Sherwin Williams Superdeck Semi Solid

Sherwin Williams Superdeck Semi Solid – Stains and primers produce the beautiful results customers are looking for…with easy application and quick drying to help you be more productive. These six coatings will help you handle many tasks on the deck.

SuperDeck’s complete line of deck care products are ideal for restoring, weathering, stripping, cleaning, painting and sealing customers’ decks.

Sherwin Williams Superdeck Semi Solid

Sherwin Williams Superdeck Semi Solid

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Sherwin Williams Superdeck Semi Solid

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Sherwin Williams Superdeck Semi Solid

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Sherwin Williams Superdeck Semi Solid

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Sherwin Williams Super Deck Water Based Stain Reviews: Is It Any Good?

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Sherwin Williams Superdeck Semi Solid

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Sherwin Williams Superdeck Semi Solid

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Technical storage or permission is required to create a user profile to send advertisements or track a user across websites or across multiple websites for similar marketing purposes. This post is sponsored by Sherwin-Williams ® . I am working with Sherwin-Williams this year and I got paid to work on this project. Product provided by Sherwin-Williams and all thoughts, opinions and efforts are your own!*

Hello my friends! Thank you all for all the love in revealing our backyard beauty. The response was great and we were enjoying our new space… before we had this fake and disrespectful heat wave in our area and it was over 106 week. It will not be tolerated there. Needless to say, I can’t wait for it to pass so I can get back to spending more time outside. Although it’s been hot lately, we’re starting to feel the heat even before the outdoor space is finished during one of the biggest improvement projects: painting the deck. Luckily I finished before the real tanners arrived. Today I’m going to share how I approached this project.

Sherwin Williams Superdeck Semi Solid

The biggest goal I want for our outdoor space is to feel like an extension of our home’s indoor space. I wanted to blur the lines between interior and exterior and knew that painting the deck would be a big factor in that outcome. While natural mahogany is beautiful, I didn’t want it to look or feel like a regular wood deck. I love the warmth of the hardwood floor color in our home and was hoping to replicate it outside.

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Because we used mahogany, we had to wait a few months after it was built to apply any stain or protective coating. This allows the wood and oil to dry properly, so the stain will set better and produce a better color. The build was completed in February and we let it dry for 5 months before painting in July. If you’re working with wood like pine or Douglas fir, you won’t have to wait long (if at all) to paint. Once I had a game plan for how to tackle the project, I ordered a Sherwin-Williams paint and harvest kit.

Sherwin Williams Superdeck Semi Solid

I used a brush, roller, metal tray, spray pump and Sherwin-Williams SuperDeck cleaner and stain to complete the project.

As with any painting project, good results start with a clean and well-prepared surface. I cleaned and swept the entire deck. Then I cleaned it well. I used SuperDeck Revive Deck and Siding Brightener to clean and wash the decking. This formulation is intended for use on raw or untreated cedar, redwood, or pressure-treated wood.

Sherwin Williams Superdeck Semi Solid

How I Stained Our Deck With Sherwin Williams

I helped myself with this part of the project, as you have to prevent the product from drying on the wood during application. Naomi and I worked on a small area where we wet the area and applied SuperDeck Revive using a pump sprayer.

After application, she used a poly bristle brush to scrub the area. Then leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse with a hose under high pressure.

Sherwin Williams Superdeck Semi Solid

Once we were in the groove, everything went quickly. After cleaning the entire deck, let it dry overnight. The next morning the wood looked fresh, renewed and alive…like it was new again!

Superdeck Stain Review

Once the deck was washed and ready to be roughed up, I went one more time with the broom and sanded down the entire length of the house where the deck meets to protect the exterior paint.

Sherwin Williams Superdeck Semi Solid

Now it’s time to draw. I chose SuperDeck Exterior Exterior Waterborne Formula semi-solid paint. When choosing a deck stain, you will need to consider maintenance and how often recoating will be required. A good rule of thumb is bright black or more and low maintenance. Clear coats and opaque stains require maintenance and frequent use, as hard or stubborn stains may take a long time before needing to be reapplied. SuperDeck is great because it can also be used on wet wood.

The SuperDeck stains come in many colors and I chose maroon SW 3524. I wanted a very rich brown and when I tried the color swatch a few months ago, this color was perfect. I redrew a small area to be

Sherwin Williams Superdeck Semi Solid

×6 Double T&g V Roof Decking

Listen guys…your daughter is scared to brush her teeth for the first time. It looks very scary. We saved a lot of time building the deck and the last thing I wanted to do was destroy it. It was a project that challenged me to trust my vision and process. I started by rolling the stain with a short roller, then gently combed the back 6 inches to smooth it out. Always apply in the direction of the grain.

There was a learning curve when working with the glaze because it was different from any other glaze I had used before. You apply it like you would paint it and after you let it sit on the wood for a few minutes you just swirl/brush it without removing the paint. It took me a while to get used to it, but once I did it was smooth. I was also working against the heat, so I had to move quickly. I realized after the first day that I preferred applying the stain with a brush, so I pulled out my other work brushes (the Purdy is my favorite!) and used them for the duration of the project.

Sherwin Williams Superdeck Semi Solid

Save me from myself the next time I get a crazy idea to repaint the deck! Let me tell you, it took FOREVER!!! I didn’t know how big the deck was until I had to paint it. Manually. On the board. It’s huge and it took longer than I expected due to its size. I can work with him early in the morning and a little in the evening

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