Shoji Closet Doors For Bedrooms

Shoji Closet Doors For Bedrooms – In traditional Japanese architecture, ‘A Shōji (障子) is a partition of a door, window or room, made of translucent paper mounted on a wooden frame holding together a grid of wood or bamboo. While the traditional paper used today is “washi”, shōji now uses laminated materials and other, more modern materials.

Here are some shoji door and screen designs we have created and others we can create for you.

Shoji Closet Doors For Bedrooms

Shoji Closet Doors For Bedrooms

It directly serves the greater Honolulu area and all Hawaiian Islands. NO SHIPPING if you live in Oahu!

Jochem’s Shoji (japanese Sliding Doors)

We repair Shoji screens where possible and feasible. Most repairs involve replacing broken “rice paper”.

Shoji Closet Doors For Bedrooms

Our Shoji screens, doors and panels are proudly custom made on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. Shoji Hawaii directly serves most of Honolulu and all of the Hawaiian Islands. So there is NO SHIPPING COST if you live on Oahu!

Shoji Hawaii has created a beautiful collection of traditional and custom Shoji screens, doors and room dividers. Our screens and doors are handmade from the finest wood and paper available. Our Shoji dividers can be sliding, folding, used as cabinet doors, closet doors, pocket doors or as regular doors. Check out examples of our installations. Choose between a classic or custom design in the wood, tone and finish of your choice, all at affordable prices.

Shoji Closet Doors For Bedrooms

Interior Design Ideas

Make Shoji Hawaii screens or doors an integral part of your home design plan. Shoji doors add a sophisticated “look” to any room with a delicate wooden grid mounted on your choice of opaque or translucent paper. We want you to enjoy your walls, partitions and doors; They are a work of art… Our Shoji dividers can be designed for all kinds of purposes in your home or office.

A Shoji room divider turns a studio into a one-bedroom apartment, or a one-bedroom apartment into a two-bedroom apartment, etc. At a relatively low cost, it maximizes the value of your property or your rental potential while adding beauty to your home. In addition, it captures cold air from the air conditioner, reducing electricity costs while increasing comfort. See the Honolulu Star-Advertiser article.

Shoji Closet Doors For Bedrooms

Close the shoji door and you have two separate rooms; Open the door and there is a large room.

Shoji Screen Doors

We ensure that your Shoji doors are perfectly assembled and fully customized. Whether you need a lintel over the door, a post for support or a side wall to fill the gap next to the door, we will be happy to advise you and offer you the best solutions. We may receive a commission if you use our cufflink partner. However, this has no influence on our recommendations.

Shoji Closet Doors For Bedrooms

Our newest home, a 1970s loft, features an open second level that doubles as a master bedroom and study. We love the light-filled space, but someone (my wife) has trouble sleeping when someone else (me) is typing on the keyboard. I knew from the beginning that sliding doors would be a good solution and was looking for inspiration. I got the answer from my local carpenters guild.

The Oregon Guild of Woodworkers rents its workshops from Greenline Fine Woodworking, which once occupied the entire building. Natsu Morioka, a furniture company employee, built two giant Shoji-style sliding doors to separate the workshop from the office. A beautiful door now serves as the end of the guild library.

Shoji Closet Doors For Bedrooms

Japanese Series Pre Assemble Stained Wood Interior Sliding Barn Door W

Morioka’s pristine net poles (kumiko) come directly from the shoji umbrella tradition, but are slightly heavier and sturdier thanks to durable, translucent plastic where handmade (washi) paper should be. What also struck me is how quietly and easily the large door slides along the guide hidden in the upper part of the opening. I knew right away that my sliding doors would be similar.

This is not my first attempt at Japanese woodworking, nor my first attempt at making kumiko nets. I recently built a garden gate that includes a small, open trellis and base plate with openwork forms of falling ginkgo leaves, which was featured in the May 2018 issue of Fine Homebuilding magazine. I also built Japanese style furniture with traditional sliding doors.

Shoji Closet Doors For Bedrooms

However, the situation is different with a large door that divides a room. First, they are assembled in a house that is not as square and simple as the furniture. Second, they are large and somewhat heavy, so hanging requires special equipment and careful work to fit the thin mesh into the wide opening in the center of each door.

