Shutter Colors For Grey Siding

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Shutter Colors For Grey Siding – Black windows have been around for centuries. In the mid-1800s, dark paint colors on window shutters were common in Gothic and Italianate Revival style homes. Dark colored shutters match the color of the sash, creating a cohesive look on the open windows. In the 20th century, many homes had black shutters on their brick facades to provide contrast. Today, these shutters continue to come in a variety of design styles, colors, and textures.

There are traditional and unexpected ways to install window coverings. Often used as a central design element, shutters come in a variety of styles and colors. Additionally, dark shutter shades cover a wide spectrum. Even black offers several different levels of saturation and plenty of options to choose from. Below we’ve highlighted some of our favorite ways to use black shutters to inspire you.

Shutter Colors For Grey Siding

Shutter Colors For Grey Siding

With so many different ways to change the look of your home, the design choices can be overwhelming. This is where we come! Our experienced designers at Brick&batten are committed to helping clients achieve the perfect exterior design. Let us help you get started today.

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When we think about contrast, we often consider using light and dark colors together. Our designers know better. The dark side looks bold and impressive with black window coverings. In the example shown above, our designers decided to change the light exterior to darker shades. Adding a little white outline will help accentuate the dark color and make it stand out.

Shutter Colors For Grey Siding

Additionally, the exterior of this light gray brick home looks a little tired and unimpressive with little contrast. It’s kind of a blank canvas with a beautiful Texas limestone foundation to stand on. Our designers made some bold changes to the exterior, resulting in a home that is striking and inviting. We love the Urbane Bronze color palette from Sherwin Williams, wood accents, the aforementioned limestone, and black from Benjamin Moore. Textures and layers come together to create dynamic designs. And for us, the unsung heroes have to be the finale.

One of our favorite things about black shutters is their versatility. Its use in this Spanish-style home is a great design decision that works very well. Curved shutters outline the home’s windows. Painting the shutters black with Benjamin Moore paint adds depth and contrast. Shutters are known to be used on siding in homes, but this redesign proves they work well with stone and stucco as well.

Shutter Colors For Grey Siding

Inspiring Shutter Colors For Brick House To Create An Amazing Exterior

Gray brick is one of our favorite combinations with black shutters. In both examples above, the Benjamin Moore shutters are black. Against the gray brick backdrop, the color and texture of the shutters stand out and add layers and dimension to the exterior design.

There’s nothing more traditional than red brick with white trim. The house pictured above has an outdated design with shutters that are too narrow, white wall inserts, and white trim. The owners wanted to keep the integrity of the red brick but made some changes to create a more unique and bold aesthetic. New black shutters of the right size modernize the facade. The shutters and panels around the main floor windows are in Benjamin Moore’s Black Beauty, one of our favorite deep blacks of all time. We love this before and after because it shows how our designers can take what works well in the home and breathe new life into the elements!

Shutter Colors For Grey Siding

There are many different colors of black paint that work well on shutters, especially when light-colored siding comes into play. For this redesign, our designers chose Benjamin Moore’s Regent Green for the shutters, a nearly black shade. Wood and landscape accents are a tribute to natural elements, so dark green is especially flattering. Although Regent Green is technically green, its deep saturation allows it to create contrast just like black.

Gorgeous Shutter Colors For Gray Houses

Black Satin by Benjamin Moore is also very rich, so it’s the perfect color for bringing together different shades of gray in a transitional farmhouse. In a home with a gray roof, brick, and siding, using black shutters helps add dimension to the color scheme.

Shutter Colors For Grey Siding

We can’t talk about the best way to use black window coverings without mentioning the classic and timeless black and white color combination. Black and white are polar opposites when it comes to LRV, so they make the perfect pair to provide contrast. White paint looks great on all textures, including walls, stucco, and brick. In each of the examples above, the shutters are mixed and matched with white, creating a fresh aesthetic that we never tire of.

Black shutters transcend design styles and match a variety of exterior types. Whether light or dark paneling, brick or stone, black accents help create contrast and add volume. Our designers boldly approached the use of black shutters. The traditional combination of black and white is also one of our favorites. This versatile design element is highly adaptable and timeless!

Shutter Colors For Grey Siding

Shutter Colors For Gray House (options For Light & Dark Shades)

Notes. If you’re still on the fence about choosing black, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite shutter color options for you.

Feeling inspired to change the look of your home? Fill out our simple and easy survey to help us understand how we can help you achieve your design goals. Gray is a popular exterior paint color, largely because of its versatility. It pairs well with many different hues, allowing you to experiment and play with shutter colors and trim. But if you have a dark or light gray home, what color of shutters should you choose for the best effect? Some options stand out from the rest, and we’ve rounded them up to bring you six of the best gray home shutter colors.

Shutter Colors For Grey Siding

As you can imagine, shutters are difficult to paint cleanly. From the plethora of panels to the fact that some of them may be on the top floor of your home, we don’t blame you if you don’t want to tackle this project yourself. In this case, contact your local painter who can ensure the job is done well, safely and quickly. Depending on how many shutters you need to paint, you can pay up to $125 for professional help, but most people will pay around $350 to change the color of the shutters in their gray home.

Best Siding And Shutter Color Combinations

Black shutters on a gray home are a classic yet bold combination. Black contrasts well with light gray, and paired with white or cream trim, black shutters create a stunning contrast. Many shades of black are available: some are deeper saturated, some are softer and have a bluish tint; choose one that matches your gray tone and looks dramatic enough for your personal style.

Shutter Colors For Grey Siding

Dark blue shutters with gray housings look very nautical and are a bold choice without the harsh black overtones. The color combination is calming and goes really well with white stripes. To add joy to your home, you can paint your front door a bright color like red.

If your house is light gray, consider painting your shutters a darker gray. Gray on gray is a classic choice with a sunny mood, reminiscent of the serenity after a heavy rain or the smoke billowing from a chimney on a cold winter’s night. Look for gray with a hint of green for added depth.

Shutter Colors For Grey Siding

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White shutters will match a gray home of any color and will help make your windows appear larger. Pay attention to the paint color to make sure you choose the right white paint color. You can choose a bright white color with cool undertones for a dark gray house or a solid white color for a light gray house. The former offers more character than completely monochrome, while maintaining elegance and sophistication.

If you have an impressive landscape, make your home stand out and show it off. Sage green shutters create a visual balance between your home and the surrounding greenery. Together with sage gray shutters, it gives your home an organic and solid feel.

Shutter Colors For Grey Siding

If sage or neutral colors don’t add the drama you’re looking for, turquoise might be for you. Choosing turquoise will give you the same effects as sage, but with more power. Turquoise, which belongs to the blue family, still has a calming effect, but is cheerful and modern. You can choose a looser turquoise color or a more intense and bold color – both work well with gray, especially lighter colors.

Characterful Shutter Colors For A Tan House

The first step is to consider the main color of your home and determine what colors will complement it. You should place a sample of the paint on the wall and look at it at different times of the day to see how sunlight (and shade) affects its appearance. Also keep in mind that lighter colors will make windows appear larger, while darker colors will make windows appear larger.

Shutter Colors For Grey Siding

Black shutters are popular because of their versatility and can complement many other colors. other fundamentals

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