Slate Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Slate Blue Exterior Paint Colors – Ditch the predictable black and white scheme for this sleek style and add bold colors for a bold new look.

White with black shutters is a proven color scheme for this late 19th and early 20th century home. And while it’s a classic, there are countless other palettes from back then where to choose from, as well as new color combinations that have just been inspired by the past. Here are some of our favorites.

Slate Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Slate Blue Exterior Paint Colors

The earthy beige tone of the valance is accented by the chocolate brown shutters and brick door. The creamy white finish keeps the pattern from looking too dark.

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For large homes like this newly built colonial, a light to medium earth tone will complement the natural environment without overpowering it. Here, adding a blue-green accent to the front door and shutters ties the house more to the landscape.

Slate Blue Exterior Paint Colors

As shown. Revolutionary Storm (body); Prentice cream (finishing); Everard Blue (front door and shutters) by Benjamin Moore.

Look to your surroundings and existing architectural elements in your home for color inspiration. Here, green siding paint and dark shutters echo the green landscaping and slate gray roof tiles.

Slate Blue Exterior Paint Colors

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The stormy gray tone of the board makes the house blend into the landscape rather than compete with it. A single accent color on the door and shutters accentuates the symmetrical facade, characteristic of the Colonial Revival style.

The variety of wall coverings, such as clapboards on the bottom and wainscoting on the top of this house, are a great opportunity for two different body colors. Usually, a darker shade goes under to anchor the house and keep it from looking heavy. The exception is when the two colors are of the same intensity, for example this rich yellow is easily compared to the red above.

Slate Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Go: Golden Fleece (lining); Health (shingles); antique white (finish); Iron gates (shutters); Sherwin-Williams Blissful Blue (porch ceiling). Texas Leather (Porch Floor, Steps and Railings) by Benjamin Moore. Warm silver (silver trim on porch columns) by Modern Masters.

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A slight deviation from the traditional white, this creamy body color has a touch of pink to match the pale peonies that bloom around the base of the house.

Slate Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Darker hues tend to give small or medium-sized homes, like this restored Colonial Revival cottage, more presence and a stronger view of the landscape. However, in large houses, dark colors can dominate the environment.

Go to: Amherst Gray (body); navajo white (finish); Moore (shutters) by Benjamin Moore. Rust (door) by Benjamin Moore, commissioned in Hollandlac Brilliant, by Fine Paints of Europe.

Slate Blue Exterior Paint Colors

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The light gray paint on this stucco Dutch colonial matches the overhanging gable roof of the house.

The off-white paint of the oval accent window, double bays and dormer windows creates a clear line between the eye-catching architectural features, the khaki stone and the muted gray roof.

Slate Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Shown: Filoli Carriage House (body); Du Jour (finish) by Valspar Paint. The exterior wooden door is covered with walnut wood stain.

Popular Shades Of Blue Paint Colors

Get the latest vintage home news, proven tips, tricks and DIY Smarts projects from our experts straight to your inbox. Having trouble choosing the right exterior paint color for your home? I’m here to help guide you in choosing the right paint combination for the exterior of your home. I will make it super easy for you, I promise.

Slate Blue Exterior Paint Colors

The number one paint question I’ve had over the years has been choosing an exterior paint color because it’s one of the hardest decisions you can make for your home. You want your home to look beautiful and you don’t want to make a mistake in choosing the colors. If you follow my seven steps below, I promise you will avoid common mistakes and be able to make exterior paint color decisions that are beautiful. Stay with me on this one.

The first thing you should do when deciding what color you want to paint the exterior of your house is to choose a color shade. When I say tone, I mean you want a light, medium or dark color on the exterior of your home. At this point, you don’t have to think about anything except deciding whether you want a light or white color, a medium or medium tone, or a dark color.

Slate Blue Exterior Paint Colors

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For many of you, choosing a shade is an instantly easy decision, and you know right away if you need a light or dark home. However, some of you may not be sure and open to any shade and need a little help making that decision. It helps if you look for exterior homes on Pinterest for inspiration to decide which shade will look best for your home. For example, if you have a ranch style home, type “ranch style home exterior” into a Pinterest search to see all the color options that inspire you.

Before you go any further with choosing a color, you need to think about the color of your roof. If you have black or neutral gray, you don’t have to worry so much about color clashes. Unfortunately, I have a dark brown roof with a light red tint, so colors like shades of green or blue don’t work for me and clash. For those of you who have a roof in shades of red, brown, green or blue-gray, you should definitely consider the color of your roof when choosing an exterior paint palette.

Slate Blue Exterior Paint Colors

If you’re like me and have a dark brown shingle roof with hints of red, you’ll want to stick with a true neutral base color so your home can play it safe. If you have a green or blue-gray shade, you have a little more freedom and avoid color clashes by choosing a color that is either neutral or a slight shade of your trim color to blend and complement as well. don’t fight. If you have a black roof, you can do almost anything.

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If your home has stone or brick, you should also consider any strong tones found in your brick or stone. If your house is all brick and you just need to choose a finish color, I would pick the lightest, medium, or heaviest stone/brick color and use that as the finish color.

Slate Blue Exterior Paint Colors

If your house is not all brick/stone, but half stone/brick, or you just have brick/stone accents, you have a much more versatile room with the color options of the color of the exterior body of your house. As long as your body color is a very light shade of brick/stone color, you shouldn’t have a problem with collisions. For example, if your brick has a warm tone and you want to make your house gray, choose a light warm gray instead of a cool gray. So the heat of the gray will blend/blend the new body color to the brick. it makes sense

Then, after deciding on a color and shade of the roof, you must consider the effect of light on the exterior paint colors, which is different from the choice of interior colors. I’ll save you a lot of time by saying that daylight/sunlight will make your body color appear drastically cool/blue, which is what happens with color casts when there is a lot of light. As crazy as it sounds, you need to make the body color at least 2-3 times warmer to get a balanced color that doesn’t turn cool or blue. Let me show you what I mean.

Slate Blue Exterior Paint Colors

When Choosing Exterior House Colors, Lighter Is Better, Experts Say

When it came time to paint the outside of our outdoor pool kitchen, I had to choose a color that was about 3 times warmer than I wanted with my desired final color. I wanted the final color to look like On the Rocks by Sherwin Williams, but because of the amount of light that affects the color of the exterior paint, I had to choose a color 3 times warmer to compensate for the change of color from blue or cool. ;

Yes, my pool house was painted Burmese beige, but the light makes it look like SW On the Rocks.

Slate Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Isn’t it crazy what light does to outside colors? So when choosing colors, try colors that are at least 1-2 shades warmer than the color you ultimately want. My final color came out 3 times warmer. Remember that if you want a white facade, you must also choose a warmer white, otherwise your house will have a blue tint.

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When you are reducing your shadow, consider the color of the roof, and you know that you want to be warmer because of the abundance of outside light, then you have to choose the right color for the outside of your house . It helps to look for similar styles at home

Slate Blue Exterior Paint Colors

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