Unique And Inspiring Door Treatments To Spice Up Your Home Design

No problem. In addition to studying the doors at the Guild, I consulted with other shoji makers and discovered many tips and tricks myself, as well as several specialty products that made the process easy and simple. Follow us and learn how to build beautiful sliding doors that will add versatility to any large living space, or how to close your closet in style.

Shoji Closet Doors For Bedrooms

Open or closed doors are beautiful. They move easily, stay open as a neat pair, and close for privacy.

Quarter-butt fir is used throughout the door, including a plywood panel that adds strength and protection to the lower portion of the door and gives the upper grill more pleasing proportions.

Shoji Closet Doors For Bedrooms

From Barn Door To Shoji Screen • Murals By Amy

Design your door components using the scaled front view drawing. The fine, half-cloth mesh is traditional and the laminated paper contains handmade paper inside.

Morioka made his door from cherry wood, but I chose quartz fir, which is light and strong and grows throughout the Pacific Northwest where I live and hike. If you decide to do the same, ask for CVG spruce, which stands for clear (C) with vertical grain (VG), and pickup boards with tight, straight grain lines. This means that doors and bars remain stable and look beautiful thanks to their linear design.

Shoji Closet Doors For Bedrooms

Another way to increase the stability of your doors is to place the boards on thin sticks (stickers) in your workshop or home for a few weeks to let them dry and get used to the new environment before you open it the final dimension. Oriental Furniture 7 Ft. Tall Bamboo Tree Shoji Sliding Door Kit

I love CVG fir for many reasons. Working with power and hand tools is incredibly easy and the heat glows beneath the oil layer. Traditional Japanese joinery often has no finish, but to add some protection and shine I gave the door frames a muted oil finish and left the natural grill for a subtle contrast.

Shoji Closet Doors For Bedrooms

I’ve applied handmade washi paper to doors before, but this time I wanted something stronger. I chose something between traditional paper and thick plastic: a 0.45mm thick laminated product from, an excellent Wisconsin company specializing in imported Japanese shoji papers.

The laminated paper contains traditional washi paper and is wrapped in thin plastic that can be wiped clean and won’t leave dents or holes if a cat is let out or a broom falls over. On the other hand, the laminated paper is thin enough to be cut with a sharp knife, which means I can simply glue it to the finished mesh and cut off the excess rather than cutting it perfectly to size beforehand.

Shoji Closet Doors For Bedrooms

Closet Doors On Their Way Out — 2 Styles To Avoid

Since my door is visible from both sides (unlike, say, a closet door), there is a net on each side to ensure that the laminated paper does not wobble through the large openings. There are stiffer products for doors with only one-sided mesh size.

The folks at also know a lot about shoji screen construction and gave me some excellent tips for attaching paper to the mesh with a thin, narrow tape (Nitto) designed specifically for this task. At 5mm wide, it hides behind 1/4 inch thick posts and holds both paper (plastic) and wood.

Shoji Closet Doors For Bedrooms

Laminated paper and special tape worked like a dream. I also found what I was looking for when it comes to sliding door accessories.

Oriental Furniture 7 Ft. Honey Shoji 2 Panel Sliding Door Shoji Door Honey

Unlike the traditional sliding doors I’ve installed on furniture that are screwed into grooves at the top and bottom, these room-sized doors are overhead-hung and ride on tiny rollers that move incredibly smoothly. To stop the door from swinging back and forth at the bottom, all you need are three small latches placed at floor level, where the door always overlaps and you can never get through. I love the way our hardwood floors run uninterrupted under the door.

Shoji Closet Doors For Bedrooms

It seems that most good shoji-style room divider manufacturers install their room dividers this way, and I’ve gotten many recommendations for Johnson Hardware (, which offers inexpensive hanging rail systems here in the US with kits for every size and number available. from sliding doors and rollers attached to the top of the door in a variety of ways. A popular option is the automatic soft close, but since I planned to add rare earth magnets to the edges of the doors (3/4-inch cup magnet kits from, I opted for standard clips (Johnson item #100SD). , designed for door weights up to 200 pounds. everyone. These tracks require a door with a minimum thickness of 13/8 inch, which is exactly what I wanted.

Since I want my door to be viewed from both sides, I chose rollers that are screwed to the door

Shoji Closet Doors For Bedrooms

Update Old Closet Doors To Look Like Shoji Screens

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