light brown color with lots of gray and beige. With an LRV of 73.16, it’s an easy way to grow mushrooms at home!

Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors

Then BM natural cream. We’ve gotten so excited about this genre recently that I had to add it to this list! At LRV 64 this is a surprisingly deep cream that can read as gray or sponge in certain lighting.

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With shades of yellows and grays, this is a deep gray color that looks great on both walls and furniture. Actually it’s LRV 51, it’s an important model, similar lighting to SW Loggia.

Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors

BM Stone Hearth 984 is a real mushroom! It’s a little purple and brown, it’s a chameleon color that reads differently in different ways. The Stone Hearth has an LRV of 48, which places it in the middle of the lighting price scale.

This is a very popular shade and is on the same color chart as Revere Pewter, which is very deep. Edgecomb Gray HC-173 is a nice gray/beige color, but can read yellow in some lighting conditions. Its LRV is 63.

Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors

Paint Colour Review: Sherwin Williams Loggia & Shiitake

Yes, we can’t pass this up. This is a medium sized mushroom that is a Pinterest favorite! At 55 LRV, it is a perennial favorite of interior designers and homeowners!

Revere Pewter and Shiitake (below) are also the closest matches we’ve found for our cabinets in our soon-to-be popular home projects. Read all about our basement toilet project (including springs, etc.) and our current laundry room project here. We have shared the sponge color code for the cabinets if you want an exact match! Sherwin Williams Shiitake

Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors

Shiitake is warm, neutral. SW 9173 leans heavily on warm beige, with just enough gray in the background to keep it from being boring! With an LRV of 51, this is a deep color that you want to use carefully and be sure to study the lighting during the day.

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Loggia and Shiitake are very similar. In fact, while SW Loggia’s LRV is 48, making it a deeper and more important color than most options on this list, Shiitake is just a touch! All are the best mushroom colors, and the back is grey.

Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors

Another addition to my gray set, this mushroom is in twilight. I love the little pinks and purples in the light mushroom shade with an LRV of 69.

On the other hand we have the BM Pashmina which is a deep color. It has an LRV of 43, making it the darkest mushroom color on the list! In fact, it’s deep enough to contrast subtle colors and can make a room feel warm and cozy… just make sure you’re well lit so they don’t seem overwhelming.

Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors

Our Paint Palettes With Sherwin Williams

This is a beautiful mushroom color with shades of green and gray. Depending on the lighting, it can look a lot green, so be aware of that and remember to examine it at different times of the day. With an LRV of 44, this is a very deep model.

Finally we have SW Realist Beige. We used this paint on the exterior of our house years ago (see Tudor Paint here). It’s a nice medium mushroom color with an LRV of 59. With a beige back on the regular basket, you can expect to see more of it on your Pinterest and Instagram feeds. But many of us are still afraid of beige; a slight deviation from the construction beige of the late 90s and the Tuscan beige of the early 2000s.

Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors

In order to show you ORIGINAL AND REAL homes, I ONLY STUDY pictures from my Online Color Consulting clients. This means I don’t always have the perfect images I need or the RIGHT photos, but I do have some very useful information to help you along the way!

Gone With The Beige. Hello Greige!

Shiitake and Loggia are light or BEIGE (if you consider beige and tan to be the same thing). As light colors, Loggia and Shiitake are gorgeous, but not as hot as the beiges of the early 2000s.

Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors

This means they are often not warm/orange enough for most of the beige tiles we see in early 2000s homes, or even some of TODAY’s most popular finishes that require a golden beige/brown option. BUT, that doesn’t mean it can’t work for you and what ends up in your home!

If you have south-facing light (or western sunlight), expect Loggia & Shiitake to rely on its warmth; even touches a lot of yellow. However, if you have a north-facing light or a strong east, Loggia and Shiitake can be a good way to add warmth to your room (make sure the room is WELL LIGHTED, otherwise they will be a bit visible. black and white) .

Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors

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Their LRVs set Loggia & Shiitake apart – because they are both VERY similar in every way.

The Lodge has LRV 48; Shiitake’s LRV is 51. This means that all LIGHT-MEDIUM deep colors, but Loggia is about 25% black. Because they are neutral in bright environments, they can appear flat or static in a room without natural or artificial light. However, these low-profile LRVs also help keep Loggia and Shiitake away in well-lit rooms!

Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors

Not sure what an LRV is? It could save your colored friend’s life – read all about it HERE.

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Loggia and Shiitake are not MUCH devoted to hearing. However, unlike beige, it does NOT lean below orange (one reason why it doesn’t go well with most popular tiles). Both Loggia and Shiitake are very attractive (very) yellow in the ground – although it is EXCELLENT.

Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors

One of the BEST ways to compare these two colors is to compare them directly to Sherwin William’s Balanced Beige. Combining these three colors makes it easy to see how Balanced Beige looks like TAUPE compared to the SMALL yellow/brown of Loggia and Shittake.

Can it produce green eye? Yes, but usually only if you combine them with a surface that leans towards pink-orange tones (like many beige tiles AND carpets). In fact, they are not stable

Sherwin Williams Shiitake Coordinating Colors

Designing In Sherwin Williams Naturalist Palette

